How Do You Meet Relationship Goals When You’re Exhausted?

My husband has been a zombie for the last few months. Aside from working six days a week, it’s always at least 10 hours, sometimes 12 hours each day. He literally stumbles home after being on his feet all day, showers, eats dinner and then falls asleep.

“All I want to do is relax and watch a movie”. He says this literally every single day. How often does it happen? Sadly, I can’t remember the last time he made it through more than 10 minutes of any television without dozing off. Most nights he’s in bed before our children, around 7:30 pm. He’s back up at 3:00 am to do it all again the following day.

My husband is finishing up his final semester of school. This year he’s doing his course online, which means that his one day off usually includes catching up on homework. Added onto this, I also started night school twice a week. I get dinner done before he gets home but he’s still in charge of facilitating clean up, baths and bedtime for our four kids. Once my husband called me when I was at school and begged me to come home (I did). He was having an anxiety attack with the mental and physical exhaustion.

We have four children, two that are teens and two that are younger (including a toddler). Thank goodness for the help of the older two. Our only free family time together is Sunday. My husband usually like to check a few things off the to-do list that day, since it’s the only time he has. We also spend Sunday at church, meal planning for the week, doing household things, and maybe a small family activity, like a walk or the park.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

Our last family outing, a Christmas morning hike.


There are some great ideas out there for growing closer to your spouse. However not many of these relationship goals are relate-able for those of us with tight schedules, small kids or budgets. These are the #RelationshipGoals that probably seem unattainable to most.

  • “Read a relationship book together” – yeah, no time for reading together (I think if I started reading aloud, my husband would be snoring in 2.2 seconds!)
  • “Have regular date nights” – that includes not only the cost of an evening out but also a babysitter (and time we don’t have!) I can’t remember the last date night with just the two of us (that wasn’t a work party).
  • “Have meaningful conversations” – that sounds exhausting! At this point, I’m good if I get the chance to even tell my husband that the toilet clogged or to buy cheese at the grocery.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

Making Time for Deeper Relationships

So how in the heck do you create a deep emotional connection as partners when time is so limited? Can you possibly squeeze in “quality time” every day? How are you ever going to hit those marriage goals when you don’t even have the energy for a two-minute conversation? I have a few ideas on how to foster deep relationship even on limited time and energy.

And lest you think these tips are only for married couples, think about them in terms of your children as well. If you find yourself mentally and physically exhausted to the point where you feel the connection slipping with you kids, try these with your children as well.

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How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

1. Find Time Wherever, Whenever

I know that my time to talk to my husband one-on-one is very limited. If there’s something we need to discuss, it can be hard to do that when there are kids around. We try to squeeze in the time for talk whenever we can. My husband will often call me when he’s on his way home from work and talk over the Bluetooth. When he jumps in the shower, I’ll stand in the bathroom and we’ll chat. After dinner is cleaned up, we’ll often head out with the baby in her stroller for a walk. This gives us about 30 minutes of chatting while we get exercise. Where can you grab a few minutes of talking time with your partner?

2. Know When to Share (and When to Wait)

There are things that I need to talk to my husband about. Upcoming business trips, possible family vacation plans, something I’d like to buy for the house. These aren’t quick conversations. I haven’t talked to him about them yet because the timing just hasn’t been right. When my husband is exhausted, pouncing on him with big news as soon as he walks in the door isn’t going to go over very well! Knowing when to speak and when to wait is golden.

3. Showing Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. When you’re run down, it’s too easy to get down on yourself. It’s basic but “thank you” goes a long way.  And if you can’t be there in person to deliver it, leave little messages. I put a Post-It note message on my husband’s phone at least once a week. I write it at night and it’s there in the morning before he leave for work.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

4. Expressions of Affection

Physical intimacy isn’t always going to happen exactly when you want it to. However without intimacy and affection, your spouse may feel more like a roommate. Small gestures of touching, like a hug when preparing dinner, a foot massage while chatting about your day or a back rub before bed can really foster that connection. When I crawl into bed at night I’ll place my hand on my husband’s chest and say a prayer over him as he sleeps. He might not be awake for the affection, but it’s still meaningful to me.

