No Painful Feet! How to Find Foot Comfort in Your New Shoes

If painful feet stop you from exploring check out these tips and products that will minimize blisters, swelling and foot pain!

I hate shoe shopping. Okay, so I know I’m in the minority and lots of ladies love to buy new shoes. But I don’t. I HATE getting new shoes because it means I have to try them on, break them in and suffer through the pain and discomfort of new shoes. The thought of painful feet is enough for me to avoid buying new shoes. So I stick with the worn out and broken in shoes I already own. I’m on the hunt for foot comfort, especially when I know I’ll be traveling and walking a lot!

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Painful Feet? Try These Tips

  1. Compression Socks
  2. Open-toed shoes
  3. Shoes that don’t require “breaking in”
  4. Stick with what works for you
  5. Inserts

Compression Socks

Several years ago my husband and I flew overnight to Europe. It was my first long-haul flight and I made the mistake of taking off my shoes and putting on cozy socks while I slept. When it was time to get off the plane, I had to cram my swollen feet back into my shoes. By the time we reached the taxi I had blisters on every toe, across my heel and several of my toe nails were broken! Not the best start to a 10-day trip.

The next time I flew long distance you can believe I was wearing compression socks! I’ll be honest: I always thought that compression socks were for “old people” or if you were in the hospital and couldn’t exercise. But these adorable patterned socks from Vim & Vigr changed my mind (they are so cute!)

These nylon compression socks from Vim & Vigr have a multi-dimensional weave and 400-needle count that allow for comfort, flexibility, and breathability. They even offer socks for wide calves.

I hear that compression socks are great if you’re running (not that I’d know about that!) I’ve worn the Vim & Vigr socks on each flight since and no blisters or broken toe nails after flying again!

Vim & Vigr 15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression Socks – Nylon Collection – M – Cream & Black

Why I Gravitate Towards Sandals

After the birth of my last baby I realized that my feet had grown along with my belly! In fact I now have one foot that is over a half-size larger than the other foot – how annoying is that?! And it makes it nearly impossible to purchase certain shoe styles. I suffer with having one shoe too tight or the other flopping off.

If painful feet stop you from exploring check out these tips and products that will minimize blisters, swelling and foot pain!

My 7 1/2 months pregnant feet walked the Disney parks in Crocs!

That’s why I tend to choose sandals over any other shoe type. Fortunately I live in Southern California, where I can wear sandals 75% of the year! Here are a few of my favorite sandal choices that are comfortable for long distance walking. I discuss more sandal options in my post, Best Shoes for Disney Parks – Why I Love Sandals! 

Comfortable Shoes for Kids (No Breaking In Period!)

I’ve been purchasing pediped shoes for nearly 6 years. They were my son’s very first pair of shoes. When I saw how comfortable they were for him and how much he enjoyed walking in pediped, they quickly became the only pair of shoes I would buy for him. It’s a happy day for him when he sees a box from pediped in the mail!

When I first found out I was having a baby girl, a pair of pedipeds Originals was one of my first purchases! They are the shoes she took her first steps in and I’ll be putting them into her keepsake box. Any other shoes she outgrows will be gifted forward to another child. We’ve handed down my son’s outgrown pedipeds to his cousins.

If painful feet stop kids from exploring check out these tips and products that will minimize blisters, swelling and foot pain!

My kids wearing their pedipeds at Walt Disney World.

I’ll be honest about the price because it might be more than you’re used to paying. Many people will not pay a high price for kids shoes, preferring to buy cheaper shoes. I’d much rather purchase something of high quality that is comfortable for my child, supports her feet and won’t fall apart or look worn after just a few wearings. My kids only have 2 or 3 pairs of pediped shoes and rotate between them (instead of a dozen pairs of “cheap” shoes).

If painful feet stop you from exploring check out these tips and products that will minimize blisters, swelling and foot pain!

My son in his Flex Sahara Red sandals at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

Because many pedipeds are washable they uphold their look. And the high crafted quality means they last and last. My son is currently wearing pediped sandals he had last summer and they still look in perfect condition!

