Mom’s Holiday Party Prep Tips for the Busy Season

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Though I really do try to stick to our family motto and keep things simple during the holidays, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the season. That means events, activities and parties just about every weekend in December. The holidays are a time of parties – I have two each weekend this season! I love it all, I really do. But wow, does it get busy! Seems I hardly have time to use the bathroom (we’ll get to that issue later!)

These practical tips will help Mom holiday party prep for an evening out! Ideas for time management & evening bag packing. #MerrySpritzmas #AD

Ready for a night on the town!

My husband’s work Christmas party was this past weekend. With four kids at home, I didn’t have a lot of time to get myself primped. But I still wanted to look good, right?! I’m sharing my tips for getting prepped for a night out, including what to pack in your holiday evening bag. Keep reading and I’ll give you all the details on why Poo~Pourri is a party MUST HAVE!

Hover over this photo and click on the images to visit Bed Bath and Beyond’s website, where you can order directly!

Time Management

When you’re getting ready to go out for the night, plan ahead and make a list of what needs to be done.

  • I chose my outfit the week before the Christmas party. I made sure to try on my outfit with the shoes that I was planning to wear. If you need to pick up stockings or tummy support briefs this will give you a few days time to grab those necessities.
  • I did my nails the day before so I wouldn’t feel rushed the morning of the party.
  • I needed a haircut before the party so I scheduled it for that afternoon. This way I was able to get the wash, cut and style and save time on not having to do my hair myself.
  • Have the babysitter arrive early so that will give you time to put your make-up on and get dressed so you aren’t running around, tending to the kids.

Packing Your Holiday Evening Bag

Just before before the party, I pack up my holiday evening bag. Once I’ve decided on my outfit, I match the bag with what I’m wearing. You won’t need a lot, so your evening bag can be really small – Unless you’re like me and your husband tends to hand you everything out of his pockets to carry in your purse. These are my handbag must-haves for a night on the town.

  • Wallet. Include at least a few dollars, just in case you need to tip or the parking lot only takes cash.
  • Drivers license or ID. You might get carded!
  • Make-up refreshers. This may include blotting papers to get rid of excess oil, finishing powder and lipstick or gloss.
  • A small mirror. Use it quickly to check your teeth and make sure there’s no holiday food left there after your meal.
  • Compact hair brush.
  • Fully charged cell phone. And just in case you get into a selfie mood and post a ton of pictures to social media, bring a back-up charger and cord.
  • Antacids. After eating a rich dinner & having a few drinks, my tummy needed some relief.
  • Car and house keys.
  • Poo~Pourri.

These practical tips will help Mom holiday party prep for an evening out! Ideas for time management & evening bag packing. #MerrySpritzmas #AD

Don’t be the Party Pooper

Time to get real. Think about the last party you went to. Seems like there is always someone waiting outside the bathroom door to use the facilities after you, right? With so many holiday parties at friends’ houses and the bathroom line down the hall, nobody wants to the be the “party pooper” – leaving a stink behind for the next guest!

Have you heard of Poo~Pourri? If you haven’t, this video is a must watch.

Simply spritz Poo~Pourri into the toilet bowl before you go. Poo~Pourri’s pure blend of natural essential oils creates a film on the surface of the water. The protective barrier traps odor under the surface – which means no stink! All you’ll leave behind is a light refreshing scent. When you leave the bathroom for the next person in line, nobody will be the wiser!

Give the Gift That Doesn’t Stink

I was recently at Bed Bath and Beyond and found a large collection of Poo~Pourri. It was located at a kiosk towards the front of the store. There were more Poo~Pourri products on an end cap (including a gift box that looks like a toilet!)

I have Original Citrus in the bathroom at home, which is a blend of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass natural essential oils. Merry Spritzmas® and Secret Santa scents are sold in this clever holiday pull-apart gift set (the text on the box makes me giggle!)

I kept Poo~Pourri Merry Spritzmas® in my evening hand bag. The blend of peppermint, vanilla and citrus is a spritz of holiday magic! And it was a relief to know I had the Poo~Pourri with me on the chance that I needed to use it at the party. Did I use it? I’ll never tell!

I already know whom I’ll be gifting Poo~Pourri Secret Santa to! Poo~Pourri is actually the perfect item for the holiday gift exchange –  It’s funny to give but it really works!

Don’t forget to look out for special coupons on one item at Bed Bath and Beyond’s website before heading out to shop or shopping online. And check out these other fun ideas on how to give the gift of Poo~Pourri this holiday season!

These practical tips will help Mom holiday party prep for an evening out! Ideas for time management & evening bag packing. #MerrySpritzmas #AD

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party 2016!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

Who doesn’t love a celebration? And all preschoolers love to party! Mix preschoolers with Disney and other great sponsors and it’s a guaranteed great time! We had such a wonderful time at our DisneySide multi-generation@ HomeCelebration last year, I was excited to host again this year. Being nearly 38 weeks pregnant put a bit of a spin on how elaborate I could get but fortunately Disney supplied me with a great kit of goodies.

I received free products in order to host the DisneyKids Preschool Playdate. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Opening the Box!

Here are two videos of my son opening the boxes. Yes, he is truly this enthusiastic about everything in life (but especially Disney!) And wow, he says, “Oh my gosh!” a lot!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

The box arrived and inside was an American Tourister suitcase with my kid’s favorite new princess, Sophia the First! This suitcase is perfectly sized for preschoolers and it was stuffed full of treats to share with our guests.

What’s Inside a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party Box?

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party Day!

The enclosed party supplies helped set the stage for the preschoolers at our local park. It was a beautiful day and the kids were able to play together, enjoy a snack and do a craft.


Being from SoCal, we are only 90 minutes from the Disneyland Resort. Several of my party guests were discussing upcoming Disneyland vacations and I was able to share with them how much fun my son had on our Walt Disney World vacation last year when he was three years old. Though it was a more elaborate cross-country vacation, it was a trip that he still talks about near-daily!

