Budgeting Steps to Savings – Coming up with your “True” Budget

We all have those numbers in our head. They aren’t exact because, well things fluctuate month to month. You know approximately what you earn each month. An idea of what you spend each month. A soft number of whatever is left over after everything’s been paid. Or maybe there isn’t anything left at the end of the month…how did THAT happen?! How can you figure out your budget and save money each month if you don’t know exact numbers?

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It’s Time To Figure Out Your “True Budget”

You can’t track in your head if you want an accurate budget, you’ll need to write it all out. Being able to save money each month means you have a much firmer grip on your actual numbers.

  • You’ll know what your monthly income will be.
  • You’ll know how much money you are going to spend that month.
  • You’ll know exactly what you will be putting into savings.
  • And only then will you have an idea how much you can sock away.

Get Hands On With Your Money

There are hundreds of free online budget templates you could use to plug in numbers and the software would automatically compute everything for you. It may even give you a fancy-looking graph or a pie chart. However I think computing your own numbers and physically doing this “hands on” with a pencil and paper simplifies things and makes your money real.

These aren’t just numbers; these are your hard-earned dollars and only you are responsible for the spending of each one of those dollars. They don’t fly out of your bank account on their own, you know (though it does feel like that sometimes!).

Sit down with a pad of paper (or the handy worksheet I’ve created for finding your true budget), a calculator, all of your monthly bills, a few colored highlighters (or crayons), bank and credit cards statements and a pencil. If you have your bank and credit card statements online, print them out a few months back.


Pull out your monthly bank and credit card statements. If you tend to pay cash for expenses, keep your receipts to tally.

  • Highlight everything that is a rotating monthly bill. These are almost always going to be the exact same amount month to month. The payment is due the same time each month. {ie: Rent/mortgage. Auto loan. Car insurance. Trash bill. Cable. Phones.}
  • In a second color, highlight your fluctuating monthly expenses. The amounts may not always be the same month to month. {Water. Electricity. Gas for your cars or transportation costs. Groceries. Household stuff, like toilet paper or soap. Medical Bills. Outstanding credit card balances}
  • In a third color, highlight your automatic withdrawls. These are monthly expenses you’ve already set up where you never see the money leave your account. Perhaps they are the same amount every month, perhaps they vary. {Gym membership. Tuitions.  Netflix. Donations. Medical/Dental/Life Insurance. Student or Bank loans etc.}
  • Underline expenses that were out of the norm, like maybe you had to get new tires or had a plumbing leak that required repair. These expenses come up occasionally, just hopefully not every month!
  • Finally you are going to circle the last group, the “extra” stuff. We’re talking toiletries (like a new tube of lipstick). Back to school clothes. Things you grabbed in the Target Dollar Bin because, well “They were a dollar!”. The birthday gifts you bought for the three parties your kid was invited to this weekend. The beautiful new blouse that was on sale and you really don’t know where you’re going to wear it but it was on sale and you had to have it. Some of these extras might be necessary (like the back to school clothes for the kids). And there might be other “extras” that you could have lived without (like eating out or buying non-necessities). Circle all of these extra expenses.

For the purposes of getting really hands-on, simply writing down your expenses every day can be a real eye-opener. Just like those who are trying to lose weight will write down every bite or nibble, so should you log your every penny to get a good look at your daily expenses. It’s easy to forget the little things, like money handed over for a school field trip, lunch out with friends or money for the collection basket at church. Keep track of all of it in a small notebook.


Pull out your monthly bank statement. Highlight everything on your account that is a deposit. Note on your budget where the money came from. If you have a job where the monthly paycheck fluctuates because of tips or overtime it will be more challenging for you to figure out a true budget. More challenging, but not impossible.

I work one day a week at a recreation center teaching children gymnastics and my paycheck varies depending upon how many students I have registered. I also sell boutique items in my Etsy shop. Some months I have 10 orders, other months, none! If this is the case for you too, give yourself a range between your lowest and highest paycheck so you have a best/worst case scenario of what you are working with.


  • Fill in the worksheet with your expenses and incomes.
  • Total the columns and simply subtract your expenses from your income. What do you have left? That’s your month end difference.


You’ve heard it before, “Pay Yourself First”

Yes, even when you are trying to pay off credit cards or putting money into a vacation fund, you should still always be “paying yourself first” by putting money into a savings or retirement account. Things happen and everyone should have a cushion to fall back on. Consider setting it up with the bank to have a set amount diverted immediately into a saving account when your paycheck is deposited. I highly recommend plugging 50% of your month end difference into your savings account.

What if you have outstanding credit card balances that are currently incurring interest?

  • Start by calling your credit card companies to find out if they will lower the interest rate in any way while you work on paying off the balance. You never know unless you ask. Some credit card companies will offer you a deal (ie: lessen the amount owed) if you pay the entire balance off at once. If you have the extra money to do that, by all means you should. Just don’t clean out your savings account to do so.
  • Divide your difference in half. Put half into savings and the other half towards the credit card with the lowest amount owed. So if you have three charge cards, one for $125, one at $375 and one at $1650, you should be paying the minimum balance on the second two cards and half of your difference on the card for $125 until it’s paid off.
  • Once that card is paid off, keep it open (closing it can negatively affect your credit score). However you should only use it sparingly and always pay it off in full each month to avoid interest charges. When that card is paid off, the money you were using for that card should be added to the next lowest balance card. Continue in this way until all charge cards are paid off in full. I speak of past experience, this method does work and can truly get you out of debt.

Finally…Vacation Fund $$

  • Now it’s time to see how much you have left to set aside each month to add to your vacation fund! I suggest getting an actual account at the bank to put your money in that you will transfer to after all other expenses have been taken care of.

What’s Your True Budget?

Now, pull out the budget estimate you created in Step 1 and compare it to your true budget. Are there some major discrepancies between the two? Where did the majority of your expenses occur? Did you spend more on “extras” than you thought? I know when we first did our budget, we were shocked to see how much we were spending on groceries. However when we really figured things out, we realized that we were not overspending so much as under-estimating the costs. Since we eat at home or pack lunches 95% of the time, we just hadn’t estimated enough in our grocery column.

