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GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Thank you to our winner Teresa F!

I tried Jamberry nail wraps in October of last year and my nails haven’t gone without a Jam on them ever since! I started off with French manicure white tips and they looked so polished and professional that I just had to buy more.

I have streamlined the application process and it takes me less than 45 minutes from start to finish to apply my Jamberry nail wraps. There is no waiting for them to dry which means I’m done and ready to go on with my life immediately! And the Jamberry wraps last for up to two weeks which never happens for me with polished nails. I’m usually a chipped mess after just a few days, but my Jamberry wraps still look great.


I show my Jamberry nails to everyone, so I knew I had to host a party… Come on over to January Jamberry Jam with Julie for games, giveaways and fun!

ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!

Kiss Me Ombre


I am so happy to be collaborating with Patty from No Guilt Jams for this giveaway. She has very generously offered up these fantastic prizes!

This giveaway includes a Jamberry mini-heater which would make the application process so easy. I currently use my blow dryer which works fine but can be cumbersome to hold along with holding the Jamberry wrap or the cuticle tool. There is also a Jamberry application kit which includes everything you’ll need to apply your Jamberry wraps.  Last but not least, these fabulous custom Mickey & Minnie True Love Jams so you can show your #DisneySide! Thank you again Patty! Read on for info on how to enter.

ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!

GIVEAWAY PRIZE – Jamberry application kit, Jamberry Mini-Heater, Custom sheet of Jamberry nail wraps

So what is a Jamberry?

Jamberry is a heat-activated adhesive nail wrap. They come in fun and colorful designs including Love Spell and Mint Green Chevrons. If simple is your style, there are also beautiful solids like Rose Gold Sparkle or the classic Pink & White French Manicure. Or go all out wild with Fur Real! There are even Jamberry Juniors for little gals, like this whimsical design, Bright Imagination.

ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!     ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney! ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!

I change mine out every 10 days usually because my nails start growing out. There are handy video application tutorials on the Jamberry website. You can also find countless images and advice links for Jamberry on Pinterest on learning how to apply the wraps. I have found that after the heat application, trimming my wrap closely to the nail edge and using the “plastic baggie” method works perfectly for me!

I tried Jamberry wraps on my toes as well and they lasted an astonishing 5 weeks! In fact I only had to take them off because my toenails had grown so much. Simply soak for about half a minute in nail polish remover and the wrap slides right off.

One regular sheet of nail wraps can be used for two to three applications, depending on the size and length of your nails. Jamberry wraps are longer lasting and less expensive than nails done at the salon, so they are extremely budget friendly. You can also mix and match coordinating wraps to create your own unique style!

ENTER TO WIN a fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!

If you place an order through this link, you’ll receive one FREE wrap for each three that are purchased (custom, collegiate and sorority wraps excluded).

Stop by my Facebook party for more games, giveaways and fun! Feel free to invite friends you think might be interesting in trying Jamberry and considering hosting your own party. And while you wait for your Jamberry order to arrive, please enter below for this amazing giveaway, sponsored by Patty at No Guilt Jams.


Enter to Win this fantastic Jamberry giveaway at Saving Up for Disney!

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  1. Cindy Bradley
    Cindy Bradley says:

    Love your blog Julie! I’ve never tried Jamberry but they do intrigue me quite a bit. I really like the french tip with bows. So cute!

  2. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    I fell in love with Jamberry’s once I knew what they were! I have only tried a few, but plan to order some for the upcoming holidays! I love the candy chevrons, but found out they are not available. However this Disney ones are adorable and would love to win and wear for the party that I am hosting! I agree that a heater would be nice. I too use my hair dryer!

  3. Amy Sohl
    Amy Sohl says:

    This looks like a great nail kit. I’ve been wanting to try Jamberrys. The Disney designs would be so perfect for my #DsisneySide party!!!

  4. Casey Beard
    Casey Beard says:

    I personally like Frosted but my girls and I could both enjoy and love French Tip Bows & Little Mo Mo

  5. Lisa Chesnut
    Lisa Chesnut says:

    The Diamond Dust are pretty. Do the french tip ones look pretty good on? I can’t wait to try some of these. I have no luck with wearing polish on my nails

  6. d20girl
    d20girl says:

    Well, I’ve got Let It Snow on my toes right now, but I think I’m really loving Spring Fling since tulips are one of my favorite flowers!

  7. Alison
    Alison says:

    I haven’t tried these yet! I really like the Love Spell design, and all of the peacock feather patterns.

  8. Kristina B. Valcarce
    Kristina B. Valcarce says:

    I wish Disney would get into the Jamberry scene. I would love polka dotted ones for Minnie, little Mickey heads, even a Dole Whip design on one!

  9. Sharon J.
    Sharon J. says:

    I really like the Rose Gold sparkle….I’m not very creative with my nails (usually not even painted), so I tend to like the simple ones, but the Love Spell ones for Valentine’s day are really cute too!

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