I highly encouraged my guests to consider a Walt Disney World vacation next time they were planning for Disney and not to be discouraged by the younger ages of their children. As the maps included in our party kit showed, there are plenty of things at the Walt Disney World Resort to be enjoyed by preschoolers!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Since this was a DisneyKids “playdate” and not a full-blown party, I kept the snacks and games light and really let the kids engage and play together!

I made party popcorn to fill inside of the included Glad food bags. These high-quality bags feature favorite Disney characters (ours had Cars designs). I simply purchased pre-popped popcorn and spread it out onto cookie sheets. Candy melts in chocolate and vanilla drizzled on the popcorn, then decorated with red and yellow sprinkles make this popcorn perfect! After the candy had hardened I simply scooped a serving into the Glad food bags for each guest. Check out #MagicofGlad via social media to see how other party hosts stuffed their Glad food bags!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Our packet came with lots of fun activities for preschoolers including bingo but my group was on the younger side and getting little ones to leave the playground was too much to ask! Some of our preschool guests had younger siblings that attended so I was able to take some of the party games and use them in other ways that fit my group.

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Our #DisneyKids Definitely Loved to Create!

After the kids had run around together on the playground and stopped for a snack, they were ready for crafting time. Tulip’s Puffy Paint and Aleene’s Tacky Glue was included with paper sacks and some characters to cut out.

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!  Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

My guests used the glittery #puffypaint and glue to #gluestufftostuff all over their bags. We love to #createincolor and have preschool art time every day, so this was an opportunity for my little guests to have fun and get a little messy!

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!  Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Follow #ILovetoCreate online for other great preschool craft ideas.


And well, it’s not a party unless I have cupcakes. I decorated them to match the Mickey theme in classic red, black and yellow sprinkles, which as you can see were a big hit with our preschoolers!


#DisneyKids Goodie Bags

Our #DisneyKids box also included DisneyJunior bags that I filled with a poster from The Lion Guard, a reversible paper hat featuring DisneyJunior’s Sophia the First crown or Jake & the Neverland Pirates hat, The Lion Guard tattoos, a Clover Dairy coupon, and the Walt Disney World map that shows what attractions are recommended for preschoolers visiting Walt Disney World.

Each family was able to take home these mementos of our DisneyKids Preschool Playdate!

DisneyKids15  DisneyKids13

Our #DisneyKids Celebrating Continued at Home

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

Nesquik sent a package of yummy chocolate milk that my kids (and I confess, me too!) have been enjoying with our breakfast. It’s a delicious way to flavor the milk and also includes 7 essential vitamins and minerals. See photos of other #DisneyKid partiers by following the hashtag #StirImagination.




Because cupcakes, party popcorn, watermelon and chocolate milk is bound to make it on the clothes of a busy preschooler, I appreciated being able to wash away the party evidence with the sample packets of all free clear detergent.

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

We didn’t have the chance to read the book by Banfield Pet Hospital at the party but it has quickly become my 4-year old’s most requested bedtime book! “My Very, Very Smelly Breath” tells the story of a dog who has less than attractive breath, accompanied by silly scratch-and-sniff sections that have my son in stitches! Check out Banfield Pet Hospital on Facebook to see other informative and entertaining children’s books that they offer.

Celebration Fun at Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate Party!

We had a wonderful playdate with our preschool friends and have already heard from our young guests about what a great time they had!

Thank you BSM Media and Disney for sending us this fantastic box of treats to share with our preschool friends! 






5 Easy Party Preparation Tips & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HostingHacks #CollectiveBias

Easy Party Preparation Tips & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

Preparing for a party can be exhausting! Lots to do and so much to remember. Parties are 90% prep and only like 10% actual party, right?! And when time is tight, nobody wants to forget important things on the “to-do” list and have to make any extra errand runs. I’ll share with you my sure-fire, easy party preparation tips and #HostingHacks, including a free printable pre-party prep list that will have you saving time (and money!)

1. Buy in Bulk

You do not want to run out of toilet paper or dishwashing detergent on the day of a big event. Costco is our go-to store for bulk items, especially Procter & Gamble cleaning products. We stock up and store items in the garage so we very rarely run out of important every day items. It’s the perfect place to pick up everything from your cleaning supplies to your party appetizers.

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

A few days before your party, do a quick inventory. Make sure you have enough laundry detergent for cleaning your holiday table linens and that the bathrooms are well stocked with toilet paper. Need drinking water bottles, soda or coffee? Butter for the rolls and flowers for the table setting? Costco has it and you can get it all for your party in one place without running around town.

2. Clean early

At least a few days pre-party do your top to bottom deep cleaning. This is the perfect time to take a look at doors, door frames and light switches. See any grimy spots that a sponge just isn’t getting rid of? I love that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes off those dirty spots and scuffs quickly and without any damage to your paint or walls. And Swiffer quickly gets rid of all the dust laying around. So easy a child can do it (so save yourself the time and give one of them to the kids!)

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

In addition to the regular housekeeping, there will be extra party items that will need to be cleaned. Launder your table linens a few days early. We use cloth napkins and placemats every day and I appreciate how Tide Advanced Power detergent removes stubborn food spots (even when one of my kids set blueberries on the cloth napkin and it left purple spots behind!) Toss in bathroom hand towels so you’ll have plenty to stock in the guest bathroom and your kitchen dish towels too.

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

Pull out the good silverware and glasses and wash them. Some dishes can take the high heat inside the dishwasher and others may need to be hand washed. We have tried lots of detergents for our dishwasher and none work better than Cascade Advanced Power Gel.

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

3. Party Prep

Plan where guests will store their coats & purses during the party. If it’s the closet, make sure there is plenty of space and lots of empty hangers. If it’s a bedroom, be sure that the bed is made and guests can just lay their items on the blanket.

