Holiday Gift Guide: Practical (But Fun!) Disney Gifts for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide: Practical (But Fun!) Disney Gifts for Kids

I’m all for fun, especially at Christmas, but I still like to purchase gifts for my kids that they’ll need and want! Nothing that will be “bottom of the toy box” for me; I want their gifts to be well used and well loved. These are my practical (but still fun!) Disney gifts for kids.

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Black Loop. Today we are sharing some ideas to get you started on your holiday shopping.

Holiday Gift Guide – Practical (But Fun!) Disney Gifts for Kids

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Children’s Mealtime Items

My little ones always loved having their own set of dishes, cups and utensils that the big kids or grown ups didn’t use. Over the years I’ve found the best brand that holds up nicely over the years are made by Zak! Designs. We’ve had an it’s a small world set for the last 4 years and it still looks new (and I even run it through the dishwasher).

Zak’s Small World Round Divided Plates (Set of 2)

From left to right:

Zak! Designs Cars 3 Piece Meal Set

Zak Designs Disney Pixar Inside Out 3-Piece Plate, Bowl, and Tumbler Mealtime Set

Zak! Designs Mealtime Set-Disney Princess Sofia The First 6-Piece Set.

The addition of a place mat and utensils rounds out the set for complete meal-time fun!

Zak Design “Disney Princess” Kids Meal Time Plastic Placemat

Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Utensil Set (Includes Luke Fork, Yoda Spoon, and Vader Knife)

Children’s Bedtime

If you know your kids need a bedding refresh, save the purchase and gift them a new bedding set for the holidays. You can go full out with a comforter, sheet set and pillows or piece it out as needed. A new pillowcase with a favorite Disney character (along with a new pillow) is always a welcome gift!

Disney Lion Guard Prideland Adventures 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

From left to right:

Disney Castle Custom Pillowcase

Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Pillowcase

4pc Disney Mickey Mouse Full Bed Sheet Set Chevron and Polka Dots


What other fun Disney touches could you add to their bedroom? How about a decorative pillow, pajamas or a lamp!

From left to right:

Disney Monster U Decorative Pillow

Disney Frozen Elsa Girl Nightgown Pajama

Disney Parks Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Light-Up Lumiere Candlestick Figure


And for sleepover fun, how about a new sleeping bag, nightlight and bedroom tent!

From left to right:
Disney Princess Little Mermaid Ariel Shimmer and Gleam Slumber-Bag

Disney Finding Dory 2-in-1 Projector and Night Light

Disney Princess Pop Up Castle Tent

Vacation Needs

Headed out on a magical vacation? The holidays is the best time to gift the kids with things they’ll need for the trip. Tweens and teen girls (and maybe even mom!) would love a Disney themed LeSportSac bag for holding all their vacation needs for a day in the Park.

LeSportsac Small Cleo Cross-Body Handbag, Mickey Loves Minnie

Consider other vacation items, like sunglasses, lip balm or a hat. These made nice stocking stuffers too!

From left to right: 

Disney Store Exclusive R2-D2 Sunglasses for Kids – Star Wars

Disney / Pixar Inside Out Inside Out Lip Balm Set

Big Hero Six Baymax Beanie Laplander


Toiletries are great stocking stuffers and my preschooler loves the Disney Magic Timer app. Upload the app to your smart phone or tablet and then with the purchase of specially marked toothbrushes, tooth paste and mouthwashs you’ll receive special content that will encourage longer brushing!

3pc Star Wars Oral Hygiene Set

3pc Disney Frozen Oral Hygiene Set

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7 Top Tips to Save Money on Food at Disney Parks

Dining is an important part of a Disney vacation. You can certainly include all the fun restaurants and character dining experiences into part of your entertainment for the day, at a cost of course. But if you’d rather spend your money on something else, keep reading. Eating inside the Disney parks can be expensive! So how can you save money on food at Disney parks? Check out my expert tips how budgeting food, packing your own and even what to order that will help you save a lot!

Save Money on Food at Disney

These are my 7 top tips for how to save money on food at Disney. Try one or try them all, you will be shocked to know you could save hundreds off the cost of your vacation implementing just a few of these ideas.

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks

1. Stay Off the Dining Plan

Contrary to what Disney will have you believe, the Dining Plan isn’t the best bargain. True, it’s convenient to pay for meals upfront and not have to worry about paying the bill each time you eat. But unless you are eating at the most expensive locations and ordering the most expensive dishes every time, you won’t be getting the best value.

You’ll also be receiving a lot of food, including dessert so depending upon your appetite it might be too much food. Also, everyone in your group has to be included in the Plan so there’s not opportunity to share. There’s more about why to skip on the Disney Dining Plan on TravelingMom.

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks

Flatbread at Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

2. Skip a Meal

I know, sounds odd that I would suggest that you DON’T EAT as a way to save money! But hear me out…here are several ways you can opt out of purchasing another meal and save yourself a chunk of money.

Instead of buying a restaurant breakfast, have your family eat a meal to go that you prepare in your hotel room. Run hot water through the coffee maker to make oatmeal with store-bought packs. Nibble fresh fruit while waiting for the bus. Tote crunchy granola bars or trail mix to munch on while you walk to the parks. Provide just enough breakfast to fill tummies before you purchase an early lunch in the parks.

Or consider this second way of meal skipping; Eat a large breakfast (perhaps indulging in a buffet at a character experience) that will stave you off until late afternoon. Enjoy a snack or two mid-day (something that you pack in), skip lunch completely and then eat dinner early.

We’ve also done this: Early breakfast that we packed in, eaten while waiting for rope drop. Several decent snacks throughout the day that you brought with you. Big lunch purchased in the park, something hearty that will fill you up, eaten past your usual lunch time (this is a great way to avoid the usual crowds during the lunch rush too). Then when you get hungry late in the evening for your usual dinner meal, enjoy a special treat instead like ice cream! Ice cream for dinner is one of our favorite ways to celebrate at Disney.