I suggest doing your true budget in this way for at least three consecutive months to get a feel of your spending patterns. Once you can see your patterns, you will start to see ways to shave off little bits of spending here and there.

Want to save money but have not idea where to start? Here's how to come up with your true budget to save money.


Budget Worksheet #2


Budgeting Step 2 – What is your “True Budget”?

Log for at least three consecutive months to get an accurate feel of spending patterns



­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________ $ ______


­­­­­­­­­­____________ $ ______


____________ $ ______                    Total Income: ­­­­­­__________________________


Monthly Expenses

____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______


____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______

____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______

____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______                 

____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______                 

____________ $ ______        ____________ $ ______        ____________ $ _______                             

____________ $ _______      ____________ $ _______      ____________ $ _______

____________ $ _______      ____________ $ _______      ____________ $ _______     


                                                Total Monthly Expenses ­­­­­­­­________________________

Month End Difference

Subtract Expenses from Income. Difference $__________


SAVINGS:                                         CREDIT CARD DEBT (optional):                         

$ ___________                                   ____________ $ _______



$ ___________


Julie Bigboy www.savingupfordisney.com

Saving Money at the County Fair


A day at the fair could easily cost you hundreds of dollars! From the admission, parking, rides, exhibition halls and all that amazing fair food, you could slip up on the budget quickly. If you plan ahead and do a little research, your day at the fair could be a lot of fun for cheap! There are definitely some practical ways to stay on budget at the fair.

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Budgeting for the County Fair

I’ve only been to one County Fair but I’ve been nearly every single year – the San Diego County Fair (aka: Del Mar Fair). I’m going to venture that most county fairs are the same if not very similar to our large fair so I think these tips could be applied most anywhere. Here are my tips on how we save money at the county fair.



Save Money on County Fair Admission Tickets

Potential Cost of Fair Admission: $19 per adult, $12 per child, Free for kids 5 and under.

Ways to Save on Admission at the Fair:

  • Pre-purchasing tickets is almost always cheaper than buying them at the gate. A quick search online will let you know where you can purchase tickets for the fair. Avoid any site that charges a “transaction fee”.
  • Some grocery stores, military bases or employers sell discounted tickets.
  • Kids can often get free entry from their school for reading books.
  • Some of the competitive one-day contests allow for free entry.
  • Look at the fair website for special days where you might receive discounted entry.
  • If you plan on attending the fair more than once, consider the price of the season pass.

Parking On-Site

Potential Cost of Fair Parking: $10 per car

My cost: Free. We park off-site and take a free shuttle. Savings $10. Check your county fair website and see if off-site parking is available.


Full Cost: Dependent upon what you eat, but of course fair food is pricey and over sized. One family’s meal could easily cost $50+. The cost of those weird specialty snacks could cost you upwards of $10 each.

My cost: $30. Packing lunch and snacks in was allowed (no glass bottles or containers). I brought in snacks for us so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy $8 chocolate covered bacon! We had a big bag of kettle corn from Sprouts for $1.99, half-pound of trail mix with M&Ms and nuts for $2.00, and a bag of Twizzlers for $1.00. I did splurge and buy us lunch (because we very rarely eat out, this was a treat). A half-lb burger with waffle fries, two large hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and three drinks set us back $25. I knew that some of the vendors were offering a kids meal for $5.25 so that’s what I bought them. Some other vendors were selling kid’s meals for $9.00 so just shopping around saved me $7.50 on the two meals. We were so full from our big lunch that we only had a light snack at home for dinner.


Full Cost: Depending upon how many you purchase upfront, the cost per ticket for our fair is between 50 cents and 75 cents; Each ride takes between 3-10 tickets.

My cost: Free. My husband’s grandmother gave us a sheet of 40 ride tickets. That sheet (which allowed 5 total rides) would have cost us $20.

Plan upfront how much you want to spend on tickets and stick with it. Prepare kids ahead of time by letting them know how many rides they can go on. Kids can then choose to be more selective with the tickets they have and decide which rides are most important to them (as in, is that House of Mirrors really worth my $3.00?) Some fairs offer a Ride-for-One-Price wristband which offers unlimited rides on certain days of the fair.

Budgeting for a Day at the County Fair

Yes, my daredevils are on this ride!

Carnival Games

Set a budget on how much you’ll ultimately spend playing the carnival games. You don’t want to regret throwing $40 into a game trying to win a stuffed animal that’s only worth $3.

Shows Pig Races, Demolition Derby, Buggy Races, Magic Shows, Hypnotist, Live Bands & Concerts.

Print out the daily schedule before your visit and highlight the top attractions you’d like to hit. You won’t be able to see it all in one day. Get input from the rest of the family (take a vote) on which shows are a “must”.

We arrived just in time for my daughter to be the volunteer in a magic show. She was inside this box stuffed with umbrellas (what the illusionist was calling the Mary Poppin’s Box of Doom!).

Cheap fun at the Fair - www.savingupfordisney.com

Attractions, Exhibits & Demonstrations Petting Zoo, Wood Carving Demo, Gem exhibits, Home & Garden area, Butterflies, Arts & Crafts.

We saw big cows, had butterflies land on our shoulders, made a craft and watched a pottery show (and got a free vase from the potter). The toddler rode a little tractor and the big kids watched the wood carvers (who gave them each a free puzzle). All free stuff!

Budgeting for a Day at the County Fair


I had no intention of shopping but my son had a $5 bill burning a hole in his pocket. He found a booth selling cheap jewelry, three pieces for $4.99 and that satisfied the souvenir itch. If you know your kids are going to want to leave the fair with something have them bring a small amount of their own money and plan what they would like to buy in advance.

Free Concerts at the Fair



A few years back I entered my Summer Pasta Salad recipe in a contest and won a second prize ribbon. Another year my son brought art painted in a specific theme and won a first place ribbon.