When you have lots of extra guests in the house, the bathroom has a rotating door. Keep a stack of clean hand towels on the sink and plenty of toilet paper on a shelf or the back of the toilet for guests to replace the roll as needed. Refill the hand soap dispenser and place air freshener in a prominent place. A clean and well stocked bathroom makes my guests more comfortable and nobody is left to hunt for any supplies.

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

Once you have everything clean and ready, you can decorate for the season. A bouquet of fresh flowers is not only pretty, they smell lovely too. Cluster the entire bouquet into one vase for a showstopping centerpiece or place flowers into individual vases around the house to spread the joy.

4. Last moment tidy

All the cooking we do in preparation for a party makes a big mess in the kitchen. Clean it all up quickly and neatly before your guests arrive. If you don’t have time to wash all the pots and pans, either load them into the dishwasher to deal with later or fill the sink with hot, soapy water and soak them. A quick clean up allows you to clean up yourself with a fresh outfit and make-up before guests see you disheveled!

The party prep doesn’t end when the doorbell rings! You still have a few things to maintain while guests are present. I like to assign jobs to my family members to help so that I’m not the only one maintaining things and missing out on the festivities. Assign one person to greet guests at the door and hang up coats. One of us keeps an eye on the bathroom through the night to make sure it’s tidy. Another of us clears dirty dishes and cups from the sitting areas and takes them into the kitchen. One person makes sure that the trash is taken out frequently so the receptacle is never overflowing. If we work as a team, we can all enjoy the party and still make sure our guests are well served.

5.  Check the bathrooms

Frequently check the bathrooms to make sure they are in proper order. I hate going to a party and the toilet paper runs out and I’m left to hunt for more in the cabinets. Or the hand towel is sopping wet, yuck! Check that there is enough toilet paper on the roll, plenty of hand soap and change the hand towel yourself several times through the evening.

Party Prep Ideas & FREE Printable #HostingHacks @Costco #ad

Be sure to print out my free “to-do” list that discusses more easy party preparation ideas so you don’t forget a thing!

Easy Party Preparation & Pre-Party To-Do Checklist

How will Costco help you in your pre-party planning for your next holiday bash? Share with me in the comments!



Jamberry Mystery Hostess Party

Would you like to earn all of the rewards of a Jamberry party? Who will be the winner of the hostess rewards? The Mystery Hostess will be revealed on July 31st…it could be YOU! Join the event to earn points towards winning all of the hostess rewards. We’ll also have a few games & prizes along the way for those who participate.

Who will be the winner of the hostess rewards? The Mystery Hostess will be revealed on July could be YOU! Join the event to earn points towards winning all of the hostess rewards. We'll also have a few games & prizes along the way for those who participate.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 – A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @HomeCelebration. Thoughts and ideas are my own.

Last month our #DisneySide box arrived, stuffed full of fun games, decorations, favors and extras to create a party at home! A big thank you to Disney, MomSelect and all of the wonderful sponsors, we had a magical time at our @HomeCelebration!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Mickey was the first to arrive!

In keeping with the multi-generational theme, I invited my mom, mother-in-law, my kids, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, in age from 10 months to 67!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The guests came ready in their finest Disney gear, some in costume or hats, some bedecked with trading pins. There was even a Mickey silhouette umbrella to block the sun!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My box included some items that I gifted to my party guests in a giveaway, including Twinings tea, a Mickey Mouse cake pan, HP Create Memories You Keep packs of photo paper, Beyond Meat coupons, Disney travel luggage tags and Crayola crayons.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I supplemented with a few store-bought prizes of my own like Frozen card games, a Lightning McQueen car, baby board books and coloring books. I even had extra Disneyland maps, which came in handy since one of our guests was headed there with their family right after the party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Bow from Etsy vendor Emma Saxton Studios

In addition, I collaborated with a few fantastic Etsy vendors to arrange giveaways not only to my #DisneySide party guests but to my blog readers as well. I’ll be posting the giveaways here so be sure you’re following along by signing up for my newsletter!


#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My happy kids!

The day was bright and sunny and unusually warm for February, even for San Diego! We sat outside on the patio to enjoy our lunch and treats.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I’d appliqued my little one a Mike tee shirt to wear for the occasion and Daddy had put it on him the week prior so it needed to be washed before the party.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Fortunately my #DisneySide party box included a box of All detergent Pacs and a sample packet of Wisk so Mike Wazowski was clean and ready to party!

I’d decorated the party table with a Mickey & Friends tablecloth, napkins, cups, plates and cupcake stand from Disney that was sent in my party box.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Our guests came ready to eat and I’d prepared Crock Pot teriyaki pulled pork with the Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce that was sent in my #DisneySide box. Here’s the recipe on the Soy Vay website! Pork and coleslaw sandwiches…yum!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Vintage-looking prints from Vivid Editions on Etsy set the Disneyland theme on our table setting. Several other prints from the shop were given to party guests.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Ahem…Some party guests ate their cookies before they ate their lunch! Glad I took this picture though because I neglected to take a shot of these cute Mickey cookies. I made them using Americolor food dye and sanding sugar from The Baker’s Confections on Etsy!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

After lunch (and a few more cookies), the kids were geared up for games! We played Pin the Smile on Mickey (using the Baymax Big Hero beanie from Whosits & Whatsits as our eye covering!) Next was the Word Search, which proved to be a challenge! These games, along with some others were included in our #DisneySide party box.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My niece won the coveted light up Frozen Minnie Ears from Yesely’s Creations on Etsy. She’d been eyeing them since she first arrived at the party and will wear them with her Elsa costume, naturally!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Other prizes for our guests included this appropriate-for-any-age necklace from Sugar Lane Designs on Etsy, that my nephew won and turned over immediately to his mom! He also loved these adorable Mickey soaps that Snowblade Creations on Etsy sent as party favors, in kid-friendly scents like lemon, cherry and cotton candy!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The leather and washer handstamped bracelets from To Infinity Ohio on Etsy were a hit with the boys, as I expected! My daughter gravitated immediately to the whimsical Lost Boys ring from Whosits and Whatsits.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The beautiful bangle bracelet from Vintage Stamp Jewels was highly coveted by my mother-in-law. The Mickey necklace was my favorite, so I glad I was able to win the prize and make it mine forever!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Disneyland-themed bows for my girly guests to wear during the party were provided by Heidi of Emma Saxton Studios on Etsy. Love her fun and whimsical designs, she is the absolute best!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Mmmm, time for dessert! I couldn’t wait to taste this gorgeous cake donated by Nothing Bundt Cakes. Seriously, this marble cake was so moist and delicious! And isn’t this princess design perfect for a Disney theme?! Can you see where my preschooler “sampled” the frosting?

