9 Expert Tips for Dining with a Baby at Disney

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Dining with a Baby at Disney

Babies have to eat just like the rest of us, vacation or not! And dining with a baby at Disney doesn’t have to be complicated, it just takes a bit of advanced planning. Here are all the tips on which restaurants are best for babies, what dishes are appropriate for sharing, highchairs, what you need to bring and where you can feed them.

What to Bring

You can pack your own baby food and snacks to bring with you into the parks. Plastic baby food tubs or pouches are ideal since they are lightweight. Normally glass containers are not allowed into the parks, with the exception of glass baby food jars. But for the sake of break-ability, you might want to just go with baby food in plastic instead.

Consider repackaging baby snacks (like crackers or yogurt melts) into smaller zip-close bags as they will take up less space than the original containers. If baby can’t use a full sized spoon yet, pack your own baby spoons and wash them in the sink. Or bring in disposable baby spoons to make it easier, like the Munchkin Infant Spoon Set. I’ve included a few more details on other items you might be considering bringing with you, from the highchair cover, place mats, bibs and wipes. Keep reading for my meal recommendations for little ones too!

Highchair Cover?

On a recent Walt Disney World visit, I considered bringing a highchair cover for my 6-month old daughter but the cover is so bulky and I had such a small amount of space to store it in the stroller basket. I decided to leave the cover behind and just place my daughter directly in the highchair. First I made sure that the buckle was working properly on the highchair. Then I took a baby wipe and cleaned off all surfaces that she could reach. One less thing I had to tote around!

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Disposable Place Mats

Because we all know that babies don’t always keep their food on the plate (more often the not the plate ends up flipped over or on the floor!), these disposable place mats allow you to serve baby finger foods directly from a clean surface. Just peel off the strips in the back to reveal the adhesive and stick the mat directly onto the tabletop. The place mat stays put and baby can pick up her food from the clean mat. When meal time is done, just peel off the mat and discard. And these mats feature Mickey and Minnie!

Amazon Affiliate link: Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse and Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Minnie Mouse

Disposable Bibs

Nobody wants to tote yucky food-covered bibs all day through the parks which is why these disposable paper bibs are wonderful. As you can see, they came in handy when our little boy was eating baked beans at the (now gone) Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.

What do you mean the beans are all gone?

What do you mean the beans are all gone?

The tabs fasten around baby’s neck and are made of a material that catches the food and drips but won’t soak through to baby’s clothes. We always have these in the diaper bag to keep the baby’s shirt clean while dining.

Amazon Affiliate link: Mickey Mouse Disposable Bibs by Disney Baby and Disney Minnie Mouse Disposable Bibs


Drink Up!

Long days at Disney can dehydrate anyone so make sure your baby has a cup with water. You can request ice water from any quick service dining location and pour it into their cup. My little one is just learning how to use a sipper cup with handles like these. If cups tend to disappear, consider bringing these inexpensive “take and toss” cups that won’t bother you too much if they are lost.

Amazon Affiliate link: NUK Disney Learner Cup with Silicone Spout,, The First Years Disney Take & Toss Sipp Princess Pack and Sassy Disney Mickey Character Cup

A “dropper stopper” leash that you attach to baby’s cup will keep it from being tossed on the floor or thrown out of the stroller.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Sister Chic Dropper Stopper Sippy Cup and Tether Toy

Clean Up Quick

Baby wipes are so versatile and I always have a bunch of them to use throughout the day for cleaning off surfaces that my baby will touch. They also make quick work of food messes so you can wipe off baby’s hands and face after meal time. Buy a big refill box and a portable case. Reload the case each morning with fresh wipes and store it in the diaper bag.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

I actually used up all my wipes with a few hours left to go in the park. Fortunately they had a refill packet for sale of Huggies wipes in the Baby Care Center so I could get through the rest of the day!

Amazon Affiliate Link: HUGGIES One & Done Refreshing Baby Wipes and Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wipes Case


Where to Eat

Naturally, any restaurant inside the Disney parks will be appropriate and welcoming for your baby. You can also feed your baby inside any of the Baby Care Centers. There are highchairs, microwaves for heating food, sinks for cleaning up and even supplies (like extra food and snacks) available for purchase.