This year my kids were looking forward to trying one of the one-day competitions. My son was all about the Pie Eating Contest. He loved it and received a participant ribbon!

My daughter is the champion ice cream speed eater in our house so she was excited to enter the Ice Cream Eating Contest. She would have won too, if she’d not been picking around the pineapple in her banana split!

Budgeting for a Day at the County Fair

They both had fun and it was a free treat for them both!

Other Budgeting Tips for the Fair

Use cash only and leave the credit and debit cards at home.

Plan out your day ahead of time.

Eat before you go so you aren’t tempted to indulge in fair food. Conversely you could also pack a cooler with snacks and head out to the car when you want to eat.

Price out the bundle packages to figure out if they are worth it to your family. If the bundle includes features you won’t use, the cost might not be worth it to you.

Bottom Line: Do your research and plan ahead how much you intend to spend. This day could have easily cost us $150 or more. Instead I paid a total of $30 for our meals (and that could have been reduced as well, if we’d decided to pack in our lunch). Enjoy all the unique and free things that the fair has to offer!


DIY Feature – Appliqued Elsa T-Shirt

Can’t find Elsa anywhere in the stores? Do as I did and make your own Elsa tee.

Elsa Frozen tee by Painted Butterfly Studio

Elsa Frozen tee by Painted Butterfly Studio

I found the design online with a quick image search for “Elsa Frozen”. I created the design using both applique and fabric paint. If you have a regular sewing machine, you can learn to applique using a simple satin (zig-zag) stitch.

There are some great tutorials for learning machine applique online:

Elsa might be an ambitious applique project for beginners but a simple snowflake design would be great!

This special shirt was gifted at a birthday party this weekend, but I am offering it as a custom in my Etsy shop. Perfect for a day in the Parks or for a Frozen birthday party.

Elsa Frozen Tee from Painted Butterfly Studio


Disneyland’s Disability Access Service (DAS) – Tips on Making It Work for You

Nobody wants to spend time at what is supposed to be the “Happiest Place on Earth” managing meltdowns but it’s the life of parents who have children with special needs. Prolonged exposure to bright lights, long lines, loud noises and the over-exuberance that is Disney can be trying for any child. For a child with sensitivities, Disneyland is often too overwhelming. Proper use of Disneyland’s Disability Access Service (also known as DAS) can be wonderful, if you know these tips on how to make it work for you and your family.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Riding King Triton’s Carousel

Please note that I use affiliate links in my post. Clicking through and making a purchase helps me in a small financial way, thank you!

Save Money at DISNEYLAND!

Purchase discount tickets and vacation packages from my affiliate Get Away Today. Use the Promo Code REWRITTEN and receive an extra $10 off any 2-night or longer Southern California package. (Hotel and 2 ticket minimum purchase to qualify for the discount). 

Disneyland’s Disability Access Service (DAS)

Disneyland offers a Disability Access Service (DAS) for guest with special needs. This was previously called a Guest Assistance Card (GAC). My family had been able to use the GAC on several trips and it worked out nicely for us. In the past with the GAC we would show it to the Cast Member at the front of each ride and they would then instruct us where to go, which was either through the Fast Pass line or through the exit.

Sometimes the Cast Member would give us an alternate waiting area where she had a bit more room instead of being held in a tight line. We were allowed a separate waiting space in the shade to wait for Tinker Bell.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

We used Fastpass when we could but when the line was quite long, in the bright sun or was a tight space we used the access system. I allowed time in our schedule to go back to the hotel and take a break in the pool.  Our family used the GAC on three trips and each time our daughter was tantrum and melt-down free!

With the newly introduced Disability Access Service (DAS) we were nervous to try this new system. The old system had worked out well for us and I’d heard not-so-good things about the DAS. I completely understand the need for change. The GAC system was being abused. Some visitors felt it offered “front of the line” privileges that were unfair. It’s definitely a hot-button subject.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Waiting in line at Disneyland for “it’s a small world”

How the DAS Works at Disneyland

The Disability Access Service (DAS) system has morphed a bit with several notable changes. If you have used the GAC in the past or are new to trying the DAS, keep reading for my tips on how the system can work for your family. Keep reading for an overview on the system and some tips on how it can best work for your family.

Talking to a Cast Member

Begin your day at either City Hall in Disneyland, the Chamber of Commerce at Disney California Adventure park or any of the guest relations kiosks located through the Parks. In the morning, the lines will be much shorter at the kiosks, so I recommend going there.

You will be asked to explain to the Cast Member what the possible issues might be. In our case, it’s anything from a full-blown tantrum with hitting and screaming to laying down on the sidewalk and refusing to move.

The Cast Member will take a picture of the person assigned to the DAS. They will print out a card that shows the dates you are visiting, the number in your party and instructions of use. My daughter wasn’t cooperating one morning and refused to pose for the photo inside City Hall. The Cast Member who helped us was kind enough to take a photo of a photo from my husband’s camera phone so there would be an image for the scanner. The Cast Member even told us where we could get free ear plugs (at First Aid) in case any of the attractions were too loud.

You may hear stories online of Cast Members being rude or interrogating families when they request a DAS. Please know that the DAS is often abused. You will never be asked to provide “proof” of a disability.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Disneyland City Hall

Getting a Return Time with DAS

From this point, you can visit the guest relations kiosks scattered through out the Park (they are marked on the Park maps). Here you’ll receive a designated return time for a particular attraction. You will be pulling the DAS card and tickets in and out all day long. In order to minimize wear and tear (or risk losing them!) I suggest keeping it all inside of a Disney Lanyard.Once there a Cast Member will look at your DAS and ask you which ride you’d like it for. You can choose any ride or attraction in the park, not just one in the “Land” you’re currently in. Then the Cast Member will refer to the wait times on their laptop computer and tell you a check-in time to get on that specific ride.  You are expected to keep note of this time yourself. Also, you can show up anytime after this point and there is no “window” of time (like with Fastpass). Cast Members can only assign one ride at a time on your DAS.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Handheld DAS scanner at Fastpass entrance

Checking in with Disability Access Service (DAS)

When your check-in time rolls around you’ll show the DAS and Park tickets to a Cast Member at the entrance/Fastpass line of that ride.  Cast Members have scanners which scan each ticket and the photo of the Guest pops up on their screen with the number of people in the party and the designated return time for verification. You will pass through either the Fastpass line or through the exit to access the attraction.

