Sweet, Quick and Easy Applique Valentine’s Day Heart Tee

Sweet, Quick and Easy Applique Valentine's Day Heart Tee

Need something sweet for the kids to wear on Valentine’s Day? This easy applique Valentine’s Day heart tee goes together quickly with fabric scraps and is easy enough for the beginning seamstress. I’ll even show you how to make this tee with a “Disney-twist”! Oh so special to wear on your next Disney vacation to show your Mickey-Love! I’ve included a free printable applique for the hearts and silhouette.

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing some fun Valentine’s Day crafts.

I’ll confess…Though I have an Etsy shop and take frequent orders that get shipped out quickly, I tend to wait until the last minute to make outfits for my own kids. I love having a quick and easy method of design that takes minimal time and can be put together in the matter of an hour or so. You’ll love this layered method of applique because it goes together fast, requires no special stitches and no hemming…and it’s totally unique. You decide the look based on the colors and the fabric mix you choose.

Sweet, Quick and Easy Applique Valentine's Day Heart Tee

You’ll need:

  • T-shirt. This is a chance for you to use a tee that might have a stain on it as you’ll be able to “save” the shirt by placing an applique over the stain.
  • Applique pattern. I used hearts in various sizes as well as a small Mickey silhouette. You can use the PDF applique here: Heart Tee Applique
  • Scrap fabrics in various sizes and colors (choose cotton or cotton knit)
  • Sharpie Fine Point Marker
  • Fusible bond, like Heat’n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive
  • Thread in matching colors. Gutermann thread is my favorite brand as it’s strong (doesn’t break mid-project!), wide range of colors and holds up to wash and wear.
  • Bobbin thread in color to match the shirt
  • Sewing machine needle (jersey or Ballpoint Machine Needles give the best results for applique)
  • Disappearing ink pen, like this one from Dritz
  • Iron


1. Place a piece of fusible bond (bumpy side down) onto your design and trace out each individual shape using a Sharpie marker (ball point pens or pencils will smudge or smear off onto your iron, so a Sharpie is best).


2. Cut out and set aside the Mickey silhouette.


3. Choose your fabrics and iron out the wrinkles on each piece.


Pull out the fabric that you want to use for the largest heart. Keep in mind that only the outer edge of this heart will show. Iron the fusible bond heart (bumpy side down) onto the WRONG side of the fabric.


4. Cut out only the largest heart on the Sharpie line.


5. Peel off the fusible bond backing. Save the backside of the fusible bond to use for the next heart.


Lay your shirt down and iron out any wrinkles in the design area. Lay the large heart down on the tee, make sure the design is centered and straight. Iron on securely.

6. Using a straight stitch, sew with a small hem (1/4″) around the edge of the fabric, securing the first heart to the tee.


7. Using the heart template (leftover from the backside of the fusible bond), carefully cut away to the next size heart. Lay down onto the wrong side of the next piece of fabric and use your disappearing ink pen to trace this outline onto the wrong side of the fabric.


8. Cut out heart shape from fabric and lay down, centering on top of the first heart that was ironed onto the shirt. Carefully pin to the shirt, smoothing out fabric so there aren’t any bumps. Carefully sew with a small hem (1/4″) around the edge of the fabric, securing the second heart to the tee.


9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with the third heart.



10. Iron the Mickey silhouette onto the WRONG side of the fabric. Cut out the shape on the line, peel off backside of fusible bond and center the design in the middle of the third heart. Iron on securely.


11. Using a straight stitch, sew with a small hem (1/4″) around the edge of the fabric, securing the silhouette to the tee.

Sweet, Quick and Easy Applique Valentine's Day Heart Tee

Straight stitch applique advice:

Because the edges of the applique pieces are not covered, the edges of your cotton fabric may fray or curl slightly after a wash and dry. As long as you’ve properly stitched the pieces securely, slight fraying or curling should be fine and create a fun look to your design.

Taking applique to the next level:

Once your practiced straight stitch applique, try using a satin stitch (aka: a very close together zig-zag) around the edges of your applique pieces to secure them. This will create a more smooth and polished look. You’ll be able to add more detail and the look will last a long time. Cover the stitches inside (because they will be thicker and potentially more itchy to the wearer) with a soft fusible Poly-mesh backing.

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  1. Rosanne @ What's the Point?
    Rosanne @ What's the Point? says:

    This is so cute! (And you have an adorable model!)

    I think I can manage this – a heart is pretty easy and I can use some of my decorations as a stencil. Also, I had no clue you had an Esty shop – I’m going to check it out now!

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    I am too lazy to bring out the sewing machine but this pattern is so easy I can cut out vinyl with the Cricut and get the same idea.

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