Handy Disneyland Research links

Research links for a Disneyland vacation

So you’ve decided to go… You’re going to Disneyland!

Now it’s time to do your research. Fortunately I’ve done some of the legwork for you and am supplying you with some handy Disneyland research links.

You probably have a ton of questions:

  • What is the best time of year to go?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • Where should we stay?
  • How do we get tickets?
  • What time is the park open?
  • What rides and attractions are can’t miss?
  • What do we eat there?
  • And the all-important question…How busy will it be and how long can we expect to stand in line?



Fortunately the Internet is a wealth of Disney information and it’s not terribly difficult to find out the answers to any questions you’ll come up with. With some quick searches online you can learn everything from how to get autographs from your favorite characters, how to rent a stroller, how to avoid getting caught in a parade route or how to eat gluten-free in the park.

I’ve discussed many of these tips in separate posts on my own site-

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Pinch Pennies or Break the Bank?


No dreaming necessary! A good budget is what you need.

Ask the Disney Parks Moms Panel-

The “Moms” answer Guest questions about Disney. Have a  specific question that you can’t find the answer to online? Ask the Mom’s Panel and you’ll receive an answer tailored just for you! You might already find the answer to your question by doing a quick search in their database.

Disney Parks Moms Panel – Select the specific specialty from the drop down menu.



Here is a good list of places to start where you can research on your own.

Your first stop should be Disneyland’s Official website. They have really upgraded this site in the last few years to include park hours, calendars, interactive maps, height requirements, information for disabled guests, and of course details on rides and attractions.

Start by creating a free Disney account. The nice thing about having an account is that whatever other official Disney sites you log into (online games, ordering tickets, etc) you’ll have the same membership name & password to sign in. Makes it so much easier to keep track.

Once you have a membership, you’ll have a personal My Disneyland section on this website that will offer travel tips and suggestions and hold any Disneyland hotel reservations you make.

I find that planning a vacation is (almost) as fun as being on it! Kids love to be involved in planning too and the Disney site now has a lot of pictures and videos on their site that highlight each of the rides and attractions. You can order a free Disney Travel DVD and it’s something that they’ll probably want to watch over and over in anticipation of being able to be there themselves!

Buy tickets ahead of time from Park Savers. You’ll  not only save yourself a few dollars on the tickets you’ll also save time at the gate on the first day.

At Touring Plans you can have them create a plan for your Park day that will streamline your trip and minimize wait times (for a small fee).

Another site I love to review is Mousesavers, the place to visit for tips to budget your trip.

A few more links to check out. Some have daily/weekly updates in regards to the park including photos of any construction areas, information about current ride closures, and chat forums.

Mouse Planet

All Ears

DIS Boards

Laughing Place


Feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have an Disneyland questions, I love to help families plan their trips!