The DAS does not allow you to “skip the line”. There will still be a wait until it’s time to board. See these ideas on Things to Do Waiting in Line at Disney Parks.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

What Worked for Us with DAS

  • I will greatly admit that having a special needs child is a challenge in itself because you never know what you might get one day (or moment) to the next. Having the DAS that eased on the line waits or allowed us to stand in a less-stressful waiting area make a huge difference in the enjoyment level for her (and actually for all of us).
  • There were no less than six times that she got to the front of the line and then decide she did NOT want to ride after all. A few times she got back in line again after bailing out and would go on the ride. I think being able to have that ability (for her to think it over and then try again) was very helpful. I know that if we’d been standing in a 30-minute…60-minute…or goodness, a 90-minute line only to have her say she didn’t want to ride would have been very frustrating for everyone. And Cast Members were very patient about letting us get in and out of line!
  • The assigned wait time that the Cast Members gave us was never terribly long. It allowed us time to either walk to the ride and have a snack in the shade first or we rode on something else in the area with a short line wait.
  • The DAS can be used in conjunction with Fastpass.
If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

First time on Autopia cars. She will not ride anymore…doesn’t like the noise or the smell of gasoline!

Challenges When Using Disability Access Service

  • Some of the kiosks are really spread far away from each other. In Fantasyland the rides are close together so there isn’t as much walking back and forth. For example after getting a DAS for Peter Pan, my husband took back the DAS to get an entry time for Matterhorn while I took the kids on another ride. In other areas of the park the kiosks are a bit more spread out and there is a considerable amount of walking back and forth (sometimes through very congested areas) if you want to use the DAS.
  • DAS would be very challenging to accomplish with only one adult in your group. We tried the system on a busy Saturday in early summer. Lines were long and the park was packed. It was helpful that my husband and I were able to trek back and forth between the rides and the DAS while one of us stayed in a ride line. Having to take the kids back to the kiosk each time would be hard if you were the only adult and also dealing with a special needs child.
If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Sunglasses are helpful to ease the annoyance of sun in her eyes. Earplugs were good for loud attractions.

Getting DAS to Work For Your Family

The DAS does work for us but it’s definitely work. Having to go back and forth to the kiosk each time can drag down the day. It took a bit more planning than usual. Trying to do the DAS for a child with more severe disabilities would be a challenge because there is much more back and forth and lots more waiting. Having a second adult is a must.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #DisneylandFinding things to do in between DAS times isn’t too hard. There are so many non-ride things to experience at Disneyland.

  • There are certain accommodations for some attractions like the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through. If you can’t take the stairs or don’t like confined spaces, there is an alternate area to experience the attraction in another way.
  • Plan your day by alternating rides with other experiences that don’t require DAS. There are parades, shows or attractions like the Enchanted Tiki Room.
  • Have a snack or a meal in between DAS times.
  • Young kids can burn off energy at one of the play areas inside the Park.
  • Seek out another attraction with a short wait time.
  • Visit one of the quiet resting areas I talk about in this post, How to Avoid the Disneyland Meltdown with These Happy-Kid Tips.

Make sure you have appropriately planned for your day by prepping your family ahead of time. I highly recommend watching this FREE Disney Parks planning video before your trip. CLICK THE IMAGE TO RECEIVE A FREE DISNEY VACATION PLANNING VIDEO

For more information, see Disney’s FAQ about the Disability Access Service.

If you're planning a Disneyland vacation these are the must-know tips for special needs and obtaining a Disability Access Service pass (DAS) #Disneyland

Encouraging Kids in Disney Parks – Out of their comfort zone (and on the rollercoaster!)

Encouraging kids to get out of their comforts zones...and into the rollercoaster!

I think it’s equally important to encourage our children to try new things while still remembering that new things might make them scared or nervous. And you certainly don’t want to ruin an entire Disney day because you pushed too hard getting them to ride something new and they got too scared. Kids aren’t going to want to try anything new after an experience like that.

I can remember clearly the first time my parents tried to get me and my brother on Big Thunder Mountain. I was crying and my brother had a death grip on the chain at the entrance!! But after the first ride, well, we jumped off and got right back in line to go on it again! My parents knew us and they knew that we could handle a bit of encouragement. Only you know your kids and how far you can push them so use your best judgment.

Encouraging our kids to get on a rollercoaster!

Excited (toothless) smiles!

At 7 years old my kids were tall enough to ride every single thing at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. They loved Dumbo and Jungle Cruise and still enjoyed singing their way through Small World but were eager (yet a bit anxious) to try out the zippy roller coasters like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain. They had rode Gadget’s Go Coaster in ToonTown the year before and loved it! The Go-Coaster is a perfect first coaster to test your kids on if maybe they’ve never been on a coaster before. It’s a short, speedy little ride so it’s over very quickly. We had set the stage for adding more coasters to the mix on this trip.
Gadget's Go-Coaster in ToonTown. A perfect first roller coaster!

Gadget’s Go-Coaster in ToonTown. A perfect first roller coaster!

California Screamin’ – hindsite is 20/20. 
The first day in California Adventure I decided that the very first ride they should try out is the fastest coaster in the parks, California Screamin’, which also happens to go upside-down!
Ooops…Not sure that was my best strategy, thinking back!
Since I was pregnant at the time, my husband rode with each child individually, starting off with my stepdaughter Alonna. She looked very confident at the start and judging from the smiles when she got off the ride, I’d have guessed she had a great time!
Same thing with my son Ian, though his expression at the beginning of the ride (before it had even begun to MOVE) was slightly more terrified! However, when he got off the ride he was all smiles and excitement.
They haven't even taken off and already he looks terrified!

