Favorite Food Friday – Disneyland Chocolate Covered Banana

Nothing quite hits the spot for me on a warm day than a chocolate covered banana at Disneyland! A large banana, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts and then frozen solid, you might be tempted to take a bite right out of the freezer (but it usually takes a few minutes to soften before you can start nibbling!).

Chocolate covered bananas {Saving up for Disney}

As you can see, it’s my son’s favorite treat as well (I must have half a dozen photos of him eating a chocolate covered banana at Disneyland!). We like to find a spot in the shade to rest and snack on our treat.

Sure, you can probably get a chocolate covered banana any place, but to be honest the only place I ever get one is at Disneyland! What is your favorite snack at Disneyland?

Disneyland Chocolate Covered Banana {Saving up for Disney}

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Do they have the rice Krispy treats at Disneyland like Disney World? Omigosh, best I’ve ever tasted. We brought 1/2 a dozen home with us!

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