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

A cake mix from Duff Goldman was provided in the Disney party box and this tie dye version was so fun and festive! The Bakers Confections sent me these custom mixed sprinkles, polka dotted cupcake papers and red cups with tiny wooden ice cream spoons (that I decorated with a strip of polka dotted washi tape).

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Neapolitan, yum! Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkles!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Oops, someone left their cupcake unattended and this little guy grabbed it!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Our #DisneySide party box include a few fun favors, including Mickey and Friends stickers, pencils and princess-themed peel-off nail polish. We also added these adorable soaps from Snowblade Creations.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

In all, every guest had a wonderful time and left with big smiles across their face! Must be the Disney magic at work! Thank you again Disney and MomSelect for the fantastic party box and the inspirations to create a last memory!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @HomeCelebration. Thoughts and ideas are my own.



#DisneySide Baby Shower Decorations

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail. Enjoy the ride as we throw a virtual baby shower for one of our members. I just love parties and party planning! And baby showers, well…that’s just such a special time to celebrate the mama-to-be.

Image from Lark & Lola

I’ve culled a sweet collection of Disney-inspired gender neutral baby decor decorations that will have everyone oohing and ahhing! Whether you choose a particular Land or a favorite character, there is so much creativity out there to make this a party everyone will remember.

Image from The Photographer’s Wife

I love Etsy for the adorable handcrafted and unique items. I also love to support small business! The Disney Store online has some wonderful baby items as well as decor that can be tweaked for use at a shower.

Image from the Hostesss with the Mostess

And of course, if you can’t buy it you can always get crafty and make it yourself! Pinterest has a wealth of party crafting ideas. Just have fun with the theme and let the ideas flow. Nobody will love it more than the new mother!

Image from Pinterest

I love the idea of decorating for a baby shower with Disney items you already have or using items that can be re purposed for the baby’s room later!

Set the theme at the front door with a gorgeous Disney themed wreath.

Image from, Sparkle for Your Castle

A Disney themed diaper cake is adorable and functional! (images from left to right, The Photographer’s Wife, Disney Baby, Princess and the P Baby


Set up a guest book for visitors to leave well wishes for the mama and new baby. Love this recycled Bambi Little Golden Book Guest Book.

Image from – ClassicBookJournals

The large lanterns hanging over the Mad Tea Party near Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland is one of my favorite areas of the Park. Buy lanterns or make your own with craft paper to string up overhead.

Image from Sweets These could also

Baby’s first Mouse Ears make a sweet table decoration and could also double as a guestbook (have guests sign their name with a white Sharpie pen).

Image from

This precious Dumbo Thumbprint Guestbook is so sweet and makes the perfect nursery decor after the party! Leave a stamp pad for guests to mark their thumb and a Sharpie pen for them to write their name.

Image from – TreesofGrace

A Disney party should always include Mickey and Minnie and these retro-designed plush are precious! Set them up on the gift table and the mama-to-be can take them home with her for the new baby.


Find an old book (or print vintage looking paper found online) to create an easy bunting, like this sweet Peter Pan version.

Image from Pinterest – TheStoryofVintage

With a bit of foam core board, some paint, Exacto knife (and likely lots of time!), you could have this whimsical it’s a small world display!

Image from

String a mini clothesline over the food table and hang up tiny Disney themed clothes for the new baby (images from Newly Woodwards,


Tabletop art work that can be used in the baby’s room after the party is a nice added touch (images from left to right: Lovely Little Fawn, Vivid Editions, Disney Store

Image from Hostess with the Mostess

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Heidi’s Head.

Here is the map of our Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

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Heidi ~ Heidi’s Head – Storybook Circus Games, Prizes & Favors

Lisa ~ Home is Where the Mouse Is – Magic Kingdom Baby Shower: A Taste of the Kingdom

Becca ~ Love Our Disney – Magic Kingdom Inspired Baby Shower Gifts

Ashley  ~ Ashley Aspires – You’re Invited


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I’m going to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration!

I received a very special invitation earlier this week from Disney and MomSelect about hosting a #DisneySide @Home Celebration!

I love parties! I love planning parties! I love to host parties! And of course, I LOVE Disney, so this opportunity is a dream come true!

Last year’s hosts were sent party supplies including table coverings, plates, crafts, snacks & favors in a specific theme. There was even a rolling suitcase in the box! The contests of each party box are a surprise until hosts receive it so nobody knows yet what is in store for party hosts this year. This is my first opportunity to participate and I’m a’twitter with excitement.

I was given the theme of a “multi-generational” party so I’m not sure exactly what my supplies will look like or what they will entail. Some of the other hosts were given more specific themes including villains, princesses, Mickey & Friends or Cars. Can’t wait to see the box on my doorstep so I can start planning in earnest!

In the meantime, I’m Pinning #DisneySide inspirations on a Pinterest board I’ve called SHOW YOUR #DISNEYSIDE PARTIES & CELEBRATIONS. I’m filling it up with unique and creative party planning ideas to help me with my #DisneySide @Home Celebration.


Please check back (consider signing up for my newsletter) so you’ll see the reveal on the contents of my surprise box and later, the details from the party itself. I will also be sharing on my Facebook page, Instagram account and on Twitter. Come over and follow me!

I can’t wait to share, this is going to be such a zip-a-zee-do-da-day!


