Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing Disney inspired Halloween costumes. Disney princess costumes don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. You can still dress your little princess in an easy and budget-friendly Disney princess costume that she’ll be able to wear for Halloween, dress-up or to the Parks! Even if you don’t think you can sew a costume, you can make one of these easy Disney princess costumes. Using a store bought t-shirt as a base, you’ll be able to add purchased trim to create a fun Disney-bound type costume.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Keep reading for the tutorial on how to make a princess costume from a t-shirt.

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The Idea Spark

A quick Google search will give you an idea of princess styles and colors. There are certain characteristics in the costumes that each character wears, like Rapunzel’s crisscrossed bodice and the draping on Belle’s dress. And each princess has a certain color scheme, like Jasmine’s turquoise and gold and Elsa’s icy blue and white. The characteristics of the style isn’t as important as the princess color scheme. If you keep with a recognizable color scheme you can design your shirt however you like.

For Rapunzel: Schiff Grosgrain Ribbon in Orchid
For Jasmine: Metallic Gold Lace Trim
For Cinderella: Satin Ribbon Rose Flowers

I decided to make my little gal a Snow White DisneyBound outfit. Snow White’s color scheme is dark blue, red, yellow and white. But Snow White’s look is pretty simple and I wanted it a little fancier. Using the color scheme, I designed a top with various ribbons, lace and ribbon roses. It’s not exactly like Snow White, but as long as you keep within the color schemes that make each princess recognizable, you can be creative in the style of each princess top.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Start with a T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a quick and easy way to make a costume base. This shirt cost me less than $5 and I already had these trims on hand. You can layer trims, sew appliques or add ribbons and buttons to create the look you want.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – If you sew on non-stretchy trim, this will make the shirt less stretchy as well. Just keep this in mind before sewing trim on that you’ll still need to get this shirt on and off your child. For example, if you sew trim all the way around the neckline, it will no longer be able to stretch over her head. Use non-stretchy trim minimally, especially around areas like the hem, neckline and arm holes.

Lay out your trims onto the outfit until you come up with a design that you are happy with. Don’t cut the trim until you have it pinned down and at the length that you want.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – When pinning on the trims, tuck something firm inside the shirt to separate the front and back so you don’t pin through the entire shirt. A piece of cardboard or flattened cereal box works well.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – Ribbons are slippery so pin them a LOT when you’re prepping. Once you get the shirt on the sewing machine, you’ll find that the ribbons tend to shift so take your time and move slowly, removing pins as you reach them.

Adding little details like these pre-made ribbon roses adds just the right touch to complete your look!

 Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Buy Inexpensive Bottoms

Tights and leggings are cheap and quick ways to complete your costume. I looked for yellow leggings at the store for my princess but they didn’t sell them in itty-bitty sizes. I found a pretty floral print at Old Navy that worked nicely with the colors on the top and still gives this modern Snow White a woodsy feel.

For Sleeping Beauty (aka: Princess Aurora): Little Girl’s Ruffle leggings

Want the sparkle without the messy glitter? Opt for a sequined circle skirt that will give your girl all the twirl and none of the glittery mess!

For Ariel – Sequin Dance Tutu Skirt for Girls

Tutu Tutorial

Tulle fabric is very inexpensive and easy to work with. I love the sparkly tulle that has the sequins and sparkle attached. It also has some stretch to it, so you can sew it directly onto the hem of your t-shirt if you wish. Or make a tutu using one of the many tutorials on Pinterest and your princess will be tutu-cute in no time!

An icy blue for Elsa: Sparkle Tulle Teal Fabric By The Yard and a pretty gold for Belle: Sparkle Tulle Gold Fabric By The Yard


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Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Do you have a little princess in the family? Or perhaps someone who dreams of being Disney royalty? Have no fear, there is plenty of princess perfection taking place at the Disneyland Resort to satisfy the sweet tooth of any princess in training!

Get crowned from head to toe!

Children ten and under can dress in costume in the Parks. Purchase your Princess attire ahead of time at the Disney Store (affiliate link). Make sure you do a test run at home to make sure the costume is comfortable, not dragging on the ground or falling off her shoulders.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

My niece, Queen Elsa!

I would highly recommend that your little Princess skip the impractical costume shoes and wear something that she’ll be happy to skip around in all day. We love Pedipeds for their comfort and they are adorable too! After spending the morning in her costume dress, change her into something comfy. The Disney Store has some adorable pants set and dresses in easy to clean fabrics (perfect after a day of spent consuming chocolate covered bananas and ice cream!)



For an extra-specially heavy dose of pixie dust magic, little ladies can also be transformed into princesses right before your eyes!

Bibbity Bobbidi Boutique inside Disneyland Park puts the glitter effect on kids 3-12. They offer basic packages that include hair styling, nail polish and make-up all the up to giving girls the works in the way of full-out costumes, a photo session and a mini-processional to Fantasy Faire. To book a package with a “Fairy Godmother-in-training”, call (714) 781-STYLE or (714) 781-7895.

