Checking Something BIG off my Disney Bucket List

Every Disney fan has a list of things they’d like to see, do and experience in their lifetime. For instance, something on your Disney bucket list could be to eat a Dole Whip at Aulani. Or maybe it’s to race runDisney? For some it could be as simple as giving Mickey Mouse a hug!

For me, it’s always been at the top of my list to visit Walt Disney World.

Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World

11 years ago we were planning a trip. Then my dad got sick and we cancelled the plans and went on with life. Last year when my dad passed away after his long illness, I knew that I was ready to start something new. Something that he would be proud of, so I started this blog. He enjoyed my writing and he loved Disney, so it was a natural combination for me. I wrote this post early on about how Disney Helped Me Deal with the Loss of my Father.


Right away, new doors were opening up. I was writing every day, something I’d been pushing to the back burner…and it was cathartic. I reached out to The Blogorail and was accepted as a “junior pilot”. I made new friends online and joined groups. My family and I were invited to a special Family Media Day, which was such an amazing event in the Parks. I was honored to be there. I pushed myself further and tried out for the Disney Parks Moms Panel. Imagine my shock to reach the final round on my first try!

In developing friendships through the online Disney community (can I just say, they are the best!), I was encouraged to apply as a writer for the website Traveling Mom. I submitted a few guest articles and then was accepted on as their “SoCal Traveling Mom”. What a thrill! I love living in San Diego and enjoying all that we have to offer here so writing and sharing my experiences already come naturally.

Enjoying the beach in San Diego

Our beautiful San Diego beaches

Last week I was asked if I’d like to join the Traveling Moms on their annual writers retreat…wait for it, wait for it…at WALT DISNEY WORLD! I might have paused only 3.2 seconds to consider it before starting to book my flight! Actually my husband and I discussed it all first and decided that with the cost of Spring Break airfare, we simply could not afford to take our entire family of five (which would also require the cost of a second room). However I will be traveling with my 3-yr old son (the one who is so obsessed with the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, despite his only experience of it being YouTube videos!) Also coming with us are my equally-Disney crazy mom and brother. They couldn’t be more excited!

Though I’ve never been to Walt Disney World before, it’s sort of my “job” to learn about all things Disney so I already know an inordinate amount about the Parks and Resorts. My mom and brother were totally enthralled with all things as I explained about the Magical Express, Advanced Dining Reservations and FastPass+.

My three-year old at his “Mine Train” themed birthday party

10 days notice for a Walt Disney World vacation? You might think I’m crazy, until I tell you that I planned my entire wedding start to finish in 3 weeks (yes, including dress shopping, fitting, cake tasting and venue choosing!) Last notice doesn’t rattle me a bit. In fact with less time to think about it I am forced to focus on the big picture and just get done what needs to get done! Like making sure I have decent walking shoes.

So there it is…soon to be a BIG CHECKMARK next to Walt Disney World on my Disney bucket list!

We leave in one week from today and will be staying four nights. I can’t wait to take my little one on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train… for real, this time!

I will be posting my trip details and adventures here on my blog, as well as my experiences and reviews on Traveling Mom. Please follow along with me (starting April 15th) when I travel to Orlando for the first time.

Disney Bucket List

Quack! Here we go on our next adventure!



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  1. Dorothy Teel
    Dorothy Teel says:

    Way to go I am so glad that Disney helped you deal with the death of your dad and I like your son think the mine ride would be a lot of fun, my dream Disney thing would be is to spend a night in the castle with my granddaughters who are all princesses

  2. mary m
    mary m says:

    Oh wow! Have a good trip! I haven’t been to WDW since 1992! LOL I want to go back, but it probably won’t happen for at least another 2 years.

  3. Elaina
    Elaina says:

    So exciting!!! You totally deserve it! I have only been once 12 years ago but have so many great memories. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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