5. Plan Ahead

Okay, so right now you’re time is tight and your relationship might be feeling equally tense. Is there a time in the future where you foresee a break in the craziness? Make a plan for the future, when things slow down. Maybe you’ll plan a weekend getaway, a family vacation or even just a day trip together. Perhaps your plan is even larger, like buying a new house or making a move out of state. Planning ahead and talking about it keeps your relationship moving forward towards something.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

We went to Europe many years ago and it’s in the plans for our 10th wedding anniversary to make another big trip!

6. A Kind Gesture

If you’ve been together for any significant amount of time, you know what makes each other excited. My husband loves to have homemade cookies in his lunch. So if I bake them in the evening after he’s gone to bed, it really does make his day. What small gesture could you do out of the blue that would make your mate happy?

7. Switch Off the Attitude

I’ll confess that when I’m overloaded with stress, I tend to blow up on those around me. My husband is the same, unfortunately, letting the anxiety of the day spent at work flow over into our home life. Before my husband even gets home, I have been really focusing on my attitude and words. I don’t want the little time we spend together to be filled with arguing or upsets.

8. Be Present in Each Other’s Company

Unpopular opinion, but sitting in the same room while you’re both browsing your phones is not going to build your relationship! Put your phone on the charger and use the time you would have spent watching videos on Facebook to chat with your partner instead.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

9. Pray for Each Other

Even when we’re not together, I am thinking about my husband while he’s at work. I pray that he’s safe, that he’s having a good day, that he’s healthy, whatever comes into my head and heart at the time. And each night before I fall asleep I place my hand on his back or chest and whisper prayers over him as he sleeps.

10. Remind Yourself That This is Only a Season

Big breath, “This too shall pass”. Hopefully the tight time constrictions currently in your relationship are only going to last a short amount of time before you’re given a breather. Focus on the future and what you’ll do with growing your partnership when you have more time and energy to invest.

How can you get deeper connection in the relationships with your spouse and children if you're always mentally and physically exhausted? I offer 10 tips with real ideas for busy people.

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Cultivating Family Holiday Traditions When You Feel Like You Don’t Have Any

My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. Our anniversary is at the end of the month, followed up three days later by Thanksgiving and then our son’s sixth birthday two days after that. Exactly two weeks later my eldest son turns 14 and two weeks after that is Christmas Day. And then New Years the week after, of course. That’s a lot of events crammed into a short amount of time. Do we have anything special planned for them? Nope. Do we have anything planned at all? Uh…no.

Creating Family Holiday Traditions

You know how some families have these great traditions that happen each year on special events? I love hearing about these family traditions! Like a special birthday plate that has been handed down and is served on each year. Or an elf breakfast celebrating the first day of December. How about particular songs that are sung in celebration of a special day, certain meals that are prepared, specific decorations that are put up.

Yeah, we don’t have any of those. I feel like we really have no family traditions.

Perhaps I’m feeling a little guilty coming out of Halloween. While my kids had costumes (3 out of 4 handmade, thank you very much!) and they did go trick-or-treating, we didn’t go to the pumpkin patch and we didn’t even purchase or carve pumpkins. Despite several trips to the attic to look for the “fall box” my husband wasn’t able to find my autumn decorations so the house went un-decorated (to the disappointment of the kindergartener).

Is it lack of planning that I almost always find myself thinking a few days before a kid’s birthday, “Dang, we should have planned a party or something!”?

Is there lack of creativity (or sheer exhaustion) that I just don’t have it in me to come up with ideas for cute ways to celebrate when there is a special day?

Perhaps it’s lack of budget that with so many big events squished into a month, there’s no way we can do something grand for each special day?

But family traditions don’t have to be grand. Or cost anything. Or require a lot of planning, do they?

Why Have Family Holiday Traditions?

Why bother with traditions at all? Is it just a guilt thing, thinking my kids are missing out? Not at all. I know that participating in traditions is very important towards creating family bonds and childhood memories. Traditions create an identity and reinforce your family values. Having a tradition also means that people know what to expect. Expectation isn’t a bad thing. It’s something to look forward to, something to get excited about. Traditions are also special because it gives people something to teach, to pass down to others.

I had to think really hard about things that we do as a family that would be considered a tradition. Some years I’ve done things that might be considered tradition, the next year I missed the mark. I WANT to create traditions. I want to make things more consistent year after year. And with an anniversary, two birthdays and three major holidays coming up, the time to create traditions is now!

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

My son’s thankful list.