They haven’t even taken off and already he looks terrified!

My husband Daniel told the true story. He said that both kids had frightening reactions during the ride that I’d never had guessed at. He said my daughter had filled her cheeks with air, like she was holding her breath, then said to him that she was going to throw up! Daniel said he swears that my son passed out! He said Ian’s head dropped down and that he was patting his chest and that my little guy rolled his eyes around to straighten up but that he looked pretty out of it through the entire ride.
YIKES! Yeah, judging from their happy expressions a few minutes later I really never would have guessed that this ride wasn’t really as the kids were portraying. They were fortunately in good spirits about it and probably equal parts excited for the new adventure and nervous to try again. This would come up again later in the day when encountering new rides, Alonna was extremely hesitant to try them for fear they would be too much like the first.

Live and learn, you have to build on the day, not start with the fastest coaster in the park right out of the gate!

We moved on and other rides along the pier like Toy Story Mania in 3-DSilly Symphony SwingsJumpin’ JellyfishGolden Zepher were more appropriate. She didn’t like Mickey’s Fun Wheel, likely because they chose a cage that slid back and forth each time the wheel turned a notch. I don’t blame her…I don’t like it for the same reason!
Silly Symphony Swings

Silly Symphony Swings were more her pace.

Bug’s Land had some slower paced rides that they loved but once they moved over to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Alonna was having nothing to do with that, so Danny and Ian rode alone. That was Ian’s first time on that ride and he actually loved it. I think Alonna was put off by the “spooky” aspect because she didn’t want to ride The Haunted Mansion or Indiana Jones either. A few minutes into the queue of each ride and she wanted to leave.
Soarin’ Over California was a success, both kids really loved it. Alonna was nervous though when the preview video watched before the ride mentioned that we would be flying!
Another Disney day!
Slow and steady was the way to go with our kids. Pretty soon they were ready for speed.
The next day at Disneyland, we started off less vigorously, sticking to the slower rides in Fantasyland (like Peter PanCasey Jr. Circus TrainIt’s a Small World and the Carousel). Small world was a favorite of course, I think Alonna would have rode that all day! We built up speed a bit with the Teacups MatterhornRoger Rabbit’s Car-toon Spin and Gadget’s Go-Coaster.
We kept things very casual and if they didn’t want to ride a particular ride, there was no pressure. We know our kids and they don’t respond well to pressure. By the end of the day, Alonna in particular was picking up steam and ready for action. All of her earlier nervousness about fast rides was disappearing and she happily jumped on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain. In fact, they ran off the latter ride and went right back in line to ride again!
In the past, my son had been hesitant to try faster rides. I’d tried cajoling but it seemed the more I pushed, the more he dug in his heels. It wasn’t until he was really ready to ride them did he try and of course, enjoy them.
Rocket Jets
My advice-
Get familiar with the Disney websites and look at all photos and videos that you can. Look at the height charts and see what your child will be able ride during your trip. Watch videos online of any questionably scary or fast rides/attractions that might make your child balk.
Bottom Line – 
Not pressuring your kids or forcing them to ride anything they aren’t quite ready for is key to having a great trip. Do the proper research so you are prepared in advance but listen to your gut about what’s really appropriate for your own child. Remember it’s the Happiest Place on Earth!

Why DIY?

I’m a do-it-yourself-er at heart. For as far back as I can recall, if you could buy it in the store, I’ve been trying to make it better at home. I never bought a birthday card when I was a kid, they were all made by me (complete with a hand drawn “Hallmark-style” crown on the back!). I started hand sewing when I was young and making whatever I could with whatever fabric I could get my hands on. Sketches and watercolors made nice gifts for friends and family.

There was always a project (or two…or ten)…and there still is!

Handmade baby quilt and nursing pillow cover.

Handmade baby quilt and nursing pillow cover.

My craft space is currently a flurry of multiple juggling projects, from a quilt that I plan to make as a Christmas gift, watercolor art that I hope to someday get printed, a personalized t-shirt, some half-painted picture frames and a stack of hot-off-the-sewing machine pillowcases for the sofa.


Why buy, when you can make it better at home?

Handpainted wooden figures for a Small World birthday party.

Handpainted wooden figures for a Small World birthday party.

I understand that perhaps crafting isn’t your talent. Maybe you’ve never held a needle in your life. Or you don’t consider yourself an “artist”. I truly believe there is a craft for everyone. Maybe if drawing isn’t your thing, woodworking is. Or maybe you can decorate beautiful cakes using a piping bag. How about gardening, you just have that magical green thumb? Are perhaps computer technology is your craft and you know how to code functional websites.

Appliqued shirts for a Disney trip.

Appliqued shirts for a Disney trip.

In any case, doing-it-yourself can be a rewarding way to share your talent with others. It’s a stress-reliever and often times (if you don’t get caught up overstocking supplies), DIY can be a great way to save money. I have found that my best projects come from what I have on hand because I’m forced to get creative with my supplies instead of simply going to the store and buying it.

DIY… I hope you’ll try!

DIY girl's princess blouse.

DIY girl’s princess blouse.


Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels? Tips on how to choose the right spot for your family vacation.

You’re going to Disneyland! So where are you going to stay? The Disneyland Resort is located in the middle of the city of Anaheim and surrounded on all sides by hotels. Unlike Walt Disney World, where the resort is spread out by miles and miles, Disneyland is compact and very walk-able. This means you have tons of choices when it comes to choosing a hotel in the Disneyland area.

This breaks down to two different thoughts:

  • Stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel, which is “on-site”.
  • Or at any other Anaheim area hotel, which would be “off-site”.

Take a look at this  Disneyland Resort Hotels Map to better understand the area. With so many hotels in close proximity, you can definitely stay “off-site” and be able to walk to the front gate in ten minutes! Check out these tips for choosing between a Disneyland Resort hotel and a Good Neighbor Hotel.

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels? Tips on how to choose the right spot for your family vacation.