#Dinner is served! Gibson Girl #IceCream sundae #Disneyland #dessert #TMOM

A photo posted by Julie Bigboy (@juliebutterfly2000) on

3. Dine for Breakfast

If you really want to enjoy a Character Dining Experience, consider booking one for breakfast instead of lunch or dinner. The breakfasts are considerable less pricey and no less enjoyable. Sure you won’t get freshly carved meats but you’ll still get a hearty breakfast buffet and the same fun character interactions you’d find at dinner.

We’ve enjoyed the Surf’s Up! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends at the Paradise Pier Hotel and Minnie and Friends – Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn. At Walt Disney World you can even find a character breakfast at a non-Disney resort hotel (the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista) near Disney Springs for half the price of Disney parks character meals – Check out this review on Traveling Mom, Save Half the Cost on Disney Character Meal.

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks

Mickey waffles at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista for half the price of usual Disney character dining

4. Make Water Your Beverage of Choice

Skip the soda and ditch the juice. Water is your budget-friendly beverage option! Feel free to bring in your own bottled water or an empty bottle that you can refill at the fountains. Ask for complimentary ice water at any quick service restaurant. That’s a savings of at least $2 per person, per meal to just drink water.

5. Share a Plate

If each person in your group orders their own dish, you’ll not only be stuck with a large bill you also may be stuck with leftovers! Since leftover food is unpractical (and depending upon the food, it could require refrigeration to keep it safe to eat), so it’s better to order just enough to enjoy fresh. Many of the platters in the Disney parks are large enough to share between two or more people.

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks

We shared these generous platters of food in Epcot’s Morocco pavillion

You can find large platters at full-service and quick-service dining locations. Full-service restaurants may charge a plate-splitting fee. If you’re eating quick-service, request extra plates to divvy up the meal. One place you will be unable to share is at the buffet (unless you have a child 2 and under).

Be sure to read this post for exact recommendations on what to order at the Disneyland resort:

What are the Best Meals for Sharing at the Disneyland Resort?

Sharing Meals-PIN

Sharing is a great idea when it comes to park purchased snacks and treats as well. Did you know that if you buy one of those enormous candied apples, they will slice it up for you to make it easier to share? And buying the Kitchen Sink dessert sundae is less expensive than purchasing individual ice creams. You can even buy cones separately if you want to take some of the sundae and put it in a cone (which is what I did for my kid!)

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks

6. Get Groceries

Getting groceries is a practical way of stretching the food budget while at the Disney parks. This will allow you to keep food in the hotel fridge. Things like milk with cereal for breakfast, fresh fruits and veggies for snacking or even frozen dinners that can be microwaved (if you hotel room has one) are all great ways to save on the cost of restaurant dining.

If you’re visiting Disneyland, a grocery store or Target is just a few miles away so you can easily drive your rental car or take Uber to the store to supply whatever you need.

At Walt Disney World, there are many grocers that can deliver foods directly to your resort hotel. Local places like Garden Grocer and WeGoShop will deliver for a relatively low fee. You could also use Amazon or Amazon Prime Pantry for your grocery needs and have them delivered to your resort. I used Garden Grocer on my last trip. I ordered mini boxes of cereal, a bottle of milk, fresh cut melon and a case of bottled water. The cost of buying groceries was significantly less than if I’d purchased meals in the Park.

7. Pack Snacks (or a Full Meal)

Yes, you can take in your own food to the Disney parks, just use common sense when packing in snacks or meals. Certain foods will require they be kept cool, like lunch meat so pack them in a soft sided cooler with a chill pack. We packed in a full tray of sandwiches from Costco on our last trip; we kept it in a cool bag underneath the stroller and it was good until lunchtime!

Bag up precut veggies or fruit. Pack items that won’t get crushed or broken in your bag (nobody wants that mushy banana, do they?) Crunchy granola bars, sturdy crackers, nuts and dried fruit are also good choices that will keep in your bag all day. That’s my kid, eating the Costco sandwiches and carrots we toted in!

Save money on Your Disney Vacation!

Purchase discount Disneyland and Walt Disney World tickets and vacation packages from my affiliate Get Away Today.

Use the Promo Code REWRITTEN and receive an extra $10 off any 2-night or longer Southern California package. (Hotel and 2 ticket minimum purchase to qualify for the discount).

Top Tips on Saving Money on Food at Disney Parks


Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure – An Honest Review

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Last week my family experienced Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure on opening night in San Diego. Though I’ve been to Disneyland many many times, for whatever reason we’ve never been to Disney on Ice! Knowing how well Disney puts on a show, I knew to expect top notch entertainment but to be honest, I was still blown away!

Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment

Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment

A Jawdropping Live Production

It dawned on me that though I’ve watched ice skating on television for years, I’ve never actually seen it in person (other than a hockey game). To watch the performers jump, leap and twirl right in front of you is quite spectacular. I literally gasped at some of the stunts during the show. The costuming was so bright and fun and having the Disney characters there added to the enjoyment. I loved hearing the squeals of delight from the crowd when recognizable characters skated out onto the ice. I’m still trying to decide which part was my favorite (it’s a toss up between Tinker Bell’s pixie dust or the dancing starfish “Under the Sea”). I had my 6-month old on my lap and she kicked and laughed through the whole show (especially when she spotted her favorite, Minnie Mouse!)

Gadgets & Gismos Galore

There were so many great souvenirs in the lobby from t-shirts, light spinners and glow-in-the-dark sno-cones! I’m not sure how much anything cost as I’d already prepped the kids that we wouldn’t be able to purchase anything during the show. Since I had all four kids with me, I went the budget route and brought in a package of Dollar Spot glow stick bracelets so they wouldn’t feel left out. The kids had a good time putting on their glowing jewelry while we waited for the show to begin. Many of the kids in the crowd wore their Disney costumes which added to the excitement of the show.