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Curating Family Traditions

So, how can you create family traditions? Fortunately the internet is a wealth of ideas that you can pick and choose from as they fit into your family. I intend to be more committed to coming up with memory-worthy family traditions that will bring my family and I closer. Creating and cultivating traditions doesn’t have to cost anything or be overly extravagant. As I created this list, I realized that my family has more traditions than I knew!


Seasonal Table Decor – From the tablecloth you spread on the dining room table to the glass candlesticks you place in the center, choose Thanksgiving table decor that you want to use year after year as a tradition.

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

Inviting Friends – What better way to show the spirit of Thanksgiving than by inviting others to your Thanksgiving table? Request that friends bring a dish to share that includes their tradition or culture.

Dinner Prayer – In our family, we always start each meal with a prayer. At Thanksgiving, we all stand around the table and hold hands. Each person says one quick thing they are thankful for to share with the group.

Traditional Foods – While turkey, gravy with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are pretty much every American’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner fare, what are the traditional foods in your family? I’ve heard of tamales, mac and cheese, ambrosia salad and creamed corn appearing at the table. Dig up one of grandma’s favorite old recipes and make it a tradition to prepare that dish each year.

Football – Whether watching the big games on TV or pulling out the football to play in the yard, do it together as a family.

Eating the Leftovers – You’d better hope there are leftovers! We actually try to make a LOT of extra food, planning that there will be plenty of leftovers. Leftover apple pie for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for dinner and full Thanksgiving dinner again at night! My friend’s family makes tacos the next day by stuffing corn tortillas with mashed potatoes, a beaten egg, chopped leftover ham, cheddar cheese and green onions (they close the tortilla and fry it in oil – delish!!)

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

Enjoying traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as our family favorites.


Advent Calendar – My mom had the cutest Advent calendar made of felt. She’d pull it out each December and I loved using it each day as a kid. There are some really cool calendars out there now, counting down the days to Christmas. Certainly helps to build anticipation for the holidays.

Donating Gifts – Our church collects gifts each year, as does our kid’s school and the dentist office. We try to donate something to each one. It’s a perfect tradition to share with the kids that shows it’s better to give than to receive. This year we’ve already purchased a bunch of goodies to create boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.

Movie Day – Choose one day (maybe a snowy or rainy one) where everyone gathers together and watches traditional Christmas film favorites.

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

Hot Cocoa & Egg Nog – Give these two seasonal drinks a grand entrance and make it a special occasion. Offer them after a neighborhood walk to see holiday lights or while snuggled in front of the fireplace.

Volunteering – Despite the busy season, many of us still squeeze in volunteer work. Whether it’s at the local food bank or with your church, volunteering yourself as a tradition really expresses your family values.

Holiday Lights – Here’s another one that we actually do. I never thought of it being a tradition, but it totally is! Take a drive in the car or a walk through the neighborhood to admire the holiday light displays. Bring a traditional snack like popcorn or cocoa to make it extra special.

Bake & Decorate Cookies – For many this tradition can be a chore! Take back the joy in holiday baking by only making your most favorite cookies. Include the kids and let them decorate (don’t worry about perfection – the kids just want to have fun and eat their creations!)

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.


Decorating the Tree – I have a confession. I used to decorate the Christmas tree by myself when the kids were in bed! I was always worried about broken ornaments and strange placement. And then I got over that. I remembered when my parents would play Christmas music and my brother and I would pull each ornament out of the box, oohing and aahhing with the memories of each one. I want my kids to have that tradition too.

Wrap Together – Last year I stopped wrapping all the Christmas gifts alone. I started enlisting the help of each child individually to get them more involved in the holiday. I allowed the younger one to wrap gifts (lots of tape was sacrificed!) for his older brother and sister. He loved keeping the secrets of the gift and the anticipation of them opening it on Christmas morning.

Christmas Music Sing-along- Turn on the music and everyone join in, you know the words! Now it’s time to teach the lyrics of your favorite Christmas songs to the kids too.

Christmas Morning Breakfast- While we don’t have a traditional meal per se, we do always indulge in a big Christmas morning breakfast before gift opening. Sometimes we have French toast. Other days, it’s pancakes. But there is always bacon!

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

Bacon for Christmas morning is our family holiday tradition!