#DisneySide Birthday Party on a Budget – Seven Dwarves Mine Train

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

This is the cake that I made for a birthday party this weekend in a Seven Dwarves Mine Train theme! Technically the cake is the only thing we had to fit the theme. Things didn’t go exactly as I’d planned for this party but they turned out well in the end (isn’t that usually the way?)

When the Seven Dwarves Mine Train opened at Walt Disney World, I found a video of the ride on YouTube and showed my toddler. He was absolutely smitten!!

We started discussing birthday party plans for his third birthday and he was insistent on a Mine Train theme. Oh, I had grand plans! I simply love party planning and hosting and this was such a fun and unique theme, I knew I could really get creative with it. I started Pinning ideas on a special party board. I had ideas…oh, yes, ideas were a-plenty!

We would decorate with these funny Dwarves (made from toilet paper rolls!) and pretty apple cupcakes.

Image from Family

Image from Inspiration for

I thought it might be fun to “pan for gold” and for the kids to color Dopey!

Image from Restless

These Stained Glass Cookies looked like pretty gems to me!

And how about these gem molds? Wouldn’t they make nice cake pops?

Image from Make n’

Aren’t these handstamped wooden spoons in a coordinating theme so cute for eating ice cream?

Image from Lola Loves a Party on

Ring pops in the party favor bags are a must!

Image from Style Me

And these little bird whistles are adorable. Take them home and “Whistle While You Work!”

Image from Oriental

Can you see where this is going? All this fun planning and well, unfortunately when it came down to it we just simply could not throw the party I really wanted. Time constraints aside, we’ve had some serious budget crunching this month and knew that a large party wasn’t going to happen.

Though I was disappointed not to be able to make my boy’s mine train dreams come true I set out to do what I could. My two boys happen to have birthdays exactly 2 weeks apart (well, 8 years and two weeks!) so we celebrated both on the same day. My husband bought inexpensive chicken drumsticks and marinated them for a few hours before grilling. I made a potato salad and a double-decker carrot cake from scratch. We had the party at my mom’s house with just my brother’s family, my mother-in-law and a few cousins. Small and simple.

And you know what, when my little guy saw the cake I’d made he couldn’t have cared less about anything else; he LOVED it! I mean, look at that happy smile!

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

My son and his Mine Train themed cake

The decor on top is all leftover Halloween candy (yes, we still had some!) I made the carrot cake from scratch but bought a tub of cream cheese frosting. Because it was so sweet with all the candy on top, I skipped frosting the sides and went for a rustic look.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

I used Wilton’s Color Mist green food spray to make “grass” on the sides and placed chocolate sprinkles in the center for a “trail”. Mini-chocolates stand in for rocks and colorful candies as gemstones with a few Starburst diamonds next to Dopey.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas



As you can see the cake was the only thing we really had going for us theme-wise at the party! But in my little one’s eyes, that was all we needed! We honestly didn’t miss all the extras (and my budget thanked me for it).

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

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Birthday Party on a Budget – Make it Totally Fabulous on the Cheap!

I love to host birthday parties! The cake, the balloons, the coordinating table settings, the treat bags…I love planning it all. What I don’t like is spending a ton of money on a few hour celebration! I have dozens of ideas on how to host a fantastic birthday party on a budget. When planning a birthday party this is my intent:

  • I want the focus to be on the birthday celebrant.
  • I want my party guests to have a memorably good time.
  • I want to show my creative side with tasteful decor and thoughtful party favors.
  • But ultimately, I want it to be cheap!

I’ve included ideas depending upon how much you’d like to spend, how much time you have and how creative you’d like to get. Keep in mind, the more time you invest and the more creative you are, the less money you’ll have to spend! Keep reading for how to host a birthday party on a budget!

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TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

    1. Party Location
    2. Choosing a Theme
    3. Guest List
    4. Invitations
    5. Cake
    6. Party Favors
    7. Decor
    8. Table settings
    9. Food
    10. Games and Entertainment

1. Choosing the Best Party Location 

Choosing the party location first will determine the rest of your party, in relation to party size, decorations and budget. If you are planning a birthday party on a budget this is obviously not the time to book an ice skating rink or take your child’s entire class to the movies!

  • The best place to look first is hosting at your own home, backyard or clubhouse.
  • If you don’t have a location and booking a venue is a must, ask friends and family first if you can “borrow” their home or yard.
  • Local parks are free to host a party and if the weather is good, that can be your best bet. Some parks will have a clubhouse or gazebo at an additional cost.
  • If hosting outside, have an alternate location or risk having to cancel. Our kid’s birthdays are in November, December and March. We often get rained out and require an alternate inside location in case of rain (like Grandma’s house!).
TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

We got rained out and had to move the party inside for her 8th birthday.

Making a birthday party more like a play date can really take some pressure off the budget too. I hosted a Disney Preschool Playdate and offering a few snacks, cupcakes and juice was just perfect for these little ones.

2. Choosing a Theme for Your Party

Having a theme allows you to pinpoint the feel of the party. A theme is also a cheap way to get more bang for your buck! Requesting that party guests wear a costume or dress in the theme allows them to be more invested in the party. Here are a few fun theme ideas that translate into budget-friendly parties!

  • Doughnut theme- Invite party guests to wear their pajamas for a morning brunch-time party. Serve doughnuts, chocolate milk and juice.
  • Water theme – Bring your bathing suit and towel. Either go swimming, play in the sprinklers or (if there is no water!) have a beach theme inside with inflatable beach balls to toss around.
  • Craft theme – Request that party guests bring clean recycled items, like cardboard boxes and metal cans. Check out Pinterest for inexpensive ideas on making cool crafts with the addition of wrapping paper, glue, and scrap ribbons.
  • Movie Night theme – Is there a popular movie being released on Netflix or BluRay? Have guests bring a pillow and blanket, then host a movie night with popcorn and the feature film.
TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

A Sesame Street themed party required Cookie Monster cupcakes!