First #DisneyOnIce for all of us! We’re excited for this #PassportToAdventure @disneyonice #hosted

A photo posted by Julie Bigboy (@juliebutterfly2000) on

Little Ones? Take Them to the Matinee

We attended a show on a Thursday at 7 pm. Due to the late hour, my 4-yr old was tired and ready to leave just after the intermission. He was enjoying the show but could barely keep his eyes open and ended up falling asleep against his big brother just before the Frozen scene began. If you have little ones, consider a matinee so they can stay alert for the entire presentation. It was also a school night so my big kids were getting tired as well. We ended up leaving a bit early so we could gracefully carry him out to the car without much disturbance.

I sure was disappointed not to see the rest of the show (we left just as Elsa finished singing “Let it Go”) and would love to return to another Disney on Ice production and stay for the whole thing! Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure was truly entertainment for the whole family.

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment

Thank you to Feld Entertainment for supplying me with complimentary tickets so that my family could see the Disney on Ice show in San Diego.

9 Expert Tips for Dining with a Baby at Disney

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Dining with a Baby at Disney

Babies have to eat just like the rest of us, vacation or not! And dining with a baby at Disney doesn’t have to be complicated, it just takes a bit of advanced planning. Here are all the tips on which restaurants are best for babies, what dishes are appropriate for sharing, highchairs, what you need to bring and where you can feed them.

What to Bring

You can pack your own baby food and snacks to bring with you into the parks. Plastic baby food tubs or pouches are ideal since they are lightweight. Normally glass containers are not allowed into the parks, with the exception of glass baby food jars. But for the sake of break-ability, you might want to just go with baby food in plastic instead.

Consider repackaging baby snacks (like crackers or yogurt melts) into smaller zip-close bags as they will take up less space than the original containers. If baby can’t use a full sized spoon yet, pack your own baby spoons and wash them in the sink. Or bring in disposable baby spoons to make it easier, like the Munchkin Infant Spoon Set. I’ve included a few more details on other items you might be considering bringing with you, from the highchair cover, place mats, bibs and wipes. Keep reading for my meal recommendations for little ones too!

Highchair Cover?

On a recent Walt Disney World visit, I considered bringing a highchair cover for my 6-month old daughter but the cover is so bulky and I had such a small amount of space to store it in the stroller basket. I decided to leave the cover behind and just place my daughter directly in the highchair. First I made sure that the buckle was working properly on the highchair. Then I took a baby wipe and cleaned off all surfaces that she could reach. One less thing I had to tote around!

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Disposable Place Mats

Because we all know that babies don’t always keep their food on the plate (more often the not the plate ends up flipped over or on the floor!), these disposable place mats allow you to serve baby finger foods directly from a clean surface. Just peel off the strips in the back to reveal the adhesive and stick the mat directly onto the tabletop. The place mat stays put and baby can pick up her food from the clean mat. When meal time is done, just peel off the mat and discard. And these mats feature Mickey and Minnie!

Amazon Affiliate link: Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse and Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Minnie Mouse

Disposable Bibs

Nobody wants to tote yucky food-covered bibs all day through the parks which is why these disposable paper bibs are wonderful. As you can see, they came in handy when our little boy was eating baked beans at the (now gone) Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.

What do you mean the beans are all gone?

What do you mean the beans are all gone?

The tabs fasten around baby’s neck and are made of a material that catches the food and drips but won’t soak through to baby’s clothes. We always have these in the diaper bag to keep the baby’s shirt clean while dining.

Amazon Affiliate link: Mickey Mouse Disposable Bibs by Disney Baby and Disney Minnie Mouse Disposable Bibs


Drink Up!

Long days at Disney can dehydrate anyone so make sure your baby has a cup with water. You can request ice water from any quick service dining location and pour it into their cup. My little one is just learning how to use a sipper cup with handles like these. If cups tend to disappear, consider bringing these inexpensive “take and toss” cups that won’t bother you too much if they are lost.

Amazon Affiliate link: NUK Disney Learner Cup with Silicone Spout,, The First Years Disney Take & Toss Sipp Princess Pack and Sassy Disney Mickey Character Cup

A “dropper stopper” leash that you attach to baby’s cup will keep it from being tossed on the floor or thrown out of the stroller.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Sister Chic Dropper Stopper Sippy Cup and Tether Toy

Clean Up Quick

Baby wipes are so versatile and I always have a bunch of them to use throughout the day for cleaning off surfaces that my baby will touch. They also make quick work of food messes so you can wipe off baby’s hands and face after meal time. Buy a big refill box and a portable case. Reload the case each morning with fresh wipes and store it in the diaper bag.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

I actually used up all my wipes with a few hours left to go in the park. Fortunately they had a refill packet for sale of Huggies wipes in the Baby Care Center so I could get through the rest of the day!

Amazon Affiliate Link: HUGGIES One & Done Refreshing Baby Wipes and Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wipes Case


Where to Eat

Naturally, any restaurant inside the Disney parks will be appropriate and welcoming for your baby. You can also feed your baby inside any of the Baby Care Centers. There are highchairs, microwaves for heating food, sinks for cleaning up and even supplies (like extra food and snacks) available for purchase.

Dining with a Baby at Disney

Step inside the air conditioned Baby Care Centers for baby dining areas including high chairs.