My only complaint? That my eldest daughter is now 13 and has outgrown them! I’ve only bought her pediped shoes for the last five years. She has one foot that rolls inward, causing shoes to get a hole in them after just a few wearings. Pediped is the only brand that we’ve found that will hold her foot solidly upright and not to roll. pediped footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development.

Stick with What Works

I legit own 8 pairs of shoes total. Four of these shoes are exact duplicates of each other, just in different color schemes. I know what works for my feet so I tend to purchase two at a time.

I gave up a long time ago trying to wear regular high heels. Now if I’m dressing up I wear my favorite crocs Women’s Leigh Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal. I have them in oatmeal and black and they’re versatile enough to wear with either a dress or jeans. And the best part is that I can actually dance and walk comfortably all night in them (and not revert to the barefoot walk back to the car at the end of the night!)

If you have a favorite shoe, next time buy two so you can switch out between them!

Comfort Aids for Inside Shoes

Adding extra support where your foot needs it is a great way to get comfy. A little lift here, a little cushion there and your foot pain can be greatly relieved. I recently tried Silipos Active gel products. These conform to your body reducing friction, abrasion and burning sensations during high impact activities.

I tried Silipos Active Ball of Foot Gel Cushions. Slip the loop around one of your toes and the cushion rests underneath, covered by a sock. These cushions are so thin I wondered if they’d make a difference. I tested them on a 5 mile hike we took across concrete and gravel. I could really tell the difference after walking as I didn’t have the usual ache in my foot bones that I usually do after walking on that type of terrain.

Ever worn a pair of flip-flops when the center post cut into your toes? That is just the worst! Silipos Active Sandal Toe Protectors slips over that post to cushion between the toes.

How do you counteract painful feet? Share in the comments!

Best Shoes for Disney Parks – Why I Love Sandals!

Feet can really take a beating while touring in the Disney Parks all day! They are standing in queue, walking countless miles, standing for fireworks and possibly getting wet. I have reviewed four different women’s styles that I personally own and wear when I go to the Disney parks. You’ll be able to find comfortable shoes for Disneyland and walking shoes for Disney World! I have also included choices for children as well.
Please note that I use affiliate links in this post. Clicking through and purchasing through these links helps me in a small financial way, thank you!

Best Shoes for Disney

In the many years that I’ve been visiting Disney parks, I’ve found that the best shoes are sandals for Disney. Certainly during cooler months, sandals aren’t the best option and instead I wear Keds with socks or my Ugg boots to keep my toes warm. However you’ll find that open-toed sandals are appropriate in California and Florida for about 9 months out of the year.
Best Shoes for Disney Parks - Why I Love Open-toed Sandals!

My 7 1/2 months pregnant feet walked the Disney parks in Crocs!

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Green. Today we are discussing the best shoes for Disney Parks. I am going to share my love for open-toed sandals…how very California of me, right?

Comfortable Shoes for Disney

Why I love Open-toed Sandals:

  • They allow for feet swelling; All that pavement stomping can cause feet to puff up and even just the tiniest bit of swelling can be uncomfortable. The last time I wore closed-toed shoes (a ballet-flat type) at Disneyland my feet had swelled so much by mid-afternoon I was developing blisters. My husband trekked back to the car to fetch me another pair of shoes.
  • Sandals are cool and lightweight.
  • They look cute! Sandals are much more flattering when wearing shorts or capri pants than socks and sneakers ever look. They also showcase pretty Disney-style toe nails so nicely!

                          2013-09-13 21.56.38

Things to Consider when Choosing an Open-toed Style:

  • Are these going to be appropriate for concrete walking? Flat beach-type plastic flip-flops aren’t going to offer the support you need for walking on concrete all day.
  • What is the support they offer? I highly recommend shoes with cushioning and a bit of a lift in the back for a comfortable shoe that you can wear all day.
  • Does the shoe have traction on the bottom? Especially when walking around puddled areas near water rides or after a Floridian downpour, you’d hate to slip and fall. Choose a shoe with traction (all of my choices have it).

Best Disney Parks Shoes for Women

Best Shoes for the Disney Parks – Why I Love Open-toed Sandals!

