Stuck in a Marriage Dating Rut? Date Night Challenge-The Trip Around the World


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A Mother’s Random Thoughts (Patty) and Saving Up for Disney (Julie) welcome you back for round two of our Date Night Challenges. The Second Date Night Challenge is fun and creative. You can make it as simple or extravagant as time and your budget allows. Remember, it is not necessary to actually leave the house. You can stay home and “date” your spouse. 

Here are the rules:

  • Ask your spouse, without telling him/her why, to name three to five places that he/she would like to visit. These could be locations, states, countries, or even outer space. 
  • Begin planning your date around these locations. Examples: Italy, China, and Australia
Ideas include: 

An appetizer at an Australian restaurant (Outback)
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant
Dessert at an Italian restaurant 


Visit an art gallery that has an exhibit from one of the locations
Many cities have festivals in honor of different cultures
Watch a movie located in your destination

Maybe you need to stay home for your date:

Select music from China to play during a Chinese dinner
Choose a movie with characters from Australia such as Crocodile Dundee 
Watch a travel show on the location (the library is an excellent resource for travel documentaries)
Dessert of Tiramisu or Biscotti and Espresso.

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Here are some ideas for countries or places:
  • Disney World/Theme Park: Visit an indoor amusement park, Play a game at Chuck E Cheese, find somewhere that sells Mickey Ice Cream Bars or Pineapple Dole Whip, Make Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate chip cookies and make cookie ice cream sandwiches.
  • France: Visit an art Exhibit, make crepes, plan an picnic (indoor picnics can be fun) with cheese, bread and fruit.
  • Italy: Watch Three Coins in a Fountain, and find a fountain to throw some coins in, play bocce, listen to Dean Martin sing An Evening in Roma, Volare, That’s Amore. Plan an Italian meal of Caesar salad, spaghetti or lasagna, gelato, espresso. Eat your spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp!

  • Switzerland: Climb the tallest peak in your town, or eat Lindt chocolates (from Switzerland). Practice yodeling together.
  • Germany: Watch Snow White or Tangled, make a fondue (or visit the Melting Pot), learn to Polka or listen to Bavarian folk music, eat Black Forest Cheesecake.
  • Ireland/England: Eat fish and chips at a pub, watch or play a soccer game, have afternoon tea and scones, dance an Irish jig, finish the night with Irish coffee.
  • Carribean: Watch Pirates of the Carribean, play Escape by Rupert Holmes.
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