Minnie & Friends – Breakfast In the Park: Dine with Characters at Disneyland’s Plaza Inn

Minnie & Friends - Breakfast In the Park: Dine with Characters at Disneyland's Plaza Inn

Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park is a delightful Character dining experience for all ages! Located right at the end of Main Street U.S.A with a view of Sleeping Beauty Castle, this breakfast at Disneyland’s Plaza Inn restaurant exudes charm, with excellent customer service you’d expect from Disney. Character meals are great because you can meet your favorite pals and not use your Park time standing in line for an autograph! Each Character will personally come to your table for a meet n’ greet, to pose for photos and to sign your autograph book.

Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park is a delightful place to start your Disneyland morning and to meet a wide variety of Characters. You are guaranteed to meet Minnie (since her name is in the title!) but other Characters change and may vary from day to day.

Minnie & Friends - Breakfast In the Park: Dine with Characters at Disneyland's Plaza Inn

Donald helped himself to some fresh fruit!

One of the lovely things about dining at Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park is an early admittance to the Park before the official opening. If you book a reservation for a breakfast before the Park opens, look for the gate that admits Park guests in early (it should say “Breakfast in the Park”).

Make sure to have your reservation number and valid Park ticket to show at the entrance and you’ll be escorted to the restaurant entrance. Since you’ll be there before the big crowds, this is also a great opportunity to take a quick pic of your family on Main Street U.S.A and Sleeping Beauty Castle without anyone around you!

Minnie & Friends - Breakfast In the Park: Dine with Characters at Disneyland's Plaza Inn

The “all-you-care-to-eat” breakfast buffet has standard offerings like French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and ham. Omelets are made-to order while you wait. Mickey waffles with butter and syrup are a special treat! There are also hearty offerings like biscuits and gravy and breakfast potatoes as well as croissants and danish that will fill your tummy and have you ready for the day. It’s a pricey affair but the “all-you-care-to-eat” option is nice, especially if you have a bunch of bacon-eaters like I do in your group! Dining with characters is also a lot more reasonably priced for breakfast than lunch or especially dinner. If you aren’t big breakfast eaters consider booking one of the last breakfast reservations for the day, fill up and then skip lunch.

Decorated elaborately in pink and gold Victorian decor, the Plaza Inn is a 1955 original restaurant (when it was called the Red Wagon Inn). The Victorian stained-glass ceiling, marble foyer and gingerbread woodwork were all salvaged from a historic Los Angeles home and personally chosen by Walt Disney’s wife Lillian herself to be used in this space. This is a very special space; consider returning in the evening for a big platter of fried chicken and mashed potatoes (no Characters after breakfast, however).

Minnie & Friends - Breakfast In the Park: Dine with Characters at Disneyland's Plaza Inn

To make a reservation for Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park call (714) 781-3463 up to 60 days prior to your visit.




Halloween on a Budget – #DisneyBound Vanellope Von Schweetz

DIY Vanellope von Schweetz costume - Wreck it Ralph - #Disneybound

Since last Halloween, my stepdaughter Alonna has known she wanted to be Vanellope Von Schweetz from the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph. Being the creative and frugal gal I am, I knew that we could create something for Alonna with pieces that she’ll be able to wear again. It’s called Disney Bound, using store-bought clothing and accessories in a creative way to resemble your favorite Disney character!

Here’s how we acheived the Vanellope look (on a budget, no less!) – 


Vanellope profile

The cool thing about Disney-bounding is that the look doesn’t have to be “exact”. You are aiming for similar but it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. There was no finding Vanellope’s exact tights. See how the stripes go at an angle on one leg and have a red stripe on the other? We got close enough with these tights in “scout green” from We Love Colors ($8.50). Alonna will be able to rewear these at Christmas.

Vanellope wears a brown peanut butter cup wrapper as a skirt. I did a quick search on ThredUp (affiliate link) for a brown skirt. I found this $79.00 brand new Jacadi skirt (tag was still attached) for only $11.99 and she’ll be able to rewear it all year.

The mint hoodie is the perfect shade!! I scored it at Hanes ($8.99). I handsewed on the red ribbons and after Halloween, I’ll remove them and she can wear the sweatshirt all winter.

I wanted Alonna to wear a tee underneath the sweatshirt in case the weather was too warm. I scored this glittery tee ($6.49) from Old Navy that is PERFECT! Fans of Wreck it Ralph will know that Sugar Rush is the name of the video game that Vanellope comes from!

The “sweet” stuff in her hair was fun! Alonna had made some clay candy pieces which I glued along with fuzzy pom-poms and buttons onto silver snap clips ($2.50). I spread a little glitter glue over the silver clips for added sparkle and carefully snapped them into her hair along with some tiny colorful claw clips. I found some sparkly bobby pins at Target to add into the mix too ($3.50). Instead of a red licorice whip for a hair tie like Vanellope, we went with a red bow that Alonna already owned.

DIY Vanellope von Schweetz costume - Wreck it Ralph - #Disneybound

The overall effect is fun and whimsical. Best of all, Alonna loved her costume and was very comfortable. I’m glad that these are all things she’ll be able to wear again, too!

DIY Vanellope von Schweetz costume - Wreck it Ralph - #Disneybound

 Have you ever DisneyBound before? Tell me in the comment below!