At Anna & Elsa’s Boutique in Downtown Disney, kids 3-15 have their choice of hair styling, make up and fun touches in the inspiration of their favorite Frozen characters.


I recommend purchasing Park tickets ahead of time on Park Savers. You’ll save a few dollars on the price as well as time standing in line with your princess (affiliate link).

Now that you have your tiara on, let’s hit Fantasy Faire! This quaint village center houses the most grand dames in all the Land! Step inside Royal Hall to meet and greet up to three popular Disney Princesses. Here you can pose for photos and request Princess autographs. The Royal Theatre hosts two live-action fairy-tale shows. Fantasy Faire can be a busy place, so this area should definitely be the first stop of the day.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

Keeping in the world of fantasy, Fantasyland is your next stop. Take a twirl on King Arthur Carrousel. Just like Princess Aurora, you can also waltz inside Sleeping Beauty Castle to experience the walk-through story retelling. Want to see where the rest of the princesses live? Take a slow ride on the Storybook Land Canal Boats to see where Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and yes, even where Anna and Elsa live.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

If you aren’t fond of waiting in long lines like those at Fantasy Faire to meet n’ greet with princesses, you could always just watch Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and wave at the lovely ladies as they pass. Princesses wave back and blow kisses. Little ones will just know, “She waved at ME!”

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Moving over to Disney’s California Adventure Park, stop over for a meet & greet with Frozen’s Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome inside the Animation Academy building. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-along Celebration takes place inside the Crown Jewel Theatre and offers enough singing, storytelling and Frozen fun to have your princess swooning.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

When the meal time clock strikes, make sure you have reservations at the ready for Ariel’s Grotto. You can visit for breakfast or lunch to enjoy delicious food and lovely company (dinner also available, but without Characters). Disney Princesses will visit each table to chat, take photos and sign autographs. This restaurant also offers a World of Color dining package should you be watching the show that evening.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

With Ariel still on the mind, swim over to The Little Mermaid -Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. It’s a refreshing dip under the sea to visit with your favorite mermaid princess.

There are several shows that highlight princesses inside the Disneyland Resort. At Disney’s California Adventure Park, you can fly high with Jasmine in the grand Broadway-style production, Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Mickey and the Magical Map also features princesses Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana & Pocahontas in a beautiful outdoor musical stage show in Disneyland.

As sun sets, you’ll be able to catch many of the princesses in the nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic! It’s a battle of good and evil and of course, lots of princesses make appearances, dancing with their accompanying princes.

By the end of the night, your little princess will have had a glitter-filled day. Skip the long lines for souvenirs and bring something from home to give your highness as you leave the Park. Something small that features her favorite princesses will be the perfect memento of her royal vacation.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort


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#DisneySide GIVEAWAY - A Ring that's Fit for a Princess!

Image from Whosits & Whatsits

This rose-gold toned tiara Princess ring from Whosits & Whatsits sparkles with tiny white rhinestones. It’s perfect for showing your princess #DisneySide when you’re not wearing your ball gown!

#DisneySide GIVEAWAY - A Ring that's Fit for a Princess!

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Disneyland Magical Moments – Princess Hugs and Kisses

Now that my “little guy” is ten, it’s been a while since he’s been interested in meeting Princesses. But Once Upon a Time, we ate at Ariel’s Grotto. This was a trip I took to Disney’s California Adventure with Ian and his older brother back in 2006.

Ariel's Grotto {Saving Up for Disney}

We started off fine, greeting Snow White and Mulan. But once the food arrived, for all it mattered to him those pesky princesses were getting in the way of his meal! Ian was not willing to give up his delicious lunch to pause for more than a few moments when the Princesses came to the table. Nearly every picture has him stuffing his face!

Can't pause for Princesses! Ariel's Grotto for lunch {Saving Up for Disney}

My favorite moment came with Cinderella. She knelt next to him and tried to get him to lay off the carrots and ranch for a bit so they could take a photo. Instead Ian generously offered a ranch-soaked carrot to Cinderella!

Offering Cinderella a carrot at Ariel's Grotton {Saving up for Disney}

She refused, naturally, looking at Ian’s older brother and offered some wry advice about silly little brothers. Cinderella handled the challenge with grace and I love the surprised look on her face when confronted with the carrot! This is one of my most favorite Disney memories.

Oh, little Brothers! Ariel's Grotto 2006 {Saving up for Disney}

“Little brothers sure can be challenge sometimes!”

Ariel's Grotto 2006 {Saving Up for Disney}

The meal closed with a visit from Ariel. Finally food-free, Ariel took her chance!

A kiss from Ariel - Ariel's Grotto 2006 {Saving Up for Disney}

Ian ended the meal with a smooch on the cheek from Ariel and a lipstick memento! What an excellent meal and as Ian proved, the food was as good as the company!