Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

My kids truly love Honest Kids! It’s the only juice we purchase for them because it’s certified organic and sweetened only with fruit juice. We’ve shared our love of Honest Kids via social media and have always received a nice response from the company. Isn’t it good when the company feels as nice as the product!

Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

We recently had the pleasure of testing the two new Honest Kids additions, which will be available in 8-pouch, single-variety cartons starting in March 2016.

Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

The newest members of the Honest Kids family are:

·         Cherry Go Round: Give this one a whirl! A lively mix of organic apple, grape and cherry juices with other delicious organic ingredients, Cherry Go Round may be a newcomer but with its exuberant flavor, it’s certainly no sideshow! Available in 6.75 fl. oz. pouches.

·         Twisted Tropical Tango: A veritable typhoon of tropical flavors, this organic blend of apple, grape, and orange juices is balanced with a touch of mango puree and other organic ingredients for a smooth and refreshing taste.  Available in 6.75 fl. oz. pouches.

We’ve tested both flavors and they have the light and refreshing fresh juice taste we’ve come to love and expect from Honest Kids. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I love the bright hit of cherry in Cherry Go Round, which is unique and delicious. And the subtle mango mixed with the orange juice in Twisted Tropical Tango is flavorful and thirst-quenching. I love that after I drink Honest Kids juice my thirst is actually quenched and I’m not left feeling thirstier (like with some other drinks).

Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

Honest Kids Giveaway!

5 lucky winners will receive a month’s supply of the new Honest Kids varieties, shipped to their house from Honest Tea…That’s a lot of sweet sipping!

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Honest Kids New Flavors Review and GIVEAWAY!

DIY Recipe – Make your own Yummy Ice Pops for Cheap

There are hundreds of really fun and delicious looking ice pop recipes on Pinterest. I’ve pinned dozens. How many have I actually tried? Zero!

Watermelon Lime Popsicles

Even though I haven’t attempted to make the fancy gourmet pops we actually do still make ice pops at home. In fact my husband makes a batch every summer evening. We have a Zoku Quick Pop Maker but you can get less pricey ice pop mold sets at local stores. We like the Zoku because it takes less than 15 minutes to freeze six pops rather than overnight.

Cherry Limeade Pops

We use simple ingredients like 100% fruit juice from the store (sometimes we combine two flavors for variety) or freshly squeezed orange juice. Just pour it into the mold, freeze and done. Sometimes we drop in fresh fruit like strawberry slices or whole blueberries. Our kids love ice pops and we like that these are quick and cheap and we know exactly what ingredients we are putting in them.

Cranberry Lemonade Pops...yum!

Why spend $3.00 or more on a box of 8 ice pops from the store when you can buy a jug of juice and make 30 of them at home for the same price? I’m inspired by these yummy summery flavors here, I might have to try something more “gourmet” next time! Come over to my Pinterest page, where I have a pinboard dedicated to fun and easy money savers.