What Can a Non-Tech Savvy Homebody Do with the Panasonic A500 Point of View Camera?

Gonna teach this tech challenged girl how to use her new A500 @panasonicusa #tmomdisney #socaltmom #panasonicadventure

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I was given a Panasonic A500: Point of View Wearable 4K Action Camera at my conference with Traveling Mom to Walt Disney World. I’m not terribly tech-savvy to be sure. In fact, just reading the technical manual was enough to break me out in hives!

Fortunately Panasonic techs were there at the conference to help us learn the ins and outs of the camera and I gleaned enough to try it out on one of the rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The A500 is very lightweight so while wearing it in the Park, I didn’t even notice it was on. There is a head band that holds the lens just to the side of your eye for a true “point of view”. The main unit straps to your upper arm inside a comfortable case with a Velcro closure.

I rode DINOSAUR and it was a bit dark and a bit bumpy for me to capture much. Besides, that ride was scary so most of the footage was of my lap since I kept looking away! My Walt Disney World video was an epic fail.

When I returned from the trip I handed over the Panasonic A500 to my husband, an avid outdoorsman. He (like me) is also not much of a technical person but he was able to get the camera working quickly with a tutorial from me. He took the A500 out on his kayak while fishing. The A500 is waterproof and can be used up to 10 feet underwater which is very cool for beach and pool videos. Unfortunately the A500 only records about 30 minutes of footage before needing to be recharged so when my husband caught a 24 lb yellowtail later in the day, the A500 battery was dead.

The A500 comes with an LCD on the main unit so you can view back a snippet of your film. If you want to view the entire footage, you can connect a smartphone or tablet to the camcorder and use Wi-Fi. Then you are able to remotely control recording and manage easy share to social media.

You won’t likely find me zip-lining, surfing or rock-wall climbing, all of which would be totally cool to see from the A500 Point-of-View lens. However my fellow Traveling Moms are so much more adventurous than I, so check out their videos using this camera.

So what can a non-tech savvy homebody do with one of these amazing Panasonic A500? How about filming a birthday party? Imagine the view walking in, holding the lit birthday cake and seeing your precious child’s face when you set it in front of them? Or hand the camera over to your kids and let them film while bike riding, swimming or playing at the park.

I’m thinking I might film a few sewing tutorials. I love to applique and sew and have had several requests for filming online lessons, so this would be a natural. I’ll work on one soon and post it on the blog. See even a old non-tech dog can learn some new tricks!

I received a Panasonic A500 for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.