Collecting Ornaments – In writing this post, I realized that THIS is a tradition of mine! My grandmother would purchase my brother and I ornaments from Avon each year and those are my most cherished collection. I’ve been purchasing the Hallmark Beauty of Birds Series for my own white tree display.

I used to buy my eldest son a Hallmark ornament of his own each year that reflected something he’d loved that year. Unfortunately with four kids now, the cost of buying each of them a pricey ornament is out of my budget. But perhaps I can take them to the store and let them each choose something inexpensive.

Church – While we attend church each Sunday together as a family, participating in a traditional Christmas church service has it’s own feeling.

New Years

Ring in the new year with family-friendly celebrations that keep you close at home, creating memories together.

Special Foods – After the indulgence of Christmas, my family always chose to go a different route for New Year’s Eve. Appetizers like a cheese and cracker platter, fresh cut fruit and nuts served with a glass of wine are a perfectly acceptable dinner! We’d follow it up with the big box of chocolate and peanut brittle that someone always seemed to gift us each year!

Dress for the Occasion – Choose the theme for your evening – Is it glamorous? Then dress up to the nines! Or casual and cozy? Then have everyone wear their pajamas and snuggle in blankets.

Stay Up Till Midnight (Maybe) – I admit, we haven’t made it past midnight in several years (having little ones and no party plans does that to you!) No need to stay up till midnight in your neighborhood though. Choose midnight in a different time zone and celebrate your New Year at 8 pm if you’d rather the kids stick to their normal bedtime!

Games All Night – When I was younger, my family would pull out several board games to play together. We’d play cards, Yahtzee, Clue and put together a puzzle until the clock struck midnight.

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.


With four kids, birthday parties aren’t always in the budget. But small traditions are so important when celebrating each child’s special day.

Breakfast In Bed – Serve your child’s favorite breakfast to them in bed. What a fun way to wake up!

Kid’s Choice – Give kids the choice of activity on this day and you might be surprised what they choose. For my son’s 5th birthday, his one request was a play date at the park with his preschool bestie – easy and done! Plan ahead and ask them their choice for dinner as well so you can prepare it on their birthday.

A Birthday Letter from Mom & Dad – Write a letter to your child with notable thoughts on the year past. Save the birthday letters in a special box to be gifted to them when they’re an adult.

Cake Served on a Special Plate – I bought a pretty vintage white cake platter the year we were married. It was going to hold our wedding cake but the cake ended up being too wide. However this cake plate makes a special appearance for each birthday!

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.


My anniversary, I’ve got nothing. We went to dinner on our first anniversary and since then, we’ve always just treated it like any other day. No gifts, no cards, just a regular day that includes the phrase, “Happy Anniversary, honey”.

I don’t want to blow off our wedding anniversary anymore. I want to create some traditions that show my husband (as well as my kids) that we treasure our marriage with a celebration. Doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top, but it should be something!

30+ family holiday traditions you can create with your family on a budget.

A blurry cell phone selfie is better than nothing!

Same Restaurant – Do you have a special restaurant that you dined in while dating? Return each year for your anniversary (or another restaurant in the same food theme).

Love Letter – Given that I’ve never even received a store-bought card, this one isn’t really in my husband’s wheelhouse but there are some partners who love to share their thoughts and feelings on paper.

Give Traditional Gifts with a Twist – You know those “traditional anniversary themes” for gifts, like paper for the first year and gold for the 50th? Add a twist to those by setting a budget each year. For instance it’s my 7th anniversary this year and the theme is wool or copper. If we set a budget of $20, we could buy a copper bangle, a wool scarf, Moscow mule mug or a wool felt ornament. The point is to actually purchase something that is perfect for your partner, not just anything to fill the quota of a gift.

Wedding Album – Pull out the wedding photos and guest book to look through it together and reflect on the day.

Get Away for the Big Days – Though we might not have it in the budget to have a get-away each year on our anniversary, we’re already planning our 10th anniversary with a big holiday vacation.

And what if none of these traditions feel right for your family? No matter, try only what feels right. What’s most important is gathering together. And the memories you make!

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night

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How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

You can spend time together at home, make it budget-friendly but also bring the family closer together. From creating a special dinner plan together, desserts that feature M&M’s® products, getting comfy in your pajamas and playing a fun Hasbro® Game together, these family nights will be the things your kids will remember.