If your baby loves the characters, consider one of the Character Dining Experiences. Baby will be able to meet n’ greet with their favorites as they eat. The characters will come directly to their highchair and you’ll be able to snap pictures and request autographs.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

What to Order

No need to place a separate order for baby if he is able to eat table food. If you are ordering a plate of food in a full-service or quick-service restaurant, you can share with babies (2 and under) from your plate for free. If you’re dining at a buffet, you may fill a plate of food for baby without any charge. Good meals to share with baby includes the rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes at Flo’s V8 Cafe, Garden Vegetable Burger at Village Haus and Penne Pasta from Plaza Inn.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Nibbling on a sourdough bread bowl at Pacific Wharf

You can certainly bring in your own baby food but if you need additional pureed baby food or snacks, you can also purchase them at the Baby Care Centers inside each of the parks.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

A classic: Fries and hamburger!

If your older baby can eat their own meal, many locations offer a Toddler Meal that’s a smaller size with flavors that little ones may enjoy. Cheesy macaroni seems to be the main dish offered at most of the locations but you can also get rice and beans at Rancho del Zocalo or Arroz con Pollo at Cocina Cucamonga. These meals also come with applesauce and lo-fat milk.

Snacks to Pack

Avoid anything that will get easily broken or melted in your diaper bag all day. Dry Cheerio-type cereal is always a hit. My little boy loved the yogurt melts and I can’t wait until his little sister can enjoy them too. And since it’s a vacation and baby should have a treat too, bring some cookies for baby to enjoy as well!

Amazon Affiliate Link: Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts Snack Variety Pack, Ella’s Kitchen Organic Snack Bundle


What’s your favorite dining with a baby at Disney tip? Share with me in the comments!


Disney on Ice at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center – GIVEAWAY!

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

As much as we are a Disney-family, we’ve never been to Disney on Ice! We’ve seen the signs around town but I guess I always thought it would be out of our price range. Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure, coming to San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center on Oct 6th-9th. Did you know that ticket prices start at just $15? And special Opening Night discount tickets are available for only $12 each (not valid for VIP/Front Row levels). We’ll be there on opening night and we can’t WAIT!

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Mickey and Minnie will take audiences on a sightseeing adventure created for the entire family to explore the African Pride Lands with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa; voyage deep under the sea to Ariel’s mystical underwater kingdom and tour London with Peter Pan and Wendy before flying to Neverland to meet up with Tinker Bell.  Plus, travel to Arendelle for an extraordinary adventure with sisters Anna and Elsa, rugged mountain man Kristoff and everyone’s favorite, huggable snowman Olaf, as they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all.

Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure features an international team of award-winning figure skaters, high-energy choreography and a colorful set that captures all four unique worlds. Upbeat music, lovable characters and unforgettable moments make this an experience families will cherish forever!


When I asked my kids if they wanted to see the show, they all enthusiastically said “YES!” (even the 12-yr olds) so I think this family-friendly production will be a hit with young and old alike.

Disney on Ice at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center

3500 Sports Arena Blvd., San Diego CA 92110

  • Thursday, Oct. 6              7:00 PM
  • Friday, Oct. 7                    7:00 PM
  • Saturday, Oct. 8               11:00 AM, 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, Oct. 9                   1:00 PM & 5:00 PM

All seats are reserved; tickets are available for purchase online at, charge by phone at 888-9AXS-TIX or visit the Valley View Casino Center Box Office.  *tickets prices are subject to change; additional venue/ticketing fees may apply

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Passport To Adventure, along with the full line up of Disney On Ice productions for the 2016-2017 season are currently available.  Visit for the shows and dates coming to your hometown.

You can also follow the Disney On Ice fun via social media outlets:

Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Opening Night in San Diego Ticket Giveaway!

The giveaway is for a family 4-pack of tickets for Opening Night, in San Diego, Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7pm.  The vouchers will be mailed to the winner and can be exchanged at the box office for seat tickets for this show only.

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Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing Disney inspired Halloween costumes. Disney princess costumes don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. You can still dress your little princess in an easy and budget-friendly Disney princess costume that she’ll be able to wear for Halloween, dress-up or to the Parks! Even if you don’t think you can sew a costume, you can make one of these easy Disney princess costumes. Using a store bought t-shirt as a base, you’ll be able to add purchased trim to create a fun Disney-bound type costume.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Keep reading for the tutorial on how to make a princess costume from a t-shirt.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links

The Idea Spark

A quick Google search will give you an idea of princess styles and colors. There are certain characteristics in the costumes that each character wears, like Rapunzel’s crisscrossed bodice and the draping on Belle’s dress. And each princess has a certain color scheme, like Jasmine’s turquoise and gold and Elsa’s icy blue and white. The characteristics of the style isn’t as important as the princess color scheme. If you keep with a recognizable color scheme you can design your shirt however you like.

For Rapunzel: Schiff Grosgrain Ribbon in Orchid
For Jasmine: Metallic Gold Lace Trim
For Cinderella: Satin Ribbon Rose Flowers

I decided to make my little gal a Snow White DisneyBound outfit. Snow White’s color scheme is dark blue, red, yellow and white. But Snow White’s look is pretty simple and I wanted it a little fancier. Using the color scheme, I designed a top with various ribbons, lace and ribbon roses. It’s not exactly like Snow White, but as long as you keep within the color schemes that make each princess recognizable, you can be creative in the style of each princess top.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Start with a T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a quick and easy way to make a costume base. This shirt cost me less than $5 and I already had these trims on hand. You can layer trims, sew appliques or add ribbons and buttons to create the look you want.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – If you sew on non-stretchy trim, this will make the shirt less stretchy as well. Just keep this in mind before sewing trim on that you’ll still need to get this shirt on and off your child. For example, if you sew trim all the way around the neckline, it will no longer be able to stretch over her head. Use non-stretchy trim minimally, especially around areas like the hem, neckline and arm holes.

Lay out your trims onto the outfit until you come up with a design that you are happy with. Don’t cut the trim until you have it pinned down and at the length that you want.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – When pinning on the trims, tuck something firm inside the shirt to separate the front and back so you don’t pin through the entire shirt. A piece of cardboard or flattened cereal box works well.

Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

SEWING TIP – Ribbons are slippery so pin them a LOT when you’re prepping. Once you get the shirt on the sewing machine, you’ll find that the ribbons tend to shift so take your time and move slowly, removing pins as you reach them.

Adding little details like these pre-made ribbon roses adds just the right touch to complete your look!

 Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes on a Budget

Buy Inexpensive Bottoms

Tights and leggings are cheap and quick ways to complete your costume. I looked for yellow leggings at the store for my princess but they didn’t sell them in itty-bitty sizes. I found a pretty floral print at Old Navy that worked nicely with the colors on the top and still gives this modern Snow White a woodsy feel.

For Sleeping Beauty (aka: Princess Aurora): Little Girl’s Ruffle leggings

Want the sparkle without the messy glitter? Opt for a sequined circle skirt that will give your girl all the twirl and none of the glittery mess!

For Ariel – Sequin Dance Tutu Skirt for Girls

Tutu Tutorial

Tulle fabric is very inexpensive and easy to work with. I love the sparkly tulle that has the sequins and sparkle attached. It also has some stretch to it, so you can sew it directly onto the hem of your t-shirt if you wish. Or make a tutu using one of the many tutorials on Pinterest and your princess will be tutu-cute in no time!

An icy blue for Elsa: Sparkle Tulle Teal Fabric By The Yard and a pretty gold for Belle: Sparkle Tulle Gold Fabric By The Yard


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Disney Halloween Tricks, Treats and Costumes

Round-up of Disney Halloween costumes, treats and decorations.

’tis the season to start your Halloween planning, if you haven’t already! I love to participate in local festivities and like to have our family costumes ready and the house decorated when October rolls around (or earlier, if that’s your thing!). I’m more of a “decorate for Autumn in general” kind of person and have fewer specifically Halloween decorations, but some of these are just so fun! And of course there are always so many fun Pinterest-type of treats to make for the family. I’ve collected some of my favorite Disney Halloween tricks, treats and costumes to share with you here.

This post contains affiliate links

It’s a Nightmare

Jack and Sally have taken over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and you can get in the spirit in your house too! Check out these Nightmare Before Christmas and Haunted Mansion themed items that add just the right amount of scare to your lair. I love the cool details on that baseball tee (and I wish it came in women’s sizes!)

from left to right (all from Disney Store) : Haunted Mansion ApronJack Skellington Plush Pillow, Haunted Mansion Table Setting

Jack Skellington Bangle by Alex and AniHaunted Mansion Dress, Hatbox Ghost Baseball Tee

Jack Skellington cookies have to be the easiest because you only need to two colors of royal icing and they go together so quickly! I made these cookies for a bake sale and they were the first to sell out.

Round-up of Disney Halloween costumes, treats and decorations.

Spooky Little Touches

I like to make my seasonal decor subtle, almost like a Hidden Mickey. These Halloween dishtowels just speak to me…I mean we all need dishtowels, right? Why not make them seasonally fun!
From left to right (Amazon affiliate links)Disney Parks Mickey Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Kitchen Dish Towels, Disney Parks Mickey Mouse Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Votive Ceramic Candle Holder, Disney Villains Candy Bowl


This pumpkin spice cupcake is available at Disneyland and could be replicated at home.

Round-up of Disney Halloween costumes, treats and decorations.

All Things Star Wars

Star Wars Halloween costumes have been popular since I was a kid and there’s no stopping them now, with the release of the new films.

From left to right (Disney Store & Amazon affiliate links)Rey Costume, Star Wars Darth Vader Trick-or-Treat Pail, Kylo Ren Lightsaber


Check out these cool Star Wars-inspired pumpkins I found on Pinterest from DIY Candy!

The New Trends

From Moana to Finding Dory to Tsum Tsums, here are three costumes that are perfectly on-trend! And the goggles on the Dory costume…love!!

From left to Right (Disney Store affiliate)Maui Costume, Dory, Minnie Tsum Tsum

If a pumpkin could ever be adorable, these are it! Tsum Tsum pumpkins from Disney Rewards.

For the Kids

I like the bodysuit costumes for baby that allow for dress up that’s still comfortable & diaper convenient. And cool accessories for older kids that want to participate but might not want to dress in full costume.

From left to right (Disney Store & Amazon affiliate links) – Belle Baby Bodysuit Costume, Stitch Mitts Plush Gloves, Disney Mickey and Minnie Halloween Tee, Disney’s Mickey Mouse Wizard Hat


Which of these Halloween Disney items are on your list this year? Share in the comments!


Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road…at Disneyland! #DisneySMMCDLR

Disney Social Media Moms

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road Conference. The “on-the-road” events have been held three times this year, earlier in New York, Puerto Rico and this time at the Disneyland Resort. Last year, I attended an On-the-Road conference in Portland and was thrilled to receive the invite to this year’s event, held at the Paradise Pier Hotel, Disneyland Resort. 

Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR


Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR

A glowing breakfast!

I actually gasped when directed into the conference room as there were Made with Magic Mouse Ears and Paint Brushes on the tables for each conference attendee. The rainbow of glowing colors was just beautiful! These special Ears glow right along with the nighttime entertainment and the brush can be used to change the colors of your Ears (or the Ears of other guests!)

After breakfast and mingling with my fellow bloggers (around 50 of us), Leanne O’Regan, (director of public relations at the Walt Disney World Resort) introduced each of the speakers and kept the conference moving at an enthusiastic pace.

Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR

Michele Himmelberg talks about what’s new at the park, including the new Frozen live stage show

Michele Himmelberg (Public Relations Director at the Disneyland Resort) shared with us the new developments coming to the Disneyland resort, including changing over the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! in Summer 2017. I’ve yet to ride on the Tower of Terror, so I definitely need to ride this on my next visit before it’s gone in early January. She also hinted that there will soon be exciting news coming from Aulani resort in Hawaii (another bucket list location for me!)

Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR

Erin Glover explaining how the Disney Blog comes up with story ideas

Erin Glover (Editorial Content Director at Disneyland Resort) and Victoria Lim (Managing Editor, Content & Public Relations at Walt Disney World) spoke at the conference I’d attended in Portland 2015 so some of the content was familiar. It was all still relevant and a helpful reminder that I need to jump in with video more often to share with my readers (despite my nerves about being in front of the camera!)

I was able to quickly create this video from Magisto during Victoria’s presentation. I’m going to have to do these more often!

Learning about the Magisto app from Victoria Lim at #DisneySMMCDLR #DisneySMMC

A video posted by Julie Bigboy (@juliebutterfly2000) on

Amy Smeed, the head of animation for Disney Animation Studios shared some not-yet-seen clips of the highly anticipated movie, Moana.  The film is scheduled for release Nov. 23, 2016. Amy’s excitement about this project absolutely bubbled over. You can truly feel how invested she is in the characters she’s helped to develop.

MOANA - (Pictured) Amy Smeed. Photo by Alex Kang. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

MOANA – (Pictured) Amy Smeed. Photo by Alex Kang. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Amy talked a bit about how the animators were able to travel to various Pacific Island locations, scouting ideas for characters and theme. She also shared how they chose the voice actress for Moana. We watched footage that showed how animators took the scenes from storyboard all the way through finished scene.

MOANA’S MISSION — Maui (voice of Dwayne Johnson) may be a demigod—half god, half mortal, all awesome—but he’s no match for Moana (voice of Auli‘i Cravalho), who’s determined to sail out on a daring mission to save her people. Moana's first challenge is convincing Maui to join her. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, produced by Osnat Shurer, and featuring music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa‘i, “Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

As you can see from these stills from the movie, the art is breathtaking and the characters are deeply unique.

From Disney: Maui (voice of Dwayne Johnson) may be a demigod—half god, half mortal, all awesome—but he’s no match for Moana (voice of Auli‘i Cravalho), an adventurous, tenacious and compassionate 16-year-old who’s determined to sail out on a daring mission to save her people. Moana’s first challenge is convincing Maui to join her. Along the way, she discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity. Directed by the renowned filmmaking team of Ron Clements and John Musker (“The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” “The Princess & the Frog”), produced by Osnat Shurer, and featuring music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa‘i.

©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes watching the opening scene as the art was beautiful and the music was incredibly touching. Though I’m not able to share the details of the film clips we watched, I will say there were laughs, gasps and yes, even a few tears from those of us in the viewing group! I can’t WAIT to see the entire film.

©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The conference offered two surprise guests who both discussed how they balance motherhood and work life. Tiffani Theissen (Saved by the Bell & Dinner at Tiffani’s) and Ginger Zee (Good Morning America meteorologist & Dancing with the Stars) could not be more different it seems, but both have the challenge of raising their children and also keeping their own work identities.

Though each of these ladies have completely different paths, they both shared a common theme of balancing work and home. Their talks gave me pause, as a new SAHM raising 4 kids but also keeping up with my personal need to write and share via social media and also wanting to contribute to my family finances. They were both quite inspirational to me and I’m so glad I was able to hear them speak.

Mom talk about balancing work, travel and being a mother with @Ginger_Zee from @GoodMorningAmerica #DisneySMMCDLR #DisneySMMC

A photo posted by Julie Bigboy (@juliebutterfly2000) on

After the conference ended and I’d had a chance to take a few pictures with my fellow Blogorail and TravelingMom friends, I was able to meet up with my family who was already inside the park.

Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR

Some of my Traveling Mom #TMOM crew

It was the perfect chance to see the Disneyland Resort sparkling one last time for the Diamond Celebration. We were also able to watch Soarin’ Around the World, with a new film that takes you on adventure far and wide! So glad that I was able to catch Paint the Night one more time before it ends it’s run as well.

Find out more about Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road event that took place at Disneyland including up-coming Disney events & the new film Moana #DisneySMMCDLR

Me and my pal Mickey

I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road Conference. I received breakfast during the conference, complimentary park hopper tickets for me and my family, FastPass tickets to view Soarin’ Around the World and a bag of gifts from Disney. Travel expenses were paid by me. As always, opinions are my own.

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Mom’s Disney Packing List – FREE Printable!


Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing Disney packing printables to help you decide what to bring on your Disney trip.

Mom’s Disney Packing List

As the main packer for my entire family when we vacation, it’s easy to forget my own things! While I’ve carefully coordinated the kids outfits in zip bags I tend to forget that I need to pack for myself and end up tossing things in the suitcase willy-nilly at the last moment (yes, I’ve forgotten my pajamas and my toothbrush before!) I created this free printable packing list so Mom can quickly remember all she’ll need for a Disney trip. Here are a few tips before you stuff your suitcase (keep reading for the free Mom’s Disney packing list printable).

Please note that this post contains affiliate links

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

Day Bag

I love using a crossbody bag like my Baggallini Everything Travel Crossbody Bag when I’m at Disney. You’ll have everything you need handy and you’ll be hands-free. You’d be surprised what you can fit inside one of these compact purses. In addition to your usual wallet, pack your bag with a few things you’ll need for the day like lip balm with an SPF, a small nail file and hand sanitizer. I dole out a squirt of hand sanitizer to each person in my family after each ride when we can’t get to the bathroom to properly wash our hands. If you don’t have a baby and therefore aren’t carrying a diaper bag with baby wipes, pack a small clutch with hand wipes when napkins aren’t enough to clean sticky fingers and faces.

