Quick Halloween Decor with a Not-so-Scary Disney-Twist

My family and I have always decorated for Halloween, it was one of my dad’s favorite things! He made tombstones that resembled those in the Haunted Mansion graveyard and placed them in the yard. A few eerily hung cheesecloth drapes and some dry ice fog really set the tone and kids would come from all over to see our lawn. I live on a busy street now and I don’t like to put out Halloween decorations that might be taken, so decorating inside is ideal. Here are some fun Halloween decorations that are easy and budget-friendly too.

Disney Family has some creative ideas (some with help from HP Printers) to craft entire party arrangements for Halloween. There are over a dozen ideas to make at home to set a The Nightmare Before Christmas themed gathering!

Image from Disney


What other quick and easy Halloween decor ideas are out there for you to make? With the help of Etsy, Disney Store, Amazon and a few of my favorite online sites, I’ve conjured up some fun ideas for you to make at home (some of these are affiliate links).

Carve a Disney-themed pumpkin

Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage (from Let’s Go Fly a Kite) or Carved Mickey (from Disney Family)


Or paint your pumpkin instead…

Painted Mickey from Sugar Bean Bakers, Elsa’s Frozen pumpkin from A Pumpkin & a Princess and Monster Mike pumpkin from Brent Moore on Flikr


Quick table decor

Using a store-bought black fabric table runner and silver fabric paint, these hand-carved Halloween stamps from Kindred Stamps set the stage for your party. Jack SkellingtonGhost Mickey or Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Design (images from Kindred Stamps)


Frame this Haunted Mansion poster from Vivid Editions and set it at the table. I have this one myself (the hitchhiking ghosts make me smile).

Image from Vivid

Dinner served on Haunted Mansion plates will give everyone hot and cold running chills while soup sipped from this Jack Skellington mug will warm you up (both from the Disney Store).

Any flickering candlelight will do, but the eerie glow from a gargoyle candelabra will add just the right amount of Halloween to your table setting (this one is from Master Gracey Inc on Amazon). Top them with these Eerie Halloween Drip Candles also from Amazon for the perfect effect.


Treats and Tricks for Kids

Conjure Oogie Boogie with this glow-in-the-dark slime (from a Pumpkin & a Princess). Kids love playing with this stuff (and it might get their mind off the plethora of candy in their treat bag!)

Who wouldn’t love to bite down on a gold doubloon, ala Pirates of the Caribbean! Use gold food safe spray to decorate OREOs. Stack them up at a pirate-themed table setting.

Get out your crayons and have kiddos (and adults!) decorate these coloring pages from I Am a Mommy Nerd. Hang them up around the house for cute and creative Halloween decor.

 Hope you have a Happy Halloween!






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Save Money by Changing Your Car's Oil At Home with Pennzoil #ad

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A standard oil and filter change for my Nissan Sentra costs around $25 at the shop. A premium change for my husband’s Toyota Tacoma would be around $40. My husband needed to change the oil in his Tacoma so I bought the oil and filter to fit his vehicle.

I picked up Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil and a new oil filter for $33 total at Walmart. I wasn’t sure what weight and grade of oil to buy for my husband’s truck but the employees in the service department at Walmart were extremely knowledgeable and helpful towards guiding me to the correct product. Read your owner’s manual beforehand to know how much oil your vehicle will need. You could also call your local dealership and ask what is the recommended oil weight and grade for your type of vehicle.

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil At Home with Pennzoil

Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil is a high-quality oil that has been specially designed to give your engine complete protection. As an electrician, my husband drives a lot for work and night school. He’s up bright and early and doesn’t return until dark most weeknights. I appreciate that he has a well-running vehicle to get him safely around throughout the day. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil also offers better fuel economy, always helpful when driving a large truck full of work tools.

Save Money by Changing Your Car's Oil At Home with Pennzoil #ad

Not only does changing our vehicle’s oil at home save money, but it always saves time. True, it still takes my husband about 20 minutes to change the oil in each vehicle but he doesn’t have to leave the house to wait for an hour or more at the auto shop while someone else does the job. This is a savings of about $7.00 per oil change for his truck. He changes the oil and filter about every 5000 miles. By changing the oil at home in both vehicles, over a year this means a savings for us of nearly $60.

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil At Home with Pennzoil

Want to change your own oil at home but don’t know where to start? Here’s my helpful free printable with step-by-step instructions and tips on a safe and budget-friendly oil change at home with Pennzoil.


Please use standard safety procedures when changing your oil. You should always refer to your own car’s manual before changing your oil.

When budgeting or saving, every extra dollar counts! Have you considered how much you could save by changing the oil in your own car at home?