Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing Halloween craft ideas.

Do you love having custom boutique clothing for you and your kids when you visit the Disney Parks? Me too! I’ve been creating and selling appliqued tees for years in my Etsy shop, The Painted Butterfly Studio. However, I know not everyone has the time or inclination to perfect satin stitching or proper technique for seamless applique. I came up with a technique for applique that anyone with a sewing machine can accomplish!

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

Supplies needed:

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

1. Take your coloring page or design and flip the page over. Outline the bold details with a Sharpie marker. This is the side that you will trace on.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

2. Place a piece of fusible bond (bumpy side down) onto your design and trace out each individual shape using a Sharpie marker (ball point pens or pencils will smudge or smear off onto your iron, so a Sharpie is best).

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

You’ll have a piece for the pumpkin, the stem, the leaf and the individual pieces of the jack-o’ lantern face.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

3. Cut around each piece of fusible bond but NOT on the Sharpie line (see image above on left). Iron them (bumpy side down) onto the appropriate color of fabric.

  • One orange pumpkin shape
  • One lime green leaf
  • One brown stem
  • One black jack-o’ lantern smile, one nose and two eyes.

4. Cut out each piece on the Sharpie line.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

5. Lay your shirt down and iron out any wrinkles in the design area. Starting with the orange pumpkin and brown pumpkin stem,  peel off the fusible bond backings and place down onto the tee. Tuck the brown stem slightly underneath the orange pumpkin. Make sure the design is centered and straight. Do not iron yet!!

Lay your coloring page down (the original side, not the one that you traced) on top of your design to make sure the pieces line up before pressing with the iron. I flip the page back and forth quickly so I can compare the design and make sure I have pieces in the correct position. Use a smooth pressure to apply the pieces to your tee shirt with the iron on a “cotton” setting.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

6. Moving on to the leaf, use the same technique, comparing the coloring page to the fabric design before ironing in place.

7. Repeat with jack-o’ lantern pieces, matching the correct position by comparing to the coloring page before ironing in place.

8. Once you have all your pieces securely ironed on, cut a piece of stabilizer slightly larger than the size of your design.

Carefully turn your shirt inside out and follow the package instructions to secure to the inside of the shirt (some stabilizers must be pinned on; I use one that can be ironed on and easily removed).

Turn the shirt right side out. Do not skip this step of using stabilizer! Stabilizer holds the design straight while you sew to avoid warping, puckering or rippling.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

9. Thread your sewing machine bobbin with the same color of thread as your t-shirt. You will start by sewing the pieces on top, the black jack-o’lantern face. When appliqueing, always sew the smaller pieces on top first to avoid puckering. Thread the machine with black thread and set the machine for a tight straight stitch.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

10. Carefully sew each jack-o’ lantern piece close to the outside edge. Change thread colors and complete by sewing the green leaf and brown stem.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

11. Taking your disappearing ink pen and comparing to your original coloring page, draw any detail lines for the pumpkin directly onto your fabric design.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

12. Using orange thread, sew around the outside of the pumpkin first, then sew up and down the design to add the details. Make sure to back stitch before and at the end of each strand to secure stitches.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

13. When all sewing is complete, spritz the design lightly with water to remove the disappearing ink lines. You may have to repeat this process several times. Do not iron until the ink lines are gone to avoid setting them permanently.

14. Turn shirt inside out and remove all pieces of stabilizer. Turn shirt right side out.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

14. When disappearing ink lines are gone, press the design with iron to sink and tighten the stitches. Your shirt is ready to wear!

Straight stitch applique advice:

It is important to stick with cotton or knit fabrics only when straight stitch appliqueing. Because the edges of the applique pieces are not covered, there is a chance that the edges of your cotton fabric may fray or curl slightly after a wash and dry. As long as you’ve properly stitched the pieces securely, slight fraying or curling should be fine and create a fun look to your design.