Check the Forecast

Contrary to popular belief it does rain in California and it is occasionally very cold in Florida. Don’t assume that the weather will be in the 70s for your trip: Be sure to take a look at the forecast and pack accordingly.

If the weather is expected to be cool, I like the option of layers. A short sleeve shirt topped with a long sleeved tee. Add a sweatshirt and you can always tie it around your waist if you’re too warm mid-day. A scarf and fleece hat are good options on chilly days. And both are small enough that you can stuff them in a bag if you don’t need them.

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

Me and the boys with my Baggallini Crossbody Bagg

Hot and humid? Leave the layers at home and choose lightweight and breathable fabrics. Pack several shirts for each day so you can bring an extra into the park and change mid-day when you’ve turned into a sweaty mess. Also, take a look at your outfit head-to-toe before you wear it under the hot sun all day. I bought a lightweight top a few days before my last trip and didn’t realize that it had a keyhole opening in the back. Yes, I applied sunscreen to my shoulders, arms and neck. But not knowing about the keyhole opening, I was left to cook and the result was a very strange sunburn!

Block it Out

Sunscreen at Disney is a no-brainer, but consider the type you’ll need for a day in the Parks. I don’t like the misty spray-on types because the coverage just isn’t great and most of your sunscreen gets blown away in the breeze. For my face, I like a matte sunscreen that’s non-comedogenic otherwise I just feel oily and that dust is just sticking to my face (it probably is).

While we’re on the subject of blocking rays from your skin, let’s discuss blocking the sun from your eyes as well. A pair of comfortable sunglasses is a must. Bring a case or a protective sleeve to put them in when you’re on a ride. And don’t wear them on top of your head because that almost guarantees that they’ll fall off!

Disney Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Print Wire Rim Sunglasses (Amazon)

Cover Your Head

Nothing like having the sun bake on the top of your head all day to make you grouchy. How about a sunburn on your hairline part? That’s fun the next day, right? Try out several styles of hats pre-trip to find out what will work best for you. If you plan on riding anything remotely fast, you’ll be taking your hat off and on throughout the day so keep that in mind. If I have a multi-day trip planned, I’ll bring at least two hat options so I can change them out from one day to the next. Baseball hat one day and giant wide-brim sun hat the next!

2015-05-11 10.42.43-7  2015-05-11 10.42.38-4

Don’t Forget Your Hair

Bring hair ties. Several of them, because you never know when one will snap or slip off the end of your braid while you’re riding Space Mountain! And bobby pins or something to pin back your bangs. I decided one Disneyland trip to wear my hair down and it was just about the windiest day EVER! My hair was a tangled mess by noon. Pack a small brush in your bag to detangle if you wear your hair down. My recommendations? A ball cap with a ponytail looped through the back and bangs pinned back underneath the brim. Or a big sun hat with your hair in a braid.

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

This was the last time I wore my hair down at Disneyland…it was a tangled mess from the rides and the wind!

Keep It Cool

Though it does rain quite a bit in Florida and it can get chilly on both coasts, the general weather at Disney parks is on the warm side. Consider also that many of the ride lines will have you waiting in the sun and you’ll be ready to head indoors for A/C by 9 am! Pack a few items in your day pack that will help keep you comfortable. A squirt bottle or misting fan that you can refill at the drinking fountains can be wonderful on a scorching day.

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

We like to bring a travel size shaker of Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder. It soaks up excess sweat and helps prevent chafing. A cooling towel that you wet and then shake to chill is just perfect for wrapping around your neck. Something like the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel really helps to bring down your body temperature (and this works better than wet paper towels from the bathroom!)

Don’t forget a water bottle to stay hydrated. You can request ice water at any counter service restaurant and then pour it into your bottle.

*ahem* Feminine Needs

Did you know that stress can cause your “monthly visit” to start unexpectedly? Even if you’ve checked the calendar and aren’t expecting to start, you might want to pack feminine hygiene products just in case. Disney does sell these items in the bathrooms (about 50 cents each) and you can also purchase them at the Baby Care Centers and in some hotel gift shops.


It’s a good idea to bring in a second pair of socks to change into if you get them wet or they’re just sweaty. Or have a pair of waterproof sandals that you can wear on wet rides instead. I like to bring in a second t-shirt with me too so that when I’m sweaty or I spill something on it, I have a fresh shirt to change in to. Though you could always buy one in the gift shop and call it a souvenir (I’ve done that too!)

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

Break ’em In

Don’t even think about heading to Disney wearing brand new shoes! For the love of all things, break your shoes in before you spend 15 hours wearing them through the parks. And I recommend taking in a second pair to switch into when your feet start to ache. I’d also say you should give your outfits a “trial run” at home. You’d hate to be wearing something that was uncomfortable all day.

Pregnant at Disney? Expectant Mom's Complete Disney Packing List of Important Needs

Crocs Womens Women’s A-Leigh Floral Flip Flop (Amazon)

Keep in Touch

A phone charger and cord is a must. Not only do you want to be able to reach others in your group, there are also Disney park apps that will allow you to check wait times and book dining reservations. Besides you also want to be able to take pictures and share them to social media throughout the day, right?

EasyAcc Monster Power Bank (Amazon)

Be Prepared

Blisters are a Disney nightmare. Though you can get basic items like bandages at the park First Aid, you should consider adding a few things to your personal first aid kit. I swear by New-Skin Liquid Bandage because it’s waterproof and stays on all day. My kit also includes ibuprofen, headache reliever and antacids. Just make sure you store all the meds in a place where little hands won’t get to them (or keep them in child-proof containers).

Back at the Hotel

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the parks I sweat like crazy under the sun. And that means that my bra is usually saturated by the end of the day…yuck! Make sure to pack at least 2 bras to alternate every other day. Bring a sample packet or a travel size bottle filled up with laundry detergent. Give your bra a quick wash in the sink and then hang it to dry so you’ll have a fresh one to wear each day.

