DIY Feature – Appliqued Elsa T-Shirt

Can’t find Elsa anywhere in the stores? Do as I did and make your own Elsa tee.

Elsa Frozen tee by Painted Butterfly Studio

Elsa Frozen tee by Painted Butterfly Studio

I found the design online with a quick image search for “Elsa Frozen”. I created the design using both applique and fabric paint. If you have a regular sewing machine, you can learn to applique using a simple satin (zig-zag) stitch.

There are some great tutorials for learning machine applique online:

Elsa might be an ambitious applique project for beginners but a simple snowflake design would be great!

This special shirt was gifted at a birthday party this weekend, but I am offering it as a custom in my Etsy shop. Perfect for a day in the Parks or for a Frozen birthday party.

Elsa Frozen Tee from Painted Butterfly Studio