With three kids (and another one on the way) we simply don’t have it in our budget to take the entire family out on the town. Just going out to dinner could cost us $60+. A full night out with our kids could easily cost us $150+ for dinner, dessert and entertainment…what a hard hit to the budget! However we do love to have fun at home and we all look forward to our family game night that include a special meal, dessert and games played with mom & dad in our pajamas!

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

Family Game Night

We held our #GameNightIn last week and picked up the Jenga® game by Hasbro® at our local Walmart.

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game NightHow to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

The classic Jenga game is already a family game night favorite because everyone can join in and well, who doesn’t love that anticipation and anxious giggling just before the tower crashes down!

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

Two big bowls of M&M’s® Milk Chocolate and M&M’s® Peanut to share was a sweet treat! Being able to gather together after dinner for a family game night and dessert without any hard hits to our budget helps us all to relax and just have fun together as a family.

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

Cost Comparision

Here is my cost comparison for a family night out versus #GameNightIn. It’s close to $100 that you can save by staying home!

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Family Game Night #GameNightIn #ad

As you can see, the savings of going out versus staying in are substantial. And at the end of the night, at least you still have the family game to keep and play again for years to come!

How do you host Family Night In? Check out what’s available at Walmart for a sweet evening at home and tell me which game you’d choose to play with your family during #GameNightIn!



Family Movie Night Dinner – Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Family Movie Night Dinner - Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing ideas for Disney movie nights.

What better food for a Snow White family movie night than traditional Bavarian dishes just like the dwarves would have dined on?  The country in which Snow White is set in is unclear but the belief is that it is in Germany. Disney’s Snow White is based on Brother Grimm’s adaption, who are German writers and are thought to have based this fairy tale in Germany.

My husband and I traveled through Bavaria about a year and a half ago and noted how much the little villages looked “Disney” to us. It’s obvious that Fantasyland at Disneyland was heavily influenced by Bavarian culture.

Traditional German dishes are heavy on the meats. On our trip to Munich, we dined on freshly baked soft pretzels, weisswurst (white sausage) and sweet mustard. With a pint of beer, of course. And that was for breakfast!

Themed Family  Movie Night - Disney Classic Snow White

This apple struedel we shared in Germany was just heavenly. I wanted to create a Bavarian feel for our Snow White family movie night and looked online for traditional German foods that would be appealing to our kids.

2014-08-11 12.02.04-3  Themed Family  Movie Night - Disney Classic Snow White

Main Dish – German Beef Stew

To kick off our Snow White movie night, I decided to make a Pichelsteiner. This is a German stew that contains several kinds of meats and vegetables. Perhaps that’s what Snow White was preparing for the dwarfs in the large pot? I used my Dutch oven, not quite as rustic as the dwarfs giant pot in the fireplace!

Themed Family Movie Night - Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The traditional recipes I found contained shoulder of lamb, beef chuck, veal and pork which would be quite a heavy dish for my family, who are unaccustomed to dining on such rich meats. Fortunately had this recipe for a more simple stew.

Themed Family Movie Night - Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The stew went together quickly. After an hour of simmering it was ready to serve. I decided to make mine earlier in the day and then set in the fridge to let the flavors blend. I heated it up quickly at dinner time and mmmm, so tasty and homey…just like Snow White would have made!

Themed Family Movie Night - Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dessert – Apple Crumble Pie

My very pregnant belly would not cooperate with me standing at the kitchen counter, rolling dough for an authentic strudel so I made an apple crumb pie instead. I used a pre-made bottom crust (I like Pillsbury pie crusts from the refrigerator case) and then followed a basic apple pie recipe for the filling. The topping is simply oatmeal, brown sugar, walnuts and some melted butter crumbled on top.

2015-05-11 10.42.33-3

No complaints from my family! Let’s just say that all these rich flavors certainly made my house smell warm and cozy, just like I imagine the little cottage in the woods did while Snow White was cooking!

The Main Feature

We ended the evening by watching our DVD of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. If you don’t already own it, it’s now available on Blu-Ray from Amazon (affiliate link).

For more Disney movie night ideas,
check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Yellow | Disney Movie Night – Classics Loop:


Free Things for Families in San Diego’s Balboa Park

Free Things for Families in San Diego's Balboa Park

Free things for families to do together is always great, right? And in a location with a 100+ year history that’s full of outdoor hiking trails, culture, playgrounds, museums, art, music and dancing? It’s the perfect place for learning and exploring…or even just a simple picnic and a nap on the grass!