Dining with a Baby at Disney

Step inside the air conditioned Baby Care Centers for baby dining areas including high chairs.

If your baby loves the characters, consider one of the Character Dining Experiences. Baby will be able to meet n’ greet with their favorites as they eat. The characters will come directly to their highchair and you’ll be able to snap pictures and request autographs.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

What to Order

No need to place a separate order for baby if he is able to eat table food. If you are ordering a plate of food in a full-service or quick-service restaurant, you can share with babies (2 and under) from your plate for free. If you’re dining at a buffet, you may fill a plate of food for baby without any charge. Good meals to share with baby includes the rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes at Flo’s V8 Cafe, Garden Vegetable Burger at Village Haus and Penne Pasta from Plaza Inn.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

Nibbling on a sourdough bread bowl at Pacific Wharf

You can certainly bring in your own baby food but if you need additional pureed baby food or snacks, you can also purchase them at the Baby Care Centers inside each of the parks.

Dining with a Baby at Disney? Follow these 9 expert tips!

A classic: Fries and hamburger!

If your older baby can eat their own meal, many locations offer a Toddler Meal that’s a smaller size with flavors that little ones may enjoy. Cheesy macaroni seems to be the main dish offered at most of the locations but you can also get rice and beans at Rancho del Zocalo or Arroz con Pollo at Cocina Cucamonga. These meals also come with applesauce and lo-fat milk.

Snacks to Pack

Avoid anything that will get easily broken or melted in your diaper bag all day. Dry Cheerio-type cereal is always a hit. My little boy loved the yogurt melts and I can’t wait until his little sister can enjoy them too. And since it’s a vacation and baby should have a treat too, bring some cookies for baby to enjoy as well!

Amazon Affiliate Link: Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts Snack Variety Pack, Ella’s Kitchen Organic Snack Bundle


What’s your favorite dining with a baby at Disney tip? Share with me in the comments!


Traveling With a Baby in Diapers – FREE Baby Packing List Printable!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SuperAbsorbent #CollectiveBias

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

Traveling with a Baby

In just a few days, I will be taking my baby on her first extended vacation. When traveling with a baby, there are so many little things to remember (and forget!) I have created a free printable baby packing list for our trip, including tips on figuring out how many Huggies Plus diapers to pack on our travels. When it comes to traveling with a baby, it’s easy to over pack. But when diapers are concerned, you never want to be stuck without! I’ll share how to figure out how many diapers to bring with you on the trip as well as what other essentials should be in your baby’s travel bag. Keep reading for the free baby packing list printable!

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

This post contains affiliate links

Diapers are Number 1 on the List!

Huggies Plus is the only brand of diapers we purchase and I always buy them in bulk at Costco because the price is just right. My little gal isn’t moving around much yet at 5 months old, so we buy Huggies Little Snugglers Plus. When she starts crawling we’ll switch to Little Movers Plus. These diapers are well-designed and fit my princess snugly and perfectly. Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus are only available at Costco.

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

Check out the current offers:

  • Little Snugglers Plus (Sizes 1 & 2) – $37.49, $31.49 after $6 discount and Free shipping (this offer valid 9/1 to 9/25)
  • Little Movers Plus (Size 3, 4, 5, & 6) – $42.99, $36.99 after $6 discount and Free shipping (this offer valid 9/1 –to 9/25)
  • Starting in August Little Snugglers Plus will also be available in size Newborn starting – $29.99 available in select warehouses and online at

With several trips planned where my baby is in tow, coming up with a great packing list is imperative! Two weeks ago I took my daughter for her first overnight hotel stay at Disneyland. We’ll be traveling by car for a family trip this week back to Disneyland and staying for three nights. Then later this month, I’ll be traveling cross-country with the baby all by myself! It will be her first flight and as we’re going to Walt Disney World, I need to pack everything I’ll need for her. I won’t be able to make any stops at the store if I forget something!

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

How Many Diapers to Bring?

