I’m going to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration!

I received a very special invitation earlier this week from Disney and MomSelect about hosting a #DisneySide @Home Celebration!

I love parties! I love planning parties! I love to host parties! And of course, I LOVE Disney, so this opportunity is a dream come true!

Last year’s hosts were sent party supplies including table coverings, plates, crafts, snacks & favors in a specific theme. There was even a rolling suitcase in the box! The contests of each party box are a surprise until hosts receive it so nobody knows yet what is in store for party hosts this year. This is my first opportunity to participate and I’m a’twitter with excitement.

I was given the theme of a “multi-generational” party so I’m not sure exactly what my supplies will look like or what they will entail. Some of the other hosts were given more specific themes including villains, princesses, Mickey & Friends or Cars. Can’t wait to see the box on my doorstep so I can start planning in earnest!

In the meantime, I’m Pinning #DisneySide inspirations on a Pinterest board I’ve called SHOW YOUR #DISNEYSIDE PARTIES & CELEBRATIONS. I’m filling it up with unique and creative party planning ideas to help me with my #DisneySide @Home Celebration.


Please check back (consider signing up for my newsletter) so you’ll see the reveal on the contents of my surprise box and later, the details from the party itself. I will also be sharing on my Facebook page, Instagram account and on Twitter. Come over and follow me!

I can’t wait to share, this is going to be such a zip-a-zee-do-da-day!


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