Halloween DIY Disney Mickey Pumpkin Appliqued Tee

Pumpkin shirt with satin stitch applique

Taking applique to the next level:

Once your practiced straight stitch applique, try using a satin stitch (aka: a very close together zig-zag) around the edges of your applique pieces to secure them. This will create a more smooth and polished look. You’ll be able to add more detail and the look will last a long time. Cover the stitches inside (because they will be thicker and potentially more itchy to the wearer) with a soft fusible Poly-mesh backing.

Prefer to buy? I’ve got you covered because this design (with name personalization) and others are sold in my Etsy shop 🙂

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SoCal Guide – Oma’s Pumpkin Patch in Lakeside, CA

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

If you are in the Southern California area and looking for an authentic down-home farm experience this Autumn, Oma’s Pumpkin Patch combines just the right amount of education and fun! We live just around the corner from Oma’s but it’s worth the trip if you are coming from farther reaches of San Diego county. Located in Lakeside California, the Van Ommering Dairy is a full-time working family farm.

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 7pm. For each paid child ($8.00), one adult gets in free. Each child receives a water bottle, access to all activities and they can choose a pumpkin from the “Jack Patch” when they leave. There are additional very large-sized pumpkins for sale as well as other fall-decor items like hay bales and Indian corn. Their gift shop also stocks crafts, souvenirs and honey.

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

Everyone can take the hay ride around the farm to get an up-close and personal look at the cows and dairy farm (Fair warning: this can be a stinky experience!)

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

My son and I have been twice for school field trips and many other times with family members. There is something for everyone at every age to do here!

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

Hands-on activities include a “cow” to practice milking on (with water) and pairs of horns for roping.

There are many pieces of old farming equipment around the patch for climbing and posing for pictures on. We love the flat-bed truck loaded up with Halloween pumpkins, it’s a great place to take a yearly picture! There are also several playground sets with bikes to ride and balls to play with in a grassy field.

Oma's Pumpkin Patch

My guys like the hay maze but it’s too hot for me in there! I love these fun photo op locations throughout the farm, we take pictures in them every year.

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

Kids love the petting area with the goats. There are often some mischievous baby goats who escape from the confines of the pen and run around the farm!

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

My boys have both loved the giant sand pile with all the toy trucks and tractors to drive around.

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

But best of all for everyone, the cottonseed mountain! There are various sledding discs provided. Kids (and some adults!) take a sled to the top of the mountain and slide their way down the mountain of fluffy cottonseed. Be sure to empty your pockets before you get in the car because we always find lots of cottonseed inside when we get home!

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

Make sure to allow yourself several hours to play. There have been many times we expected to only be there for a few hours and have stayed long after dark!

Eat at one of the shaded picnic tables or buy a snack (cash only) at their Cow Country Cafe. Please note that there are a lot of bees at the farm, especially around the picnic tables and trash cans.

Oma's Pumpkin Patch

In addition to the Pumpkin Patch, Oma’s also offers educational tours throughout the year including educational tours for classes/schools, a Spring Dairy tour and a Christmas Tree Patch. You can even host a birthday party on the farm!

I love that when we go to Oma’s we are supporting a small family-run business and can enjoy being on a working farm (and not in a shopping center parking lot!)

Oma’s Pumpkin Patch has become our yearly family tradition!

Oma's Pumpkin Patch - Lakeside CA

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Disneyland Family Media Day – #Halloweentime

Our family in Carthay Circle at Disney's California Adventure #Halloweentime

This past weekend my family and I were fortunate enough to spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland! We were invited to be a part of the Family Media Day event which included Park Hopper tickets for the day as well as a private reception and some very special treats (and Halloweentime tricks!)

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

Adorable costumes in the World of Disney window and the Halloweentime Welcome sign at the Mickey and Friends Tram

We started off the day at Disney’s California Adventure. While the big kids and my husband were enjoying the Radiator Springs Racers, my little guy and I visited with Lightning McQueen and Mater in Carsland.