Check out my top 21 things to do in San Diego’s Balboa Park that are completely free. Please stop over at TravelingMom to find out more!

School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

I previously wrote about the Life360 and how you can keep your family close at hand with this helpful free app.

What happens during the summer if your kids are home but you have to be at work? How do you know if the kids are where they say they are going to be? What about when you’re picking them up from bestie’s house but really they are at so-and-so’s down the street? You have no idea where they are, they aren’t answering your phone calls and you’re frustrated and worried.

Life360 is a free smartphone app that helps families and close friends stay in sync. With the touch of a quick app on your phone the Life360 can show you where your family and friends are on a private map. You can stay in touch with your group via one-on-one messaging, create shared “to do” lists and get help in an emergency.

This helps you to eliminate“Where are you?” and “When will you be home?” messages completely with the Life360 app. Simply open the app to find out in an instant. You can see your family on the map, just like me on this screenshot.


Family schedules fluctuate during the summer months with kids off at friends’ houses. Life360 as a must-have tool to keep you connected to your family. Do you have a chore list for the kids to complete in your absence? Create shared “to-do lists” so that you and the kids can keep on top of daily activities.

Other users have to accept the app, you can’t just automatically add them without their consent. Life360 uses GPS technology with maps and chat channels built with bank-level security (Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite).

School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

My kids will be staying with grandma during the summer days, so I’m assured that they are safe. If they we going to be out and about on their own I’d definitely add the kids to our Life360 app. You can set up Places (areas you can define inside the Life360 app) so that you are alerted when a Circle member enters or leaves a location. This way you’ll know immediately if your child leaves their restricted area and goes outside their set boundaries.

55 million families use Life360 around the world. It gives parents peace of mind, while giving kids a bit of independence. Find out more about Life360 on Facebook and to get the app yourself, see the Life360 website.

This is a sponsored post. Opinions and thoughts are my own.



What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Considering a trip to Disneyland but you’d have a baby on board? You might be asking yourself, “What can babies DO at Disneyland?” No need to cancel your travel plans, babies are quite welcome at the Happiest Place on Earth! There are a few things you should know first. I have the answers to the top four questions most parents ask themselves before bringing a baby to Disneyland.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Please note that I use affiliate links in my posts. Clicking through and making a purchase helps me in a small financial way, thank you!


What Can Babies Do at Disneyland?

You might be wondering if it’s worth it to take a baby to Disneyland? I’ve been taking my babies to Disneyland for YEARS, so I’m here to share my insider tips about your concerns. I’ve even traveled alone with my baby to Disney!

These are the top four questions I’m going to answer about bringing babies to Disney parks –

  • What can you do at Disneyland with a baby?

  • What rides can babies go on at Disneyland?

  • What should we bring with us?

  • Should we just hold off any Disney vacation plans until our baby is older?

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

My son’s first Disneyland trip came at 8 months old. My daughter was only 5 months old! I can attest that we all had a wonderful Disney day, even with the baby on board. Certainly it’s not the same kind of day you’d have with just older kids but it’s still fun all the same!

The most important thing is to be prepared in advance so everyone in your group knows what to expect. Know that you might have to take more frequent breaks for diaper changes and feedings. However Disneyland is quite well equipped to handle all guests, babies included!

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

He has his Attraction Guide and he’s ready to go!

1. What Can Babies Do at Disneyland?

Depending upon the age of your baby, you can do a lot together at Disneyland! Even the very youngest guests can still be with their family on many of the rides. Here are a few other things that babies love to do at Disneyland.

Meet n’ Greet with Disney Characters

Many babies love the character engagement, as my little one did. Dillon laughed when he met Goofy at 8 months old, giggling and waving at him! He adored Minnie Mouse (and her nose!) And when he met Pluto at 11 months old, he toddled over and Pluto jumped around on his paws to make Dillon laugh. The characters are exceptional with little ones and will tailor their behavior to your child, especially if they see that your baby isn’t receptive or upset.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Watch a Parade or a Show

Parades are fun and colorful and can be quite entertaining for babies who can sit up and watch from their stroller. Babies are welcome at all shows as well. My son enjoyed watching Mickey and the Magical Map as a baby, since the show was vibrant and had enjoyable music. During the Frozen: Live at the Hyperion show, I was able to nurse my daughter and she took a long nap! The Disney Junior: Live on Stage show is perfect for little ones and they can toddle around the room, dancing to the music.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Exploring Cars Land

2. Can Babies Go On Any Rides at Disneyland?

Babies can ride nearly everything in both Parks, give or take about 20 rides with height requirements. I recommend taking both a stroller and a front carrier as you can hold baby in a front carrier on many of the rides.