So, how can you figure out how many diapers to bring with you on a trip? In the week leading up to your vacation, take note of how many diapers you go through each day with your baby. I have a notepad and a pencil on the shelf above her changing table to make a tally. Average the number of diapers you’ve used over the week to figure out a daily amount and then multiply that by the number of days you’ll be away from home. Then put in about two extra diapers per day of your trip…just in case!

Be sure to check out these other #SuperAbsorbent Huggies Plus diaper ideas!

What Else to Pack for Baby?

Besides what you usually bring for baby in the diaper bag, there are a few other helpful ideas when traveling with a baby.



If baby is too small to sit up or too big to fit in the bathroom sink for a wash, consider an Inflatable Bath Tub. This Inflatable Duck Tub will make bath time easier and it won’t take up any extra space in your luggage.

Moving around blindly in a dark hotel room when baby wakes at night is recipe for disaster. And you don’t want to turn on a light and risk waking everyone else up either. Plug in a nightlight like this Touch Control Night Light Lamp to help you see where you’re going and make midnight feedings and diaper changes easier without waking everyone else in the room.

Hotel rooms can get chilly with the air conditioner running. Bundle baby in a sleeper blanket like this Fleece Sleepsack to keep her cozy while she sleeps.

Pack a few baby books but make them lightweight and able to hold up to wear and tear, like the Indestructibles Baby Book. Pick up several and you can entertain baby with a story on the road (or she can just chew on the pages, whatever!)

I try my best to keep track of everything when traveling but inevitably something ends up missing. It’s usually the sippy cup that rolls under the car, falls out of the stroller or gets left at a restaurant. Skip the pricey sippers and buy a set of these Take & Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups. Then if one gets lost, you’ll have a few to spare.

Fortunately my little one loves being in a front carrier (my boys never did though). If you have a baby who likes her Baby Carrier, definitely bring it with you and it will make travel so much easier. I spent hours carrying my princess in her carrier at Disneyland last week and I was so comfortable and she was able to nap while we rode on rides. When I remember carrying my boys in my arms I was always so much more exhausted and my arms were aching by mid-day!

Traveling with Baby – Free Printable Packing List

Click the link above to print it or PIN it now to save for your next vacation with baby!

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers - FREE Baby Packing List Printable! #Ad #SuperAbsorbant

Where are YOU traveling with your baby? Share with me in the comments!


I’m a DisneyBaby Contributing Author!

I’m just delighted to share that I’m a new contributing author to the DisneyBaby website!

One of my "Disney Babies", 3 month old Natalie.

One of my “Disney Babies”, 3 month old Natalie.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and Disney travel advice with DisneyBaby readers in several posts a month on their site with features on their Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media outlets.

I currently have two posts up, 6 Items for Baby You Might Not Think to Take to Disney Parks and 7 Disney Experiences to Enjoy Before Baby Turns Two. You can find all my posts here on the DisneyBaby website along with my author profile. I’m so excited with this new venture and hope that you’ll follow me along with the fun!

What’s in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag?

What's in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag?

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Blue. Today we are discussing the bags we carry through our Disney Park adventures and what necessities we carry inside them. I am highlighting the diaper bag and all the essentials you’ll need to keep your baby happy at the Happiest Place on Earth! This post contains affiliate links.

Disney Diaper Bag

Start off with a sturdy diaper bag that will be able to hold plenty but that will still be comfortable to carry. I like this Mickey Mouse diaper bag from The Disney Store, which includes a padded changing mat. There are changing tables in all the Disneyland bathrooms, but bringing your own padded mat is a must. Choose a bag that has a neutral design that’s appropriate for either a boy or girl and one that Daddy won’t mind carrying!

What's in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag? Read on for packing tips for traveling to Disney with a baby!

Image from

I also like these: Disney Deluxe Rip Stop Diaper Tote Bag from Amazon. The dark color won’t show spots or stains and the rip stop fabric makes it easy to wipe down. And this classic style, Disney Messenger Diaper Bag keeps things simple.


