Disney Social Media Moms Celebration – On-the-Road in Portland

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration - On-the-Road in Portland

Not to be confused with the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that recently took place at Walt Disney World, the On-the-Road events are a multi-city tour that brings the magic to three locations around the nation. This event accepted applications for those who were interested in receiving an invitation. Options were Portland, Austin and New York City. I applied for Portland, then crossed my fingers and waited. Portland is the first stop on the On-the-Road tour this summer.

I am pleased to say that earlier this week I received a magical email inviting me to attend. After a day of discussion with my husband, we took the leap and I sent my RSVP saying “Yes!” We booked our flight tonight so it’s finally starting to feel real to me now.

My little heart is a-pitter patter with excitement on taking this trip to what will surely be a conference filled with content and connections. It will be my first Disney-sponsored conference (and only my second blogger conference ever). I am excited to fill my brain with knowledge and to lift my heart with hope for the future of this blog.

I started Saving Up for Disney less than one year ago after the death of my father. I knew I wanted to do something in his honor, as he was my introduction to the world of Disney and loved Disneyland and what it stood for. Since starting this blog I have been able to see, experience and write about so many new and wonderful experiences. I am truly blessed to be able to connect with like-minded souls through my blog and through my writing.

Snippet from the Invitation


The conference is on June 9th, 2015. Please follow my adventures along the way! My husband and I have decided to make a little vacation out of the opportunity and will be flying in to Seattle a few days early. We’ll drive down to Portland and see the sights along the way. Look for the hashtag #TMOM (@TravelingMoms) during the trip. On conference day I’ll be using the hashtag #DisneySMMC.

You can also follow the conference highlights straight from Disney @DisneyMoms on Twitter and WaltDisneyWorld on Instagram.



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