My little ones loved it’s a small world, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Anything relatively slow moving, musical and colorful will likely be enjoyed by babies.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

King Arthur’s Carrousel

For rides that baby can’t go on, take advantage of Rider Switch Pass, a free service. This allows those who meet height requirements to ride while one person stays behind with the baby. Then the riders “switch” places so the person left behind can ride too. The Disney Parks Moms Panel covers the topic of Rider Switch Pass in detail.

My husband and I take turns waiting with our baby. If your baby is beginning to toddler, there are some play areas (like Goofy’s Playhouse in Toontown). The play areas may not be appropriate for non-walking babies so take note before you let your baby down to crawl or explore.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Exploring Goofy’s Playhouse in Toontown

Keep in mind that some rides and attractions have loud noises that might frighten your baby (Jungle Cruise gun shot comes to mind!) Just ask a Cast Member at the entrance if you have any question that the ride or show might not be appropriate. Use ear protection for your baby if you need to.

3. What Should We Bring to Disneyland For the Baby?

If you can, bring your own stroller to the Parks. The walk to the car or hotel after a long day can be hard, especially if you are lugging a sleeping baby, diaper bag and souvenirs! The basket under the stroller will be great for storage.

Stroller and Carrier

If you’d rather rent a stroller, Disneyland Parks do have rentals but they are suited more for toddlers than small babies. Also you cannot remove the strollers from the Parks.

If your baby is accustomed to being held in a front carrier, feel free to bring that with you into the parks as well. I love that I’m able to baby-wear on many of the attractions, so my daughter can nap while we ride!

Packing a Diaper Bag

Pack your diaper bag with everything you would for a normal outing including food and snacks and plenty of diapers and wipes. You can buy some things in the Parks but the price will be at a premium. See this post with my advice for packing the perfect Disneyland diaper bag.

Feeding Tips

Out and about in the Parks, there are quiet rest areas and benches where you can sit and feed or nurse your baby. Bathrooms have ample diaper changing stations but they aren’t padded, so be sure to bring your own changing pad that you can wipe down after each use.

If baby is eating solids, bring your own spoons and baby food jars. I also bring disposable bibs because I’d rather not have messy clothes or food-crusted bibs to tote around. To hold snacks and formula, I recommend the Munchkin Formula Dispenser. It holds one bottle’s worth of formula in each section but it’s also a good size for shaking out bite-sized snacks like puffs and Cheerios.

Read this post with more ideas on how to feed your baby at Disneyland.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions


Bring a lightweight blanket (like the aden + anais Disney Baby swaddle cloths) to drape over your baby to protect them from the sun.

I highly recommend visiting the Disneyland Baby Care Center. There is one located inside each of the two parks. There are rocking chairs, microwaves for heating jarred food, high chairs and changing tables. If you’ve run out of diapers (like we did once) you can purchase them here and clean up baby after a nasty blow out (like we did!) The cast members here are sweeter than sweet about helping you!

My baby daughter likes to sleep in the front carrier at Disneyland.

4. Should We Hold Off Disney Vacation Plans Until Our Baby is Older?

Absolutely not! There is no reason to wait for a certain age because Disneyland is a place for all ages. Going to Disney with a baby is going to be a different experience but not one to miss! Especially when you see them in Mouse Ears for the first time or take them on their first it’s a small world boat ride!

BONUS QUESTION- At What Age Do Kids Get in for Free to Disneyland?

Kids two-years old and under do not need a Park ticket, so your baby has free admission! You won’t need to buy your baby a Disneyland ticket until their third birthday.

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Taking your Toddler to Disneyland? Check out this post with a one-day itinerary for Disneyland with toddlers.

Have you traveled to Disneyland with your baby? What other tips or advice do you have to share? Please comment below, thanks!

If you're consider taking Baby to Disneyland there are a few questions you probably have? Like can babies ride anything at Disneyland and what can they really do? See these insider Disney tips that answer your top questions! #Disneyland