Bunk beds at Disney’s Grand Californian

Disneyland Resort Hotels

There are three Disneyland Resort hotels, The Paradise PierThe Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

You’ll be immersed in all things Disney from the moment you step onto the property. The restaurants are Disney themed, the shampoo and hand lotion have Mouse Ears, everything from the bedding to the pictures on the walls will be Disney themed. And if you have a park view room, even what you see out the window will be Disney themed because it will overlook the parks!

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels

I have stayed at all three Disneyland Resort hotels and each one has their own charm. Check out these posts with in-depth reviews on each hotel (click the thumbnail)

Disneyland Hotel-PIN  Disneyland Resort Hotel Review  Paradise Pier-PIN

Good-Neighbors Hotels

Disney has an online list of Good Neighbor Hotels including a comparison chart. I have stayed at about 10 of these hotels. Some good (Some not so good!) Keep reading for the breakdown on choosing between a Disneyland Resort Hotel versus a Good Neighbor Hotel.

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels

Here is a review of one Good Neighbor Hotel that we loved (click the thumbnail)

PIN-Anaheim Majestic

Hotel Rooms – What to Expect

What to expect of a Disneyland Resort (ON-SITE) hotel room: 

  • Disney Resort hotels each have a specific theme based on the resort. The Paradise Pier has a beach-theme, The Disneyland Hotel is classic and modern and the Grand Californian is in a Craftsman-style. There will be special Disney touches throughout like the Mickey hands holding the sconces in the bathroom or the subtle Mouse ear silhouettes on the wallpaper. Your room will have an interior hallway with guest room doors inside. Your room will be very clean and well-maintained. The pricing of Disneyland Resort hotels is at a premium.
Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels? Tips on how to choose the right spot for your family vacation.

Castle-themed room at Anaheim Majestic Gardens

What to expect of a Good Neighbor (OFF-SITE) hotel room:

  • Good Neighbor Hotels are offered in a range of prices, from “motels” to suites so there is something for every budget.
  • You aren’t going to see much Disney theming. You’ll have a standard, ordinary hotel room for the most part. Some of the rooms have views of fireworks at night and some of the hotels have special Disney themed spaces or rooms but generally these are just standard, regular looking hotel rooms.
  • Keep in mind that when choosing the less expensive, the guest rooms often have exterior doors to the outside and not interior hallways. Unfortunately this means that some of the carpets in these places are really dirty from park guests pounding pavement all day and then immediately walking inside their hotel room.
Shaking hands with Minnie at the Disneyland Hotel.

Shaking hands with Minnie at the Disneyland Hotel.

What are the differences between Resort or Good Neighbor Hotels?


The big difference you’ll see is the price. Depending on the season, you’re going to pay around $175-400 per night (or more) for an on-site Disneyland resort hotel room. Sometimes you can get a coupon code in the mail with special offers but those don’t happen frequently. For this price you’d think you’d be getting a suite, right? Resorts rooms are slightly larger than average and you do have seating areas, a large bathroom and likely a nice view but they are just normal rooms. I will say that on-site spaces and rooms are cleaner and better maintained than some of the off-site hotels and for my neat-nik husband, that’s worth the extra cost.

Kickin' it in the kiddie pool at the Paradise Pier Hotel.

Kickin’ it in the kiddie pool at the Paradise Pier Hotel.



  • Most of the off-site pools are just standard pools, nothing more. I’ve not stayed there, but The Howard Johnson has a fun pirate-themed pool area.
  • Disney Resort hotels have amazing pools complete with water slides, hot tubs, fresh towels, swim diapers for babies, life-vests for toddlers, lots of lounging areas and pool-side dining & drink service. If you plan on using the pool on your vacation, consider paying a little more to stay at a site that has great water features!

Here are a few reviews on the Disneyland Resort pool areas and what you can expect (click the thumbnails)

PIN-Pools         Pool-PIN


  • Most of the off-site hotels have restaurants within walking distance. Some have cafes and coffee shops in their lobbies. We stayed at the Anaheim Hilton a few years ago and while the hotel was lovely, there weren’t any kid-friendly restaurants (either in the hotel or within walking distance) and so we had a pizza delivered. Prices are going to be reasonable at off-site restaurants and you’ll have a lot more choices when you stray from the resorts.

Goofy's Kitchen

  • The Disney Resort Hotels each have several themed restaurants. We’ve eaten at the Paradise Pier’s restaurant several times for breakfast and there are some nice choices at the all-you-care-to-eat buffet along with characters visiting each table. Dining at The Disneyland Hotel‘s Goofy’s Kitchen was a real treat. You’ll have your picture taken together before you’re seated and the dinner buffet is truly delicious! A multitude of characters came to visit us all evening, it was a lot of fun. The dinner buffet at StoryTeller’s inside the Grand Californian was decadent, my husband is still talking about that one! All this good food and theming comes at a price however and the Resort restaurants have a premium cost, especially those that feature character dining.

Here is a dining review about eating at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel (click the thumbnail)

Storyteller's Cafe

Location, location, location

Now, before you book any off-site hotel that boasts, “We’re RIGHT across the street!”, PLEASE look at this area hotel map for some of the local hotels.

Yes, some of the Good Neighbor hotels might really be just across the street from the resort but they aren’t across the street from the ENTRANCE GATE, which means you’ll still be walking a long distance to get to the entrance. And who wants to waste all their energy walking to get there…save those legs for inside the park! Let alone walking back to the hotel after a long day, forget about it.

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels? Tips on how to choose the right spot for your family vacation.

Magical Little Details

The Disneyland website will lead you to believe that if you stay on-site, you are closer to the parks. The truth is that you will be close, but closer isn’t necessarily the whole truth. Many of the off-site hotels are literally right across the street with a 5 to 10 minute walk from the front gates.