Make sure you give your bathroom a top to bottom when packing to make sure you don’t miss packing any essential toiletries. You’ll want to remember to bring your make-up remover, hair brush and products, contact lens solution and case, etc. If you prefer to use your own shampoo and soaps pack travel size varieties, though they do offer very nice complimentary products at the Disney resorts.

Don’t forget your swimsuit! You won’t need to bring a towel if you’re staying at a Disney resort hotel, they have them at the pool. A pair of flip-flops and a cover-up are a good idea too.

Here’s the FREE PRINTABLE –  Mom’s Disney Packing List

Don't forget the essentials on your next Disney vacation! Mom's Disney Packing List with FREE Printable!

All packed up, Mom? Here’s another Disney packing list for the kids!

Disney Trip Free Printable – Packing List for Kids

Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids

For more Disney packing printables,
check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Blue | Disney Packing Printables Loop:


12 Things to Do Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

I’d venture to say that not too many people enjoy standing in line. That’s why they invented the FastPass, right? If you have to wait in queue though, there are some constructive ways you can spend the time. Here are my 12 ideas for the best use of waiting in line at Disney parks.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Clicking through and making a purchase helps me in a small financial way, thank you!

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

A quick pic in line at Autopia

Apply Sunscreen

Outdoor queues can make you feel like you’re cooking under the sun! Waiting in line is a great time to reapply another coat of sunscreen. If you’re sweating, pat off the sweat with a napkin and then apply.

Skip using spray-on sunscreen while standing in line though. The quarters in queue are a bit tight for that (and not everyone wants your sunscreen mist in their eyes!)

Study the Map

Where are you headed next and how will you get there? Now’s the time to pull out the map and plot your course. The map key will let you know where the nearest bathroom is too, in case that’s your next stop. Or try a little game with younger kids and see if they can find certain icons, like “Where’s the carrousel?”

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Board with wait times at Disneyland. You can get these times on the free mobile app too.

Have a snack

Dry goods that you pre-package into snack-sized bags are perfect for waiting in lines. Things like nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, chopped veggies or sturdy crackers work well. If you finish the snack, you can dispose of the baggie (there are always trash cans in the queue for this). Or if you reach the end before your snack is done, just seal up the bag and put it in your pocket.

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Heimlich never misses a meal – Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Play a Game

Pictionary – Keep a small spiral-bound notebook and pen handy for quick games of Pictionary. The artist can come up with the idea (Disney movies!) and everyone in the group can try to guess.

Who Am I? – This is our family favorite in the car too. One person chooses a Disney movie character and the others have to ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no answer (ie: “Does this character have fur?” or “Does this character sing in their movie?”)

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

In line for Star Tours – Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

There are also Disney travel games that you can tote through the line and they’ll easily fit in your day pack. Games like World of Disney Eye Found It Card Game are quick to pull out and play while in queue.

Disney Mobile App

Thinking about hitting up Splash Mountain but want to know the wait time before traipsing across the Lands? Need to know where Mickey is meeting & greeting? Have to get a dining reservation on the fly? Check out the free Disney Mobile Apps for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Plan Your Next Meal

If you didn’t make any Advanced Dining Reservations (and you don’t really need ADR at Disneyland), you can figure out where you’ll be dining next. If you already have a restaurant decided on, I highly recommend figuring out what you’re going to order. It really saves you time that would be spent in the restaurant perusing the menu if you plan your meals ahead of time.

I like to print out the restaurant menus so we can look them over in line and have everyone decide ahead of time. This way one adult is in charge of ordering for the group and it expedites the process.

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Themed sculptures in line for Radiator Springs Racers – Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Journal Your Memories

A small hard-backed spiral-bound notebook is perfect for jotting down special memories throughout your trip. This is also a great activity for when you’re waiting for a meal to arrive at the table service restaurant. Pass the journal to a new family member to write in for each queue. For little ones that can’t write yet, have them draw a little picture of their memories.

Look for Hidden Mickeys

They’re everywhere! You’ll probably be able to find a few on your own (Imagineers hid them in plain sight in many of the line queues!) but if you need help, check out this book Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets or the Disneyland version, Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disneyland® Resort’s Best Kept Secrets.


Take Pictures

No better time when you’re smooshed together in a queue than to snap a full-family selfie! Some line queue have interesting props to pose with along the way, so get out your camera and capture the moments.

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

Taking a photo of the kids in glasses from Toy Story: Midway Mania is a must!

Take a Nap?

Well, if you’re a baby, maybe! Pop your little one in the front carrier and let them nap while you wait. You can always grab a Rider Switch pass too so that the grown ups can take turns with the sleeping child. Here are more tips about traveling to Disney with a baby.

Play with a Toy

Young kids tend to get pretty squirrelly waiting in line so give them something to occupy little hands (so they’ll resist climbing on the rows of bars, squabbling or hanging all over each other!). A small action figure, doll or race car can keep an imaginative child busy. Handheld light-up spinners are always fun (especially at night).

Hold a small bottle of bubbles for them and let them dip in the wand and blow! Avoid any toys that need a lot of space, like a light saber or a toy that will annoy other guests, like a balloon that may hit people on head.

Plot the Next Adventure

My kids always want to know what we’re doing next. Decide where you’re headed next and brush everyone up on what’s to come so when you hit the exit everyone knows what to expect.

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks

The talking and moving Buzz in queue – Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Looking for more?

Check out these books, Lots to Do In Line: Walt Disney World and Lots To Do In Line Disneyland. Tons of things for kids (and adults) to spot while waiting.


What are your favorite things to do while you’re waiting in line? Share in the comments!

Check Out these 12 Best Uses of Waiting in Line at Disney Parks