DIY Craft for Kids - Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt

Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-Shirt Disney DIY

Looking for a unique and adorable Mickey holiday T-Shirt to wear to the parks this season? Or just something fun to add a bit of Disney magic to your at-home holidays? I whipped this one up for my son in about 30 minutes and you can too, it’s really easy!

I think this design would be really cute for the entire family to wear at Disney during the holiday season. I made this on Friday night and my son wore it Saturday when we celebrated Disneyland holidays! He received so many compliments on it (even from Santa’s elves!)

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Disney DIY Craft for Kids - Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt

You’ll only need a few things to create this Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt!

Solid color cotton t-shirt (like American Apparel Childrens/Kids Plain T-Shirt)

White cotton fabric (I always use Kona Cotton White Fabric)

Fabric Adhesive (I only use Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive)

Red fabric paint & a paintbrush (I use DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint and Martha Stewart Crafts Detailing Brushes)

Disney DIY Craft for Kids - Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt

Other things you’ll need:

A print out of a Mickey silhouette. I just did a Google search and found one online.


Sewing machine with white thread

Disappearing Ink Pen for Fabric


Prewash and dry the t-shirt and white fabric, then iron both smooth.


Lay Heat’n Bond adhesive on the Mickey silhouette (bumpy side down) and trace the shape.

Cut around the Heat’n Bond silhouette, then iron onto the white fabric.

Cut out the silhouette carefully on the line.

Peel off the adhesive backing and center the shape onto the t-shirt. Once you have it in position, iron/press according to the Heat’n Bond instructions.


On your sewing machine, sew along the scant edge of the silhouette to secure the design to the t-shirt.


To recreate the peppermint design, I did a Google search for “peppermint candy” and found a simple image. Using your disappearing ink pen, carefully replicate the design on to the large circle of Mickey’s silhouette. Repeat the design inside each of the smaller circles of Mickey’s ears.


Using red fabric paint, paint the peppermint design. Use a thicker brush to fill in the design and a small, thin brush along the edges to create a clean edge.

Keep the shirt flat for at least 12 hours to dry.

DIY Craft for Kids - Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt

Ta-da! A quick and adorable holiday Mickey design that will add a sparkle of Disney magic to your holidays! (Even if your mom poses you for photos on Main Street U.S.A. and all you really want to be doing is going on the Matterhorn Bobsleds…sorry kid!)

Disney DIY Craft for Kids - Peppermint Mickey Holiday T-shirt

“Enough pictures, Mom…let’s go to the Matterhorn!”

Where will YOU wear your Peppermint Mickey DIY Holiday T-shirt?

30 minutes to craft this quick & easy Mickey Mouse Christmas peppermint t-shirt DIY!