These are the baby travel essentials you should bring in your travel diaper bag.

What’s in My Baby Travel Diaper Bag? Packing for Day Trips

There is the tendency when traveling with a baby to pack every single thing you could possibly ever need during your trip! Of course then you get home and realize you didn’t even use half of what you packed. Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be a hassle but it does require a certain amount of planning. I am highlighting what I pack in my diaper bag and all the essentials you’ll need to keep your baby happy! Keep reading for a review of the new Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier.

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These are the baby travel essentials you should bring in your travel diaper bag.


Packing For Baby When Traveling

This list of items are necessities when you’re out and about for the day. Other things will be as needed, depending upon your baby’s age and needs (like bottles, pacifiers and snacks).

  • Diaper Bag
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Changing Pad
  • Muslin cloths
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Disposable Bibs
  • Wet/Dry Bag
  • Extra Clothing
  • Front Carrier

Keep reading for my recommendations and tips for each item on the packing list!

These are the baby travel essentials you should bring in your travel diaper bag.

Choosing the Right Diaper Bag

Start off with a sturdy diaper bag that will be able to hold plenty but that will still be comfortable to carry.

Before choosing the right diaper bag, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where will you be keeping the diaper bag when you’re touring?
  • Will you carry the diaper bag yourself or keep in in the stroller?
  • How much will you really need to pack inside the bag?
  • Are the compartments appropriate for your needs?
  • Will you want everything with you at all times or will you stow some of the items in a locker or the hotel room?

I prefer a backpack style that can fit on the back of my stroller. If you’re hanging your diaper bag on the back, the stroller has to be of the heavier variety that won’t tip backwards when you remove the baby!

A flap-style Diaper Bag is simple and design offers decent capacity.  Choose a bag that has a neutral design that’s appropriate for either a boy or girl. That way Daddy won’t mind carrying it!

Consider purchasing a dark color that won’t as easily show spots or stains. Be sure to check inside and see if the compartments and inner zippers are useful.

Or maybe you’d prefer the diaper bag/purse combo. Load up your tote with essentials for the next few hours and keep the rest inside of a locker, in the car or at the hotel room.  This method is particularly helpful with older babies who only need to be changed a few times a day and who don’t need baby food or bottles. A changing pad with a few diapers, sippy cup and a few snacks may be all you need. This Tote Bag makes for a great diaper bag and purse combination.

Diaper Clutch with Changing Pad

There are usually changing tables in bathrooms, but bringing your own padded mat is a must. You definitely don’t want to be laying baby on a surface that isn’t sanitary without protection from a changing pad.

The ideal changing pad has a pocket for a few diapers and a pouch for wipes. It’s convenient to reach into the diaper bag and just pull out the clutch that contains everything you’ll need for a quick change.

Swaddle Cloths

Swaddle cloths are great for a variety of things, including keeping baby warm or for keeping the sun off their face. I like to use the cloths to drape over a sleeping baby while walking outside or over their stroller to block out the sun. Choose a lightweight, breathable variety like the aden + anais Disney Baby swaddles, Winnie the Pooh or aden + anais Disney Baby swaddles, Minnie.

Floppy Hat

During the day, a hat for baby is a must. Floppy sun hats are the best because they cover the sensitive spots like tops of ears as well. Choose fabric that is lightweight and breathable but will nicely protect baby’s sensitive skin from the sun.

Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must, no matter the season! Babies are never fond of having it applied though and there is always the risk of getting it in their eyes. We use and love the All Good Sunstick. It’s great for everyone in the family and won’t leak or melt in your bag.


Disposable Bibs

Bibsters Disposable Bibs come in so handy for toddlers learning to feed themselves. Who wants to tote around nasty food-crusted bibs all day? These even have a little turned-up pocket that catches some of the food that might otherwise land on baby’s lap.

What's in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag? Read on for packing tips for traveling to Disney with a baby!

My boy and the beans at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch BBQ

A Place for Soiled Clothing

So what about when your baby does make a mess? It’s inevitable, you know, so what do you do with those messy and wet clothes? We always have a We/Dry Bag handy in our diaper bag to store soiled items until we can get them home to wash.

And when (not if, when!) that outfit needs replacing make sure you have several changes of clothes for baby. Best to bring layers in case of temperature change. The DisneyBaby clothes are so sweet!

What Else Should Go In Your Bag?

I’m sure there are three dozen other things you’ll find yourself dragging along with you to keep baby content, including of course diapers, wipes and food/formula!

When packing specifically for a Disney trip, make a list of the everyday items you use for baby and pack accordingly before you go. Disney Parks will have some things available for sale inside the Resort should you forget something.

There are also Baby Care Centers inside each of the Parks. These stock diapers, some baby foods, bottles, snacks and pacifiers. I ran out of wipes on my last day and had to buy a package – thank goodness for the Baby Care Center! Of course the prices will be at a premium and selection will be limited. So if your baby has to have a certain brand of something, make sure you bring a spare (or two!)

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