My kids love coming up with cool themes. In the last few years, I’ve created simple budget-friendly themes like Mickey in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Nautical and Basketball.

Ask your child for input on the theme and then work with them to find perfect details that can be recreated for the party. My son was really into the Seven Dwarves Mine Train at Magic Kingdom so I created a very simple theme around that Disney attraction. Kids can really be the catalysis for some fun and creative ideas! Check out his Mine Train party ideas.

See more details on creating a Sorcerer’s Apprentice party!

TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

3. Invitations & Guests

The invitation really sets the theme in my book. Once you’ve chosen the theme, picking the invite is a fun way to bring that theme to life!

  • Make your invites with scrapbook paper and stickers.
  • Create your own invitations in Canva and then print them at home on my HP printer (love HP Instant Ink and HP Card & Invitation Kit!)
  • I love the invites from Tiny Prints with the photos on them and if you buy in quantity they are only about a dollar each.
  • Save a stamp and buy invitations that can be emailed, like te beautiful ones from Paperless Post. I love the freebie options too, including these adorable Disney-themed invites. There is a way you can track RSVPs as well, which is handy if you are too busy to call and follow up with your guests.

Tips for Creating a Guest List

Narrowing down the guest list can be a challenge. Every child wants to invite all the kids in class to their parties but with budget and space restrictions, this isn’t always possible. If you’d like to have a more elaborate party, keep the guest list to under 5. If you want to invite the whole group, keep the celebration simple with cake and punch.

For my son’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers we hosted after school at the park. It was low key with just a few friends. And it was exactly what my son wanted – just to play at the park with his friends! Click for more Mickey and the Roadster Racers party ideas, including free printables.

TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

4. Birthday Cake or Cupcakes

Cake is a birthday party must-have! Checking out the cake at a birthday party is my preschooler’s favorite. Putting a good amount of budget towards a special birthday cake can be worth it. Here are a few ways to save on the expense.

Make It Yourself From Scratch or a Boxed Mix

I have made many-a-boxed-cake in my party days and believe me, nobody turns them down! I recommend following Tidy Mom’s tip on doctoring up a boxed mix. You could get canned frosting or whip up your own quite cheaply with a bag of powdered sugar. I usually go for plain vanilla or a cream cheese frosting and add gel food coloring to decorate with.

Happy Birthday to Me! - Budget ideas for Birthday Parties on the Cheap (sure to make you smile!)

Happy Birthday to you! A simply sweet smiley face.

No need to get fancy – For the pink and green cupcakes below I just divided a tub of white store-bought frosting and colored it with gel food coloring. Simple but bright and colorful!

TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of create theme, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties.

Buy Cake Premade from the Store

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to be baking and store-bought is the way to go. I bought these cupcakes from the grocery store for less than 70 cents each and they were delicious. You could certainly dress these up with some store-bought sprinkles, fondant toppers or royal icing flowers but I kept it simple for an adult party.

Tips for hosting a party on a budget

Add Unique Details

I took a boxed white cake mix and designed this amazing rainbow cake for my baby’s first birthday, which had an It’s a Small World theme. I was as easy as dividing the batter into separate bowls, adding gel food coloring in a variety of colors and then plopping a cupful of batter one color at a time on top of each other into the cake pans. Ultimate impact for no extra cost!

DIY rainbow cake from a boxed mix!

For my stepdaughter’s 6th birthday, she loved Tinkerbell. I simply baked her cake in a Pyrex bowl to create a little “grassy” hilltop and then added plastic play figures to the top. See what toys you have that you could clean up to use for decoration.

Tips on planning a birthday on a budget!

My son made the request for this birthday cake: Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Darth Vader playing soccer. Okaaayy…here it is! I added the Lego Stormtrooper at goalie for good measure. He was thrilled to see his idea come to life!

Darth Vader playing soccer with Indiana Jones (and a Stormtrooper goalie!). Click through for budget birthday ideas.

5. Party Favors for Guests

I’m not big on party favors but kids LOVE them. I like to choose favors that fit my party theme. However they also should be fun, practical items that won’t end up at the bottom of the toy box (ie: trash). Aim for quality over quantity. Shop early and with your theme in mind to find the best bargains. Here are a few creative party favor ideas:

Home-baked Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

This one is not going to cost you too much but these cookies are definitely time consuming. I pace myself over several days when I make these, baking the cookies one day, icing another day and adding details on a third. I follow the recipes and techniques from Sweet Sugar Belle. Practice makes perfect & my decorating skills have improved over the years!

Birthdays on a Budget - Tons of easy DIY tips!

For an Alice in Wonderland themed 7th birthday I made little pastel flowers and mushroom shaped cookies. My baby son’s It’s a Small World party I used the same cookie cutter but added colored candies to accent the center of each whimsical flower.

For my son’s second birthday we had an Elmo theme and I made “Elmo-breadmen” out of Sweet Sugar Belle’s gingerbread recipe. To save time I only frosted the faces and added small details. They came out so cute (and the gingerbread was yummy!).


Hand-painted Wooden Dolls

I found these little unpainted wooden peg dolls on Etsy (cost about $1.25 each). For my baby’s It’s a Small World party I painted the dolls in Disney characters from around the globe.

It's a Small World Birthday Party - Budget party tips!

We had Lilo representing Hawaii, Merida from Scotland, Aladdin from India and Woody from the USA among others. I painted two dolls a night leading up to the party to pace myself, using acrylic paint and a small brush. I used the dolls as part of the party decor around the dessert table and then told the kids to choose one to take home. By far, the most popular favors I’ve ever given out!

It's a Small World birthday party. For more budget party ideas, click through!