Crocs Womens Women’s A-Leigh Floral Flip Flop

I not only wear these to Disneyland, I also took them with me on my European Adventure. They held up just as well on the pavement as they did on uneven cobblestones. The leather upper is soft and flexible and they feature Croslite™ material footbed cushions. The cork-wrapped wedge gives a little lift in the heel which makes being on my feet more comfortable.

And how can you resist the pretty floral accent? I have these in black but think I will have to pick up these lovely pink ones, just because!

My Crocs in the Czech Republic!


Hi-Tec Women’s Soul Riderz Strap Sandal

This was my go-to shoe for the past few summers, including my European Adventure. They are flexible and feature a cushioned footbed and sculpted EVA midsole that absorbs impact. I appreciate the adjustable hook-and-loop straps so I can accommodate for any foot swelling at the end of the day.

The straps on these shoes have a soft lining that wicks away moisture and never rubbed or caused blisters. These shoes are also extremely light weight!

Trekking through Europe in my Hi-Tec sandals

Trekking through Europe in my Hi-Tec sandals


Fitflop Women’s Flora Flip Flop
I’ve had a pair of FitFlops for the past 3 years and they are a summer staple. FitFlop doesn’t appear to carry the bejeweled black pair that I have anymore, but I was really drawn to the elegant etched and laser-cut details on this pair. The patent and leather are soft and comfortable for all-day walking.

For sure you need to get your body used to FitFlop’s “Microwobbleboard midsole” before trying to walk in them all day or your thighs will be screaming by the afternoon!


I won a giant giraffe pillow at SeaWorld San Diego while wearing my FitFlops!


Nike Womens Comfort Thong Flip Flops

Like walking on a cloud! I’ve had two pairs of the Nike Comfort flip-flops; one in black and another in white and turquoise. They have a soft memory foam foot bed that simply hugs and comforts your feet while you walk.

Other Open-Toed Shoe Options

I don’t own these sandals but have them on my radar to try as potential Disney Park shoes in the future!

Best Disney Shoes For Kids

Best Shoes for the Disney Parks – Why I Love Open-toed Sandals!

My littlest has been wearing pediped since he was born! I love pediped for kids because they are lightweight, durable and very soft and flexible. This means there is no “breaking in” period and are comfy from the first wearing. Also a very nice feature is that many pedipeds are machine washable. While I do recommend sandals for little ones, I suggest not choosing open toed shoes. Pediped has some wonderful sandals that have a covered toe to prevent stubbing or tripping.

This is my son at Walt Disney World wearing his pediped Flex Sahara Sandal.

Best Shoes for Disney Parks - Why I Love Open-toed Sandals!

These pediped are so sweet and pretty and much more comfortable on little feet than the plastic dress up shoes that I see some of the tiny princesses shuffling around the Parks in!

Please, leave the plastic shoes at home and make sure your sweetie has a comfortable pair of shoes that she can wear all day. These pediped Delaney Flex Mary Jane are perfect because they are a rubber soled shoe disguised as sparkly Princess attire!

Choosing the right shoe for your Disney vacation can make or break the trip! See my choices for best shoes for your summer Disney vacation.

My two littlest ones at Disney World, both wearing their pedipeds!

Other Disney Parks Shoe Tips:

  • Bring an alternate pair of socks & shoes and keep them in a backpack or rental locker. When your socks get soaked on Splash Mountain you’ll have a replacement and if your shoes are irritating you for any reason (like mine did), you’ll have a pair to switch into.
  • Read these ideas on how to have pain-free feet on vacation, using compression socks and inserts.
  • “Break” your shoes in first and wear them several times before wearing them in the Park.
  • Bring along items in your travel First Aid kit that can easy any foot issues. I have New-Skin Liquid Bandage that can be painted onto the skin and when it dries, leaves a waterproof “bandage” that eases friction.
  • Beware of sandals with multiple straps that may potentially rub or pinch skin.
  • Consider wearing orthotics inside your shoes. Read more about how orthotics can help relieve back pain.

Save Money on Your Disney Vacation!

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