Swaddle Cloths

Swaddle cloths are great for a variety of things, including keeping baby warm or for keeping the sun off their face. I like to use the cloths to drape over a sleeping baby while waiting in line or over their stroller to block out the sun. Choose a lightweight, breathable variety like these aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle in pink or Blue and Gray

Floppy Hats

During the day, a hat for baby is a must. Floppy sun hats are the best because they cover the sensitive spots like tops of ears as well. Choose fabric that is lightweight and breathable but will nicely protect baby’s sensitive skin from the sun.

from left, Minnie Mouse Sun Hat (Disney Store) and Mickey Mouse “Sunny Fun” Swim Hat (Amazon)

Minnie Mouse Swim Hat for Baby

Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must, no matter the season! Babies are never fond of having it applied though and there is always the risk of getting it in their eyes. We use and love this sunstick from Elemental Herbs. It’s great for everyone in the family and won’t leak or melt in your bag.

Tissues and Wipes

Wipe away baby boogies by keeping tissues close in this handy Pocket tissue Case from PenPlusA on Etsy. I adore this fun Mickey print!

What's in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag? Read on for packing tips for traveling to Disney with a baby!

Image from PenPlusA on

Helpful for wiping bottoms as well as sticky fingers, baby wipes should be kept close at hand inside a Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wipes Case.

Disposable Bibs

Bibsters disposable bibs come in so handy for toddlers learning to feed themselves. Who wants to tote around nasty food-crusted bibs all day? These even have a little turned-up pocket that catches some of the food that might otherwise land on baby’s lap.

What's in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag? Read on for packing tips for traveling to Disney with a baby!

My boy and the beans at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch BBQ


So what about when your baby does make a mess? It’s inevitable, you know, so what do you do with those messy and wet clothes? We always have a Bumpkins Wet Bag handy in our diaper bag to store wet items until we can get them home to wash.

And when (not if, when!) that outfit needs replacing make sure you have several changes of clothes for baby. Best to bring layers in case of temperature change. The styles at The Disney Store are so sweet!

Minnie Mouse Sailor Dress for BabyMickey Mouse Pique Romper for Baby

Dumbo Dungaree Set for BabyDumbo Knit Dress Set for Baby


What Else Should Go In Your Bag?

I’m sure there are three dozen other things you’ll find yourself dragging along with you to the Parks to keep baby content, including of course diapers, wipes and food/formula!

When packing for a Disneyland trip, make a list of the everyday items you use for baby and pack accordingly before you go. Disneyland will have some things available for sale inside the Resort should you forget something. Of course the prices will be at a premium and selection will be limited. So if your baby has to have a certain brand of something, make sure you bring a spare (or two!)

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Love Our Disney.



Here is the map of our Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

1st Stop – Disney with Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers – What You Shouldn’t Carry in Your Disney Bag

2nd Stop – Superheros and Teacups – Disney Park Essentials That Will Fit In Your Purse

3rd Stop – Ashley Aspires – I’m a Disney Minimalist

4th Stop – Saving Up for Disney – What’s in my Disney Parks Diaper Bag?

Final Stop – Love Our Disney – Random & Off The Wall Items You Will Want In Your Disney Park Bag


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What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Considering a trip to Disneyland but you’d have a baby on board? You might be asking yourself, “What can babies DO at Disneyland?” No need to cancel your travel plans, babies are quite welcome at the Happiest Place on Earth! There are a few things you should know first and I have the answers to the top four questions most parents ask themselves before bringing a baby to Disneyland.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

If you are planning on bringing a baby to Disneyland

  • What can babies do at Disney?
  • Can babies go on any rides at Disneyland?
  • What should we bring with us?
  • Should we just hold off any Disney vacation plans until our baby is older?

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

We took my son at 8 months old and I can attest that we all had a wonderful Disney day. Certainly it’s not the same kind of day you’d have with just older kids but it’s still fun all the same! The most important thing is to be prepared in advance so everyone in your group knows what to expect. Know that you might have to take more frequent breaks for diaper changes and feedings but Disneyland is quite well equipped to handle all Guests, babies included!

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

He has his Attraction Guide and he’s ready to go!

What can babies do at Disneyland?

