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5 Ways to Create Your Own Exercise Routine On a Budget

I used to think that if “I only had a gym membership”, I could get into shape. Or if “I only had more time in the day to exercise”. It’s only with time that I’ve come to know that the only thing preventing me from good health are MY EXCUSES! There is a way to get fit for everyone on every budget.  Get it out of your head that you require a personal trainer, costly equipment or fancy spandex clothes in order to exercise. You really just have to push past the excuses and do it!

Before you begin, make sure you’re in good health by getting a check-up from your doctor. Please note that I include affiliate links in my posts. Clicking through and making a purchase helps me in a small financial way, thank you!

Starting an Exercise Routine on a Budget

What are your goals and what do you hope to accomplish? You’re unlikely to meet your goals if you don’t first establish what you want.

  • Purchase a calendar that you’ll keep in a prominent location where you will note your workout days and log your exercise every day. I keep mine on the fridge for everyone to see.
  • Write down your goals and place your goals in a place where you’ll see them and can be reminded of them so you’ll better stay on track. Do you want to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, become more flexible?
  • Find a like-minded workout buddy that you can schedule exercise with and meet up at a regular time & place. You’re less likely to fall off the workout wagon if you have someone else counting on you!

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

1. Hit the Streets

Walking is cheap exercise and you can get a pretty great workout! This is often my daily exercise, a brisk walk through my neighborhood. I am fortunate to live in an area with plenty of good walking courses, some that have challenging up-hill sections. I appreciate that I can put my littlest one in her stroller and we can take a walk nearly any time of day and I don’t have to arrange babysitting. My oldest son is interested in improving his long-distance running skills (he’s more of a sprinter) so he’s been joining me for jogs around the neighborhood. It’s nice to have the company and also to have someone encouraging me to get up at 5am for exercise!

Benefits of an outdoor exercise

    • It’s the ultimate exercise to save money because walking is free! All you need is a decent pair of shoes.
    • Relaxing to get out in to the open air and hit the streets, rather than a treadmill.
    • Entire family can come along, so no babysitting is required.

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Disadvantages of an outdoor exercise

  • Neighborhood may not be safe or comfortable to walk in (no sidewalk, poorly lit or too hilly)
  • Inclement weather (too hot, cold or wet)
  • Lack of strength training that weight bearing exercise offers.

Walking Tips

  • Invest in a good pair of walking shoes.
  • If your neighborhood isn’t ideal, considering driving a short distant to a nearby park or school that allows guests to walk on their track.
  • Be sure not to let the walk become a stroll. You should still be challenging yourself and pushing yourself by extending your walking distance or by speeding up your time.

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

2. Work Up a Sweat in Your Home Gym

Back in the day I had my Beachbody P90 tapes and I’d work out in my parent’s living room. Wow, have the home workouts come a long way since then, now with the streaming Beachbody On Demand! It’s personal training without leaving the house.

Hundreds of workouts from beginner to advanced are available whenever and where ever I need them. It’s great to have these streaming videos that I can play even when traveling, to keep up with my exercise. I’m excited to start 80 Day Obsession because everything from the challenging workouts to the timed nutrition sounds like just the kick in the backside I need!

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

Benefits of Exercising in Your Home

  • Minimal cost. Beachbody On Demand has a very low cost (either month to month or choose a yearly plan). I recommend starting with a Challenge Pack as I did. I received 12 months of Beachbody On Demand as well as Shakeology and Portion Fix containers for nutrition.
  • Consider picking up a few inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment to complete your home gym -items like a yoga mat, kettle bell, jump rope, free weights, foam roller, strength sliders and a variety of resistance bands. You can purchase some of these items on the Beachbody SHOP tab.
  • Ideal for those who are intimidated by the gym and would like to perfect their form or routines before taking it out of the house
  • Full training programs are offered, including nutrition plans.
  • Easy to squeeze in the time (early morning before rest of family awakens or during a child’s nap)