Good-Neighbor Hotels:

  • If you plan on walking to the park from your hotel, I would recommend sticking to hotels on Harbor Blvd, namely the ones right in front of the park entrance. The Park Vue Inn and Tropicana Inn are literally across the street from the entrance. Any hotel on Katella or Ball is going to be a bit more of a hike.  I have stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites and it’s about a 10-15 minute walk to get to the entrance gates, not too bad. And once you get to the gate you’re home free. There are no trams to ride (like when you park at the garages). You simply walk to the bag check area and then in line to enter the park!
  • I’ve stayed at the Anaheim Hilton and while it looks like it would be close on a map, it’s still a good length walk. Keep in mind that if you drive from your hotel and park on Disney property, you will be parking off-site and need to take a tram (about a 5 minute ride) to get into the parks. Parking is pricey and tram waits can be really long (even longer at the end of the day when everyone is trying to get to their car) so I still recommend staying at a closer hotel and walking in. Or choose a hotel, like the Anaheim Majestic Gardens, that offers a free shuttle.
Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels

Interactive map of Disneyland inside the hotel.

Disney Resort Hotels:

  • If you stay at the Paradise Pier, it’s going to take a bit longer to get into the park. You need to walk past the Disneyland Hotel and then through Downtown Disney District. The Disneyland Hotel is closer but not by much, you still have to walk through Downtown Disney.

Two Shortcuts:

  1. Downtown Disney Monorail Station. Hitch a ride here and be deposited into the middle of the park with a quick ride. Note that the Monorail station can get really busy so you might be waiting there for 10-20 minutes to catch a ride and you will also have to fold up your stroller to get aboard. You don’t need to be resort guest to take the Monorail, but you do need a valid park ticket.
  2. At the Grand Californian, there is a private entrance for resort guests that will allow admission into Disney’s California Adventure park. You will be required to show your valid Key to the Magic (room key) to use this entrance. You will also need your valid park admission ticket.

Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels? Tips on how to choose the right spot for your family vacation.

Other Benefits to Staying On-Site at a Disney Resort:

  • A few years ago when we stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel, we were able to watch and hear the parade inside California Adventure from our window. Later that night, we went up onto the roof top, pulled up a pool chair and watched the Disneyland fireworks show. They even had the narration and music piped in over loudspeakers.
  • I paid extra for Concierge on one particular trip. This allowed us use of the Concierge lounge. We ate breakfast in the lounge, stocked up with drinks and snacks that we took to the pool in the afternoon, and had appetizers (they also serve wine) in the evening before dinner. When we got back to the room, there was a plate with Mickey shaped Rice Krispy Treats and fresh strawberries waiting for us. I really enjoyed the Concierge service and we did take advantage of the drinks and snacks. If it wasn’t quite so pricey, I’d consider it again. Also, all the rooms are the same so you do not receive a larger room with Concierge service.

Read more in this Traveling Mom post about the benefits of staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel (click the thumbnail)


Other Benefits to Staying Off-Site:

  • A few of these Good Neighbor Hotels offer complimentary breakfasts or “happy hour” snacks. This might be as simple as cereal and milk with juice or as nice as make-your-own-waffles, fresh fruit, mini-chicken sandwiches and salad. Look at the hotel’s website and see what they offer as far as these extras. The Marriott Anaheim Residence Inn Maingate had a wonderful indoor/outdoor seating space with a nice complimentary serve-yourself breakfast including oatmeal, muffins and juice. We grabbed some apples and bananas to take with us to the Park!
Fantasyland Tower at Disneyland Hotel.

Fantasyland Tower at Disneyland Hotel.

The Bottom Line

  • Deciding on a hotel really comes down to what you want, how much time you’ll be spending at the room, how much you want to spend and how far you want to be from the park.
  • If you have the money and want the convenience of being close and appreciate high customer service, than by all means, stay on-site at an official Disneyland Resort hotel like The Paradise Pier, The Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian. The Extra Magic Hour and use of the fantastic pools might be enough to tip the scales.
  • If you are spending more than a few days in Anaheim and not just walking to Disneyland, consider an off-site suite which often has separate rooms. Getting a breakfast that is included in the cost is always nice too. I highly recommend the Marriott Anaheim Residence Inn Maingate, which was quite large and had a full kitchen.
  • Do you like to go back to your room in the afternoon for a nap or a swim-break? Consider either a Disney Resort hotel or one that is directly across the street so you can walk back and forth easily during the day. Either of these options is only about 10-15 minutes versus the 45-60 minutes it might take to get your car out of the lot and drive there or wait for a shuttle pick-up.
  • Though you can purchase Park tickets in the lobby at many of the Good Neighbor Hotels, I’d recommend purchasing upfront from Park Savers. You can save a few dollars this way as well (affiliate link).

Park Savers affiliate link

Do you prefer to stay at a Disneyland Resort Hotel or branch out into the Good Neighbors? Share in the comments!



Benefits of Staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel

Benefits of Staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel

What are the benefits of staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel? The Disneyland Resort is smack-dab in the middle of the city of Anaheim. Unlike Walt Disney World, where the resort is spread out by miles and miles, Disneyland is quite compact and very walk-able. This means you have tons of choices when it comes to choosing a hotel in the Disneyland area. What are the benefits of staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel (on-site) and why should you choose Disney when booking? I’ll break it down for you…


I had a momentary lapse into insanity when I booked us for two nights in the recently-renovated Disneyland Hotel for a trip in 2012.

“This hotel is connected to the park?”, says my husband.

Nope, that’s the Grand Californian and that would have been at least another $75 extra per night.

“Is it a suite?”

No, just a standard room. But I will definitely ask for an upgrade. I’ve always at least received a park-view room for the standard price when I ask for an upgrade. 

“But for that price, it includes breakfast, right?”

Uh, no…if you want a breakfast you buy the $40 a person buffet at Goofy’s Kitchen.

“Do we at least get a foot massage at the end of the day?”, he asks with a wink.

He’s joking at this point, of course.

The Frontier Tower at the Disneyland Hotel.

The Frontier Tower at the Disneyland Hotel.

