DIY Cheap and Easy Pillow Covers to Brighten Your Home!

DIY Pillow Covers {Saving Up for Disney}

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to brighten your home is with fabric. Less of a commitment than painting the walls, a simple yard of cotton fabric can make at least one pillow cover (depending on the size of your pillow form) and will only cost you a few dollars.

I found a DIY link on Pinterest for sewing up Envelope Pillows. Super easy and super fast! I had three pillow covers done in baby-nap time (approximately 2 hours). You only need to know how to measure, cut and sew straight lines so it’s perfect for beginners.

For this project I didn’t have to buy a thing. I used pillow forms I already had (from Ikea) and fabric I’d purchased about three years ago and never got around to using. You can also buy cheap pillows at a home decor shop and cover them to match your own decor with fabric of your choosing. Nice quilters cotton will cost about $7-10 per yard.

DIY Pillow Covers {Saving Up for Disney}

Look closely at the dark blue and cocoa brocade print on the right…those are goldfish in the center of the design!

DIY Pillow Covers {Saving Up for Disney}

And the backsides are cute too.

The tutorial recommended using plain fabric on the back but I know that my pillows will never just be sitting pretty on the sofa. They will be tossed all over (in fact they are laying on the floor right now, as my husband was taking a nap with them!) so I wanted them cute from all angles.

Warning…these tend to be addictive and you might find yourself making a set of pillow covers for each season! At Christmas time, I used some winter-themed fabrics with reindeer and snowflakes. My sofa was so bright and whimsical!

Sheri Berry Christmas Sheri Berry Holiday Michael Miller Yule

You could also make a toss pillow for the kid’s bedrooms in a favorite fabric to coordinate with their room (or use an outgrown tee for the front).

Of course, you could also make Disney-themed pillows in anticipation of an impending vacation…I plan on it! I am going to choose one main Disney fabric for one pillow and use coordinating prints to go with it. You want your look to be livable so make sure these are colors and designs that blend with the rest of your decor.


I recommend purchasing quilter’s cotton for any home projects that are going to be getting used and washed frequently. Unfortunately many of the inexpensive cottons sold at the craft stores are going to wear poorly or fade, so invest a few dollars more a yard for nice quilter’s cotton that will be smooth to the touch, wash up nicely, keep color and last for a long time. If you don’t have a quilt shop in your area, you can find plenty online (just pay attention to the scale because you might receive it and realize that the print is larger or smaller than expected!).

Some of my favorite fabric links:

Heather Bailey – I cannot wait to buy Up Parasol, I love every piece in this collection!

Michael Miller fabric – The Sarah Jane line is so sweet and whimsical. Lots of fun chevron prints too.

Kaufman fabric – The Dwell Studio collection is perfectly sophisticated for home decor.

Emmy Grace – Love the subdued colors and intricately detailed art in these designs.

Amy Butler – Bright and bold and perfect for adding pops of color, I use her prints frequently.

Kona Cotton – The best solids around, in tons of gorgeous colors!

Why DIY?

I’m a do-it-yourself-er at heart. For as far back as I can recall, if you could buy it in the store, I’ve been trying to make it better at home. I never bought a birthday card when I was a kid, they were all made by me (complete with a hand drawn “Hallmark-style” crown on the back!). I started hand sewing when I was young and making whatever I could with whatever fabric I could get my hands on. Sketches and watercolors made nice gifts for friends and family.

There was always a project (or two…or ten)…and there still is!

Handmade baby quilt and nursing pillow cover.

Handmade baby quilt and nursing pillow cover.

My craft space is currently a flurry of multiple juggling projects, from a quilt that I plan to make as a Christmas gift, watercolor art that I hope to someday get printed, a personalized t-shirt, some half-painted picture frames and a stack of hot-off-the-sewing machine pillowcases for the sofa.


Why buy, when you can make it better at home?

Handpainted wooden figures for a Small World birthday party.

Handpainted wooden figures for a Small World birthday party.

I understand that perhaps crafting isn’t your talent. Maybe you’ve never held a needle in your life. Or you don’t consider yourself an “artist”. I truly believe there is a craft for everyone. Maybe if drawing isn’t your thing, woodworking is. Or maybe you can decorate beautiful cakes using a piping bag. How about gardening, you just have that magical green thumb? Are perhaps computer technology is your craft and you know how to code functional websites.

Appliqued shirts for a Disney trip.

Appliqued shirts for a Disney trip.

In any case, doing-it-yourself can be a rewarding way to share your talent with others. It’s a stress-reliever and often times (if you don’t get caught up overstocking supplies), DIY can be a great way to save money. I have found that my best projects come from what I have on hand because I’m forced to get creative with my supplies instead of simply going to the store and buying it.

DIY… I hope you’ll try!

DIY girl's princess blouse.

DIY girl’s princess blouse.