Depending up on the age of your baby, you can do a lot together at Disneyland! Many babies love the character engagement, as my little one did. Dillon laughed when he met Goofy at 8 months old, giggling and waving at him!

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

He adored Minnie Mouse (and her nose!) And when he met Pluto at 11 months old, he toddled over and Pluto jumped around on his paws to make Dillon laugh.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Parades are fun and colorful and can be quite entertaining for babies who can sit up and watch from their stroller. Keep in mind that some rides and attractions have loud noises that might frighten your baby (Jungle Cruise gun shot, anyone?!) Just ask a Cast Member at the entrance if you have any question that the ride or show might not be appropriate. Use ear protection for your baby if you need to.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

He loved the silly glasses at Toy Story Midway Mania

Can babies go on any rides at Disneyland?

Babies can ride nearly everything in both Parks, give or take about 20 rides with height requirements. I recommend taking both a stroller and a front carrier as you can hold baby in a front carrier on most rides. My little ones loved it’s a small world, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. The Disney Junior: Live on Stage show is fun for little ones too. Anything relatively slow moving, musical and colorful will likely be enjoyed by babies.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

King Arthur’s Carrousel

For rides that baby can’t go on, take advantage of Rider Switch Pass, a free service. This allows those who meet height requirements to ride while one person stays behind with the baby. Then the riders “switch” places so the person left behind can ride too. The Disney Parks Moms Panel covers the topic of Rider Switch Pass in detail.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Loving the shiny tires in Cars Land

While we waited for the big kids and Dad when they were on faster rides, I let Dillon free of the stroller to explore and stretch his legs. There are some play areas for young ones but babies might get trampled by preschoolers so take note before you let your baby down to crawl or explore.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Exploring Goofy’s Playhouse in Toontown


What should we bring with us for the baby?

Kids two-years old and under do not need a Park ticket, so your baby has free admission. I recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time through Park Savers (affiliate link). You’ll save a few dollars off the cost as well as save time standing in line at the gate.

Park Savers affiliate link

If you can, bring your own stroller to the Parks. The walk to the car or hotel after a long day can be hard, especially if you are lugging a sleeping baby, diaper bag and souvenirs! The basket under the stroller will be great for storage. If you’d rather rent a stroller, Disneyland Parks do have rentals but they are suited more for toddlers than small babies. Also you cannot remove the strollers from the Parks.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Slowing down for a nap

Pack your diaper bag with everything you would for a normal outing including food and snacks and plenty of diapers and wipes. You can buy some things in the Parks but the price will be at a premium.

I highly recommend visiting the Disneyland Baby Care Center. There are rocking chairs, microwaves for heating jarred food, high chairs and changing tables. If you’ve run out of diapers (like we did once) you can purchase them here and clean up baby after a nasty blow out (like we did!) The cast members here are sweeter than sweet about helping you!

Out and about in the Parks, there are quiet rest areas and benches where you can sit and feed or nurse your baby. Bathrooms have ample diaper changing stations but they aren’t padded, so be sure to bring your own changing pad that you can wipe down after each use.

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Messy? Who, Me?

If baby is eating solids, bring your own spoons and baby food jars. I also bring disposable bibs because I’d rather not have messy clothes or food-crusted bibs to tote around. To hold snacks and formula, I recommend the Munchkin formula dispenser. It holds one bottle’s worth of formula in each section but it’s also a good size for shaking out bite-sized snacks like puffs and Cheerios.

Bring a lightweight blanket to drape over your baby to protect them from the sun or to hang over the stroller to block sun from hitting their tender skin while they nap. Read more about what I pack in my Disney diaper bag.

Should we just hold off any Disney vacation plans until our baby is older?

Absolutely not! There is no reason to wait for a certain age because Disneyland is a place for all ages. Going to Disney with a baby is going to be a different experience but not one to miss! Especially when you see them in Mouse Ears for the first time or take them on their first it’s a small world boat ride!

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions

Have you traveled to Disneyland with your baby? What other tips or advice do you have to share? Please comment below, thanks!

What Can Babies Do at Disneyland? -Answers to the Top 4 Questions