  • There are three choices of Disneyland Resort Hotels in the Anaheim area…The Paradise Pier, The Disneyland Hotel and The Grand Californian Resort & Spa.
  • Yes, you are close to the Park entrances but truly there are hotels on the other side of the street that are also within walking distance and could be considered closer. The Grand Californian Resort & Spa has its own entrance to Disney’s California Adventure that any Disney Resort Guest can access by walking through the lobby. And access to the Monorail is close to the Disneyland Hotel as well. Otherwise it’s a brisk walk through Downtown Disney to get to the front gates.
  • The Disney touch for sure is a major selling point. The hotels, like the Parks, are well-cared for and maintained and I’ve never met any Cast Member (aka: Disney employee) that didn’t embody that spirit. I’ve heard otherwise online, but that’s the honest truth from me; I’ve experienced nothing but warmth and exceptional courtesy from all Disney Cast Members.


  • Probably one of the top benefits of staying at a resort hotel is the Extra Magic Hour. For each day of your resort stay, you are able to enter the parks (with valid ticket) one hour earlier than the general public. If you aren’t purchasing your tickets through a Disney Resort package, I’d recommend purchasing from Park Savers. You’ll save a few dollars on the tickets and save time at the gates on the first day. (affiliate link)  Please note that during Extra Magic Hour, only select attractions and shops are open, but it’s a great way to hit Fantasyland in Disneyland or CarsLand at Disney’s California Adventure before the lines are a mile long. You would be surprised at what could be accomplished in one line-free hour! Each Park has separate gate entrances for the Extra Magic Hour guests.

Extra Magic Hour Schedule

  • Using your Key to the Magic (room key) you can charge some Disney purchases onto your room account. I used it to purchase a yummy drink by the pool!

2013-10-02 21.33.03

  • And about those pools…we have actually booked an extra day at the resort to just stay and swim, we love these pools so much! All three resorts have great water slides, several pools to choose from as well as hot tubs. With the resorts so close, we usually take a mid-day swim break and return to the parks refreshed in the late afternoon. Read more in my post Disneyland Resort Hotel Swimming Pools – What to Expect of Your Fun in the Sun!
  • Don’t want to schlep that big bag of souvenirs through the park? Package Express will deliver any purchases made in the park directly to your room.
  • Schedule a free Character Wake Up Call. On our last trip I had Mickey call to wake up the kids so we could get into the parks early!
  • If you have a special occasion during your trip, as a hotel guest you may contact Disney Vacation Planning for Disney Dream Makers to bring a cake, balloons or a gift basket to your room. Costs for these are naturally, pricey.
  • Hotel guests can book their kids into Pinocchio’s Workshop, a child care facility on the grounds of The Grand Californian Resort & Spa for ages 5-12. For a fee, parents can enjoy a child-free evening in Downtown Disney.
  • There is an exclusive entrance at the Grand Californian Resort & Spa to enter the Disney’s California Adventure Park for Disneyland Resort guests only. Anyone (guest or not) can also hop on board the Monorail in Downtown Disney to get inside the Disneyland Resort (so long as you already have your paid ticket). We use this entrance frequently when we want to take a swim break mid-day.

Please check out Disneyland’s hotel overview online for comparisons and other benefits to staying at a resort.

And if you’re interested in staying off-site, please see my post Disneyland Resort Vs. Good Neighbor Hotels.




Disneyland Restaurant Review – Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue


Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

Hungry and cranky kids, see those grumpy faces?!

Sometimes you’re just craving barbecue and the all-you-can-eat Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue really hit the spot for us on a trip to Disneyland!

Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue is located inside Frontierland of the Disneyland Park. With the price for four of us just around $80 this was a splurge but we had Disney Visa credits to use so the meal didn’t actual cost us anything! We waited about 15 minutes before we were seated. It was my son’s birthday and the waiter made a point of wishing him a happy birthday, of course.

Happy Birthday buttons don't go unnoticed by Cast Members.

Happy Birthday buttons don’t go unnoticed by Cast Members.

We were overly hungry and the kids were cranky so I was pleased to see how quickly the food arrived. The waiter quickly brought out metal buckets and set them on the table for us to self-serve onto our plates. The cole slaw was a bit wet but nice and tangy. Barbecue beans were wonderful (and I’m not usually a bbq bean eater). Corn bread was good, a bit crumbly but great with butter. And then there were lots of ribs and chicken, which were both delicious. This is an all-you-care-to-eat place so when the first bucket was empty another was quickly brought.

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

A mouthful of food but you can see there are buckets more to eat!

I’m not usually a big ribs and beans gal and all-you-care-to-eat places are usually wasted on me but this was so good I had plenty to eat. Not a meat eater? There is a vegetarian option on the menu as well, which subs the chicken and ribs with or a seasonal veggie and tofu skewer with BBQ glaze.

And talking about plenty to eat, our baby ate his weight in beans & corn bread. It was the most food this little guy had ever eaten in one sitting!

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

What do you mean the beans are all gone?

And the birthday boy, wow! 2 pieces of chicken, cole slaw, beans and bread and get this…12 ribs!! I think he enjoyed it!

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

Rib #12?

The restaurant had singers on the stage who walked through the crowd and said happy birthday to diners. They requested birthday guests to raise their hand. My son raised his hand and they sang directly to him, at which he was equal parts embarrassed and thrilled.

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

It’s my birthday today!

My son has asked me on each subsequent Disney trip if we can eat at Big Thunder Ranch again, it was such an enjoyable and delicious experience.

If you get a chance I do recommend eating lunch at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue. It has a fun atmosphere with outdoor seating on country picnic benches. Western singers and a piano player sing and dance and tell corny jokes. It was the Christmas season during our visit so the entire restaurant was beautifully decorated with a country Christmas theme.

We were actually so full after our lunch that we didn’t even eat dinner, just an evening snack. The Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue also offers dessert for an added cost but I can’t imagine having room for sweets after such a large meal…Did I mention it’s all-you-care-to-eat?!

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

Just the bones.

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ; it might bring out the beast in you!

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

Bring on the BBQ!