Disadvantages to exercising in your home

  • Too easy to get distracted (kids, chores, etc) with things that pull you away from or shorten your workout
  • Certain spaces might not be conducive to cardio or floor-based exercises (ie: floor too hard, area too small for some cardio routines)

Home Workout Tips

  • A padded yoga-type mat can help cushion during some exercises when flooring is inappropriate. Beachbody has an awesome core mat in their shop.
  • Resist the urge to exercise in your pajamas! You won’t put forth the effort needed for a decent workout. Slip on a good sports bra and gym clothes and pretend you’re at the gym. I use the Fabletics line (they are sooo flattering too!)

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Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

3. Squeezing in a Quick Ten at Your Desk 

We’ve all gotten deep into a project and suddenly 20 minutes at the computer turns into two hours! I have an alert on my phone to remind me to stand and stretch once every hour. Incorporate some neck, wrist and shoulder stretches to ease tension after long typing sessions.

Benefits of exercising at your desk

  • Easy to do in quick bursts of time and energy
  • Little to no equipment needed (you can even do it in heels!)
  • Beneficial to your health and back to move and stretch several times an hour

Disadvantages to exercising at your desk

  • You might feel embarrassed doing squats at your desk, especially if your desk isn’t in a private office! Do what is appropriate and feels comfortable. Ask your boss first for the okay if there is any question about the exercises.
  • May not get an elevated heart rate & will need to supplement with cardio     
  • Staying motivated to exercise when working in between can be hard.

At Your Desk Exercise Tips

A desk exercise probably isn’t going to be strenuous enough to break a sweat, but it’s a great way to supplement your routine and keep limber. Resistance exercises are particular effective and quick to do while sitting.

4. Join the Gym (If the Cost is Right)

My husband has a gym membership and I do not. He was “grandfathered” in to his current rate, a very low $9.99. It makes sense for him as he goes to the gym after work, is able to shower there and go straight to school. If I were to join up, the cost would be about $20 a month (still pretty low) but only cost-effective if you can get there frequently. My schedule wouldn’t allow me to get there often enough so I’ve opted out of the gym membership and choose to exercise at home.

Benefits of a gym membership

  • Money invested into it may be a good incentive to go and “get your money worth”.
  • Personal trainers may be available. This is sometimes given as a one-time sign up initiative that you should absolutely take advantage of.
  • Wide variety of exercise classes & equipment that can help prevent boredom.                 

Disadvantages of a gym membership

  • Hours that the fitness center are open may not be conducive to your schedule.
  • Cost may be prohibitive (monthly dues plus yearly renewal/initial sign-up fee).
  • Babysitting not always available or may be an additional cost.

Gym Tips

If you are considering joining up at the gym, first figure out roughly how often you’ll be able to go. Total the cost (including the initial sign-up fee) and get an “Average Cost Per Visit” so you’ll know if this is a price you are willing to spend per workout.

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

5. Work Out…Anywhere & Everywhere! 

With the kids – Play with the kids when they play. Put on music and dance along with them. Climb the stairs, slide down the slide, push them on the swing. Anything to get you off the park bench and moving along with them.

In the car – Squeeze and hold your butt muscles tight while waiting at a red light (put the car into park first!)

In the kitchen – Do as many squats or jumps as you can while you wait for the pot of water to boil.

While you wait – Waiting your turn at the doctor or dentist office? Ask the receptionist if she’ll call or text you when you’re next in line. Why sit in the stale office reading old magazines if you can take a brisk walk outside instead?

When kids have extracurricular activities – Instead of sitting on a bench watching them practice, put on your walking shoes and go!

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot.

Taking my daily walk with the toddler in the stroller to fit in my daily exercise.

What are your fitness on a budget ideas? 

Need a motivating exercise routine on a budget? Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to help you get in shape without spending a lot. #Exercise #Fitness #Budget #Workout #Beachbody #Healthy #Health

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