Carsland at Disney's California Adventure

There were plenty of Photo Pass photographers around all day to hand my camera to. They captured some wonderful shots of my family enjoying our special day!

Carsland at Disney's California Adventure #Halloweentime

My kids were able to get me on California Screamin’, even though fast coasters aren’t really my “thing”. This ride is so smooth that the motion doesn’t bother me at all. You can see though that I was nervously anticipating the take-off during the ride countdown!

California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure


After a spin on King Triton’s Carousel and Toy Story Mania, we headed over to Stage 17 for the Family Media Day reception. Wow, this event completely blew me away! The colorful room was set up so dramatically with lighting, tables, balloons and huge floral arrangements.

Family Media Day #Halloweentime at Disneyland

Family Media Day #Halloweentime at Disneyland

There were silhouette artists, spray-tattoo art and a few games for the little ones. The Master of Ceremonies was playing dance music and also hosted a hula-hooping contest and name-that-tune game.

Jack & Sally at #Halloweentime at Disneyland

There were three meet-and-greet spots with rotating characters so we were able to take photos with Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve never seen Jack or Sally in the Parks before so getting a photo with them was fantastic! Dillon wasn’t so crazy about it, though…he was clinging to me for dear life! Sally set him at ease by saying, “It’s okay, Jack only scares on Saturdays” (Ahem…it was Saturday!)

#Halloweentime at Disneyland Family Media Day event

The snacks were plentiful and delicious including Mickey pretzels with various mustards, cheesy garlic twists, candy corn cotton candy, pumpkin twists, fresh apples with caramel, apple cider, Mickey pumpkin cupcakes and popcorn. My kids were in heaven because frankly, we never buy those things! It was a special treat, for sure!

Family Media Day #Halloweentime treats at Disneyland

We received Fast Passes for specific times to ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as well as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Disney also gifted us a souvenir popcorn bucket in a Haunted Mansion theme and four tombstone drink coasters. We were honored to be a part of this special event and had such a wonderful time enjoying the treats, games and offerings.

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

We reluctantly dragged ourselves from the air-conditioned comfort inside the reception area and out into the blazing sun for more rides and adventures!

Over at Disneyland, Main Street USA was beautifully decorated for fall with hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins, fall leaves and candy-corn striped banners on the buildings and lamp posts.

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

While the big kids took advantage of the thrill rides like Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure my little guy took a nap (on a pillow of cotton candy…only at Disneyland!) They said they didn’t care for the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. They thought that the “ghost” was a bit too creepy and devilish rather than spooky and ghost-like.

Napping on a pillow of cotton candy...only at Disneyland!

Unfortunately Disneyland was teeming with guests in the late afternoon so we didn’t get to ride as many things I would have liked. Plus the little one was taking a long nap. We totally missed going into Frontierland for the Halloween Carnival event! The only rides we did in Fantasyland was The Matterhorn and Mad Tea Party.

Mad Tea Party at Disneyland

Once Dillon woke up we did enjoy The Finding Nemo Subs before the parade and dinner. We staked out a great spot on Main Street for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and the Frozen pre-parade float. On our last visit Dillon had slept through the parade so I was happy he was able to watch the entire show this time; he loved it!

Frozen pre-parade at Disneyland Resort

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

Dinner at The Plaza Inn with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits hit the spot. We ordered 2 platters and shared between the five of us…plenty of food to go around!

Plaza Inn chicken dinner at Disneyland

Our magical day ended with a reserved fireworks spot in the center of Main Street USA, directly in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! In all my years I’ve never witnessed a Disneyland fireworks show from such an amazing location and this didn’t disappoint. We were all goosebumpy and teary-eyed watching this incredible show.

It was the perfect end to a perfectly Disney day!


Thank you to Disney for the invitation to this Family Media Event. We were given free Park Hopper tickets for the day as well as an invitation to the private reception. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Click the link for more information about Disney’s Halloweentime events.