School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

I previously wrote about the Life360 and how you can keep your family close at hand with this helpful free app.

What happens during the summer if your kids are home but you have to be at work? How do you know if the kids are where they say they are going to be? What about when you’re picking them up from bestie’s house but really they are at so-and-so’s down the street? You have no idea where they are, they aren’t answering your phone calls and you’re frustrated and worried.

Life360 is a free smartphone app that helps families and close friends stay in sync. With the touch of a quick app on your phone the Life360 can show you where your family and friends are on a private map. You can stay in touch with your group via one-on-one messaging, create shared “to do” lists and get help in an emergency.

This helps you to eliminate“Where are you?” and “When will you be home?” messages completely with the Life360 app. Simply open the app to find out in an instant. You can see your family on the map, just like me on this screenshot.


Family schedules fluctuate during the summer months with kids off at friends’ houses. Life360 as a must-have tool to keep you connected to your family. Do you have a chore list for the kids to complete in your absence? Create shared “to-do lists” so that you and the kids can keep on top of daily activities.

Other users have to accept the app, you can’t just automatically add them without their consent. Life360 uses GPS technology with maps and chat channels built with bank-level security (Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite).

School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? The Life360 App Will Tell You!

My kids will be staying with grandma during the summer days, so I’m assured that they are safe. If they we going to be out and about on their own I’d definitely add the kids to our Life360 app. You can set up Places (areas you can define inside the Life360 app) so that you are alerted when a Circle member enters or leaves a location. This way you’ll know immediately if your child leaves their restricted area and goes outside their set boundaries.

55 million families use Life360 around the world. It gives parents peace of mind, while giving kids a bit of independence. Find out more about Life360 on Facebook and to get the app yourself, see the Life360 website.

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