Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY!

Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY

Disney and Jamberry have collaborated to bring you designs straight out of your dreams! The Disney Collection by Jamberry is everything I always wanted in a wrap to wear at the Happiest Place on Earth.

And the cherry on top? I’m offering you a Jamberry giveaway to get these amazing wraps in your hands! Keep reading on how to enter.

Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY   Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY

As a Disney fan, this is truly a dream come true. I mean, seriously these Sleeping Beauty wraps are absolutely stunning, aren’t they?! I love that they are so perfectly coordinated so you can mix and match too.

GIVEAWAY - Disney Collection by Jamberry


Since I’ve started wearing Jamberry, I’ve always coordinated my wraps when taking a Disney trip. I wore Black and White Skinny, Sunny Lotus and Poppy & White Polka (all soon to be retired at the end of February) on last year’s trip to Walt Disney World. I adore Minnie and these Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps so perfectly embody her! Which version do you prefer…classic red or the sophisticated chic look?

GIVEAWAY - Disney Collection by Jamberry  GIVEAWAY - Disney Collection by Jamberry


I can’t WAIT to put the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps on your hands! Whether you’re planning a vacation or simply just love to show your DisneySide at home, these wraps are simply gorgeous. And the collection is available starting TODAY!!

These Little Mermaid inspired Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps are so perfect…I can’t decide which one I want to wear first.

GIVEAWAY - Disney Collection by Jamberry


I’m hosting a giveaway here on my blog of a $25 Jamberry gift card that you can use to purchase any Jamberry products on the website, including the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps, Going, Going, Gone styles or anything else on the website that “rocks your dots”. I’ll also send you one of these new Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps!

GIVEAWAY - Disney Collection by Jamberry

If you can’t WAIT for the giveaway to end and just HAVE to buy them now, these Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps are available NOW through my link.

I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant so please email me if you have any questions about Jamberry wraps, the Disney Collection by Jamberry or if you are interested in hosting your own Jamberry party in-home or online!

Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY  Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY

If you’ve been considering becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant there is no better time than NOW!!! In the month of February, you’ll receive $25 off the cost of your consultant kit as well as two bonus wraps in your kit. The icing on the cake is the new introduction of the Disney Collection by Jamberry, which is sure to be a highly desirable product. If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to JOIN Jamberry!! (P.S. The 30-40% commission is lovely too!!)

Message me or email at savingupfordisney@yahoo.com for more info. You can also join up via this link.

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Disney Collection by Jamberry GIVEAWAY


66 replies
  1. Lisa Chesnut
    Lisa Chesnut says:

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for Disney Wraps. This is a dream come true for me since I am a huge Disney Fan!!! I would love to win these.

  2. Sarah Matthews
    Sarah Matthews says:

    I love sapphire by the sea. Never really like Little Mermaid as a kid, but my daughter loves Ariel so I am coming around to it.

  3. Stacy F.
    Stacy F. says:

    Sapphire Sea !!!! SO gorgeous. I also love Downtown Minnie. HMMM. And the Sweet Dreams is reallyyyy pretty, but i just wish it was a mixed mani with a character wrap! 🙂

  4. Faye Gates
    Faye Gates says:

    I like the Coral Collection, and I also like Sea of Dreams. My first time to your blog, and I really like it. I signed up for newsletter email. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Julie Bigboy
      Julie Bigboy says:

      Thank you so much Faye, I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! I love the colors in both of those wraps too. I just saw Ocean Ombre in person today and it is gorgeous as well!

    • Julie Bigboy
      Julie Bigboy says:

      I ordered Bow-dacious and they arrived yesterday!! I love how they pair up with other wraps (like Black & White Skinny and Poppy & White Polka) so you can make them last longer by mixing with other wraps.

  5. mary m
    mary m says:

    I can’t decide. I love the ariel collection, especially the sapphire sea, but Aurora’s castle is so nice too.

  6. Erin B
    Erin B says:

    This will probably be the thing that pushes me to try Jamberry, because they are ADORABLE. So hard to choose a favorite… all of the Little Mermaid ones are adorable, but Sapphire Sea edges out the others a bit. And the red Minnie is so darn cute. I would probably choose that one to wear on a Disney cruise.

  7. Lisa Chesnut
    Lisa Chesnut says:

    I am so excited that Jamberry finally made Disney Wraps, I think these are going to be a big seller for them!!

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