Worst pictures ever! Sorry for the blur…

Treat Bags with Goodies

  • Figuring out your theme early helps if you’re making up goodie bags.
  • Keep an eye on the dollar bins or sale sections for items to include in treat bags that work for the age group.
  • Save coupons for the craft store and use those 40% off offers to buy favors.
  • I aim for about 3 items inside a treat bag, usually with something edible (like a sugar cookie) being one of them.
  • Stickers are easy and inexpensive.
  • Costume jewelry, a tube of lip balm and hair accessories are perfect for girls.
  • If you have a large enough treat bag, a coloring book from the dollar store in the party theme is perfect!

At my daughter’s 6th birthday party we had boy and girl themed bags (boys got race cars, girls received bracelets). For my son’s second birthday I only handed out treat bags (filled with a package of crayons & Sesame Street stickers) to the littlest of party goers.

Birthdays on a budget. Tons of ideas!

6. Budget-Friendly Party Decor

The decor sets the theme and it can be done simply for greatest impact. Decide on a color-scheme of two or three colors to keep the look bright and lively. I’ve included a few tips and some ideas on decorations for a tight budget.

  • Choose large decorations instead of tiny ones and you’ll only need a few around the room.
  • Instead of decking out your tables with every piece from a themed line, pick one item whether it be the dessert plates, the table cloth or the napkins. Complete the look by choosing complimentary colors or designs to the themed item.
  • Use toys or decorative items that you already have around the house to complete the theme.
  • Balloons, paper streamers and oversized tissue paper flowers add a lot of color without a big price.


I crafted simple paper pinwheels out of leftover scrapbook paper and hung them with twine. In the center of one pinwheel I taped a color print of a vintage It’s a Small World poster.

Punch out simple circles from scrap book paper. Easily sew them up on the sewing machine to make a paper streamer.

DIY birthday decorations on a budget.

7. Themed Table Settings

Creating an exciting table setting as a focal point for your birthday party can be done in even the smallest spaces. Include a collection of foods or treats, colorful paper ware and maybe even a themed-toy.

  • Solid colored plastic tablecloths are cheaper than themed ones. Dress them up with a strip of wrapping paper as a colorful runner.
  • Choose sturdy paper ware and utensils. Better to pay a bit more for durable versions than have to double up flimsy plates or replace plastic forks that break tines.
  • Create interesting heights by using cakes stands. Or wrap cardboard boxes in coordinating wrapping paper to use for stacking items on the table.

For my son’s Elmo party, I used red as the main color for the plates and napkins and white on the tablecloths. Then I cut a strip of Dollar Store rainbow wrapping paper to use as the table runner. A Tickle Me Elmo toy set the theme and we didn’t require any expensive themed paper products from the party supply store!

Sesame Street Elmo party on a budget. Tons of party ideas!

Wrapping paper came in handy again at my adult birthday party. I used a roll of black wrapping paper and layered it over a gold tablecloth. Writing with an inexpensive white Sharpie pen on the black paper looks like chalk and created a sophisticated element to the tables, for $3.50 total.

Use black wrapping paper and a white sharpie for a chalkboard effect.

8. Feeding Your Guests

Food can easily be the most expensive part of party hosting. Depending on what you purchase you might be spending several hundred dollars feeding your guests. If you are budgeting, choose foods that are filling but inexpensive.

  • For parties during cold weather, consider soup. I like to make a big pot of turkey-bean chili and pans of homemade cornbread.
  • In warmer weather purchase sandwich fixings and include several loaves of bread or rolls, deli meat and a few cheese selections.
  • Even pizza can get expensive, especially if you add additional toppings. Find a location with a great coupon and save!
  • Steer away from prepackaged party platters because they also tend to be pricier.
  • If you want to serve veggies and fruit, buy them whole and cut them yourself. This is always going to be cheaper than buying pre-cut.

Birthday party on a budget, tons of helpful ideas.

Consider a salad bar! For this party, I chopped a few romaine heads and tossed in a box of spring mix. A little lettuce went a long way! Each one of the toppings cost an average of $1.50 each and I placed them in glass dishes, each with their own spoon. The most expensive item was the chicken, which my husband  seasoned & grilled. I was able to feed 25 for about $50 and we had quite a few leftovers.

Black paper and white sharpie create a chalkboard effect at this party.

  • If the budget is very tight, consider hosting your party at an odd hour (like 2 pm) and don’t offer food other than cake with drinks. Make sure you note on the invite that guests are joining you for dessert so they don’t expect to be served a meal.

9. Games & Activities for Party Guests

Parents often over think this and tend to plan too many activities during a party.  Kids are more easily entertained than you think. If you host the party at a park, let the playground be the entertainment. The most simple things are the best:

  • Pinatas are cheap enough but then you have to fill it and that can get really expensive. Use leftover Halloween or Easter candy!
  • Pipe cleaners from the dollar store are fun to bend into headbands or silly glasses.
  • If you have an outdoor space, Play-doh is always fun for little guys.
  • Search Minute to Win It games on Pinterest and find a wealth of things you can do using things from around the house.
  • Jot up a scavenger hunt list and have kids search either inside or out.
  • An art project with inexpensive watercolors and paper or thin canvas boards and acrylics.
  • Turn on the music and dim the lights to host a dance party.
  • Gather fun accessories from around the house or costume box for a photo booth. Take pictures of the guests being silly. The photo can be printed and sent out with thank you cards!

Happy Birthday! Tips for throwing a party on a budget.

10. Party Entertainment

Booking entertainment for birthday parties is usually very low on my checklist. I’m of the opinion that kids enjoy each other’s company enough that playing together is often fun enough!

  • Characters, princesses and party clowns are popular for parties. But sorry, Elsa & Anna from Frozen probably won’t be greeting guests at your party if you’re budgeting! That is unless you can convince a cool family member to dress up and act out the part.
  • Check your local Groupon website first if you’d like to get a bounce house or hire entertainment; they often have specials for 50-70% off.
  • Want to include face painting but don’t want to hire out? Buy your own kit and offer simple face painting designs yourself (or ask an artistic family member or friend for their assistance).

Parties put a smile on my face! Tons of tips on hosting a party on a budget!

