Save Money by Changing Your Car’s Oil At Home with Pennzoil #DIYOilChange #ad

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Save Money by Changing Your Car's Oil At Home with Pennzoil #ad

My husband has been changing the oil in our vehicles for years. It doesn’t take him very long (just around 20 minutes) and we save money by doing it ourselves at home instead of taking the car to the shop. Why not save money (and time) doing something at home instead of paying for the service? Keep reading for my free printable on how to change your car’s oil at home.

A standard oil and filter change for my Nissan Sentra costs around $25 at the shop. A premium change for my husband’s Toyota Tacoma would be around $40. My husband needed to change the oil in his Tacoma so I bought the oil and filter to fit his vehicle.

I picked up Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil and a new oil filter for $33 total at Walmart. I wasn’t sure what weight and grade of oil to buy for my husband’s truck but the employees in the service department at Walmart were extremely knowledgeable and helpful towards guiding me to the correct product. Read your owner’s manual beforehand to know how much oil your vehicle will need. You could also call your local dealership and ask what is the recommended oil weight and grade for your type of vehicle.

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil At Home with Pennzoil

Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil is a high-quality oil that has been specially designed to give your engine complete protection. As an electrician, my husband drives a lot for work and night school. He’s up bright and early and doesn’t return until dark most weeknights. I appreciate that he has a well-running vehicle to get him safely around throughout the day. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil also offers better fuel economy, always helpful when driving a large truck full of work tools.

Save Money by Changing Your Car's Oil At Home with Pennzoil #ad

Not only does changing our vehicle’s oil at home save money, but it always saves time. True, it still takes my husband about 20 minutes to change the oil in each vehicle but he doesn’t have to leave the house to wait for an hour or more at the auto shop while someone else does the job. This is a savings of about $7.00 per oil change for his truck. He changes the oil and filter about every 5000 miles. By changing the oil at home in both vehicles, over a year this means a savings for us of nearly $60.

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil At Home with Pennzoil

Want to change your own oil at home but don’t know where to start? Here’s my helpful free printable with step-by-step instructions and tips on a safe and budget-friendly oil change at home with Pennzoil.


Please use standard safety procedures when changing your oil. You should always refer to your own car’s manual before changing your oil.

When budgeting or saving, every extra dollar counts! Have you considered how much you could save by changing the oil in your own car at home? 


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