Hosting the Best Birthday Party (Budget or Not)

The bottom line is to focus on the birthday kid and not get too wrapped up running around that you actually miss the special moments. It’s all about making memories and not the hoop-la, after all. Take lots of pictures and have fun!

Happy Birthday to you!


TONS of birthday party on a budget ideas! Dozens of creative themes, decorations and food ideas for all types of parties. #BirthdayParty

Magical Halloween Tricks and Treats at Disneyland in Fall

Have you ever been to Disneyland during the fall season? I think it’s my favorite time to visit (but of course, it’s always a good time to go to Disneyland!) With Halloween events, amazing decor and special tricks and treats, Disneyland in fall is a special time. Here’s what to do when visiting Disneyland in fall.

Tricks and Treats – Disneyland in Fall

There are so many magical reasons to visit Disneyland in fall. And so many wonderful things to experience. This year will prove to be the best ever, with the addition of many new treats! Disney California Adventure park will be getting into the Halloween spirit for 2017. Keep reading for the new attractions, decorations and fun coming to Disneyland in fall.

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Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Mickey’s Halloween Party

On designated days from Sept 20th – Oct 31st (Halloween night!) Disneyland sells party tickets to an exclusive Halloween party event called Mickey’s Halloween Party. The cost is slightly less than a regular day ticket and the party lasts five hours but you can get into the park three hours earlier, so that’s eight hours of Disneyland fun. My family has never been to this special event but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to make it this year!

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Adults and kids can dress in costume and trick or treat throughout the park. There are also dance parties and lots of character photo ops. There’s a special “Halloween Screams” fireworks show and”Frightfully Fun Parade” in addition to enjoying almost all the regular attractions.

This event sells out pretty quickly so get your tickets and start planning out your costumes. Need costume help? Check out my post on how to make budget-friendly costumes!

NEW for 2017

  • Souvenir Disney PhotoPass photos taken during the event, with unlimited PhotoPass downloads to enjoy later
  • Starting this year, guests can visit both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park with special event ticket during Mickey’s Halloween Party. Disney California Adventure will be featured for the first time as part of the pre-party mix-in for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Guests will be able to visit Disney California Adventure as well as Disneyland during the three hours prior to the beginning of the party in Disneyland.

Disneyland Weather in Fall

The weather is almost always still very warm in SoCal during the fall months. It doesn’t give you much of the “autumn” feel but it’s great for enjoying the park and you can swim in the resort pools without the summer crowds.

The temperature usually drops in the evenings, so definitely bring a light sweater or jacket just in case.

Check out my post about what to do at Disneyland when it’s hot.

Halloween Time at Disneyland {www.savingupfordisney}

Fall Crowds

The crowds are usually a little bit smaller in fall than in the summer. This trend isn’t always true however because fall weekends can be jam-packed. Annual pass holders that were blocked out all summer will be returning to the Parks and this brings in plenty of crowds.

You may experience lighter crowds on the days of Mickey’s Halloween Party. But take note that the operating hours are often shorter to compensate. So while you won’t wait in astronomical lines for the most part, you also won’t be spending as much time in the park as you might in the summer. There also may be some ride closures so check the Disney Parks schedule before you go.

Autumn Decor

The Disneyland decorations for fall are fantastic! Disney is known for their detail, of course. All over the park you will find decor to put you in the seasonal mood (even if the warm weather tells you otherwise!). There will be lots of places for photo ops, including a Pumpkin Festival on Main Street.

Don’t miss taking your photo in front of the enormous Mickey jack o’ lantern. And take time to admire the hundreds of one-of-a-kind hand carved pumpkins lining the street.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

There is a traditional Dia de los Muertos skelton display in Frontierland. Sugar-skull inspired face painting is offered here and there are Mexican treats for sale

New for 2017:

  • Oogie Boogie’s oversized silhouette beckons guests through the main entrance of the Disney California Adventure park.
  • Headless Horseman statue offers a menacing presence on Buena Vista Street that’s simply spine-chilling.
  • Hold onto your hats as swarms of black bats coil ‘round Carthay Circle’s Bell Tower
Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

  • Haul-O-Ween hits Cars Land and turns Radiator Springs into Radiator Screams! Scary the Scarecar will stand guard over the entrance to Route 66, a preview to the Haul-O-Ween transformation awaiting guests in Cars Land. With Fillmore’s Jack-Oil Lanterns, the web spun over Flo’s by a Spider-Car, and the Cozy Cone dressed up in car-stumes, the townsfolk turn Radiator Springs into Radiator Screams.

Slightly Spooky Rides & Attractions

The “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed Haunted Mansion Holiday is a can’t miss! It gets more elaborate year after year. Haunted Mansion Holiday is also a completely different experience from the usual Haunted Mansion attraction.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy takes over Space Mountain at Disneyland in fall. My kids have said it’s quite scary!

There is also a tour (additional cost) that celebrates the spooky, Disney’s Happiest Haunts Tour.

New for 2017:

  • The annual Haunted Mansion Holiday gingerbread house, presents a new design each year. This year it’s Oogie Boogie! He’s appearing as a 7-foot-tall cookie on the table in the Mansion ballroom.
  • Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree with both be decorated for Halloween with themed music and décor! These attractions will transform with Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree turning spooky as the Graveyard JamBOOree, and Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters to become Luigi’s Honkin’ Haul-O-Ween.

Characters in Costume

One of the best things about Disneyland in fall is how the characters dress in Halloween costume! It really makes that meet & greet extra special when the characters are wearing extra special fun outfits.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

New for 2017:

  • For the first time, Cars Land in Disney California Adventure will be decorated for Halloween, err Haul-O-Ween. Citizens of Radiator Springs will wear their Halloween costumes and decorate their respective homes for the season. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Cruz, Red and DJ will be all dressed up–as a super hero, a “van-pire,” a pirate, a clown and a punk rocker, ready to go “trunk-or-treating.”

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

For more Disney Halloween fun,
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