Halloween on a Budget – Quick and Easy Mickey Mouse Costume

Quick & Easy DIY Mickey Mouse costume

Mickey Mouse Costume

Isn’t my little mouse adorable?! He has been talking about how he’s going to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween for the last six months!

The best part, this costume was so easy and so inexpensive. Even if you only have a few days this is a super quick and easy costume that you can put together on the cheap. This is how I put it together.

I made a hood with padded mouse ears though if you have souvenir mouse ears hat from the park, that would be perfect. I had some leftover velvety stretch knit to make the hood. I did not use “Velcro” but instead just sewed the chin closed since I used such stretchy knit. I didn’t even hem or finish the fabric around the face or at the neck because the fabric I used does not fray or unravel…yes!

basic hood

For the ears, I cut four circles about 5″ in diameter with a notch on the bottom, like a balloon shape.

I sewed two circles together, leaving the notch open. I stuffed the ears with polyfill and pinned shut.

After sizing the hood on him and marking where the ears should go, I cut a small slit in the hood to insert the notch. I pinched the slit shut, pinned and sewed a seam across to close the opening. Voila: Mouse ears!

Quick & Easy DIY Mickey Mouse costume

Yes, Mickey traditionally wears yellow shoes and I probably would have bought him a pair of sweet yellow Converse if they made them in his size! Since Dillon lost his Croc at Disneyland last month and his other shoes are all getting tight, I went practical and found these new white tennies on ThredUp for less than $8! (affiliate link).

Paired with a simple long sleeved black tee are the red shorts. I could have bought red shorts but I already owned the red cotton and they were easy enough to make. A pair of oversized white buttons (cost: 79 cents each) sewn at the waist make him Mickey!

We opted out of gloves because I didn’t expect that he’d keep them on. Also he’ll be wearing black leggings on Halloween night (it was a bit warm for them at Sea World). As you can see, he loves his Mickey costume and wasn’t bothered at all by the hood. He loves to shake his head and let the padded ears flop back and forth.

Quick & Easy DIY Mickey Mouse costume

Let me know if you give the Mickey costume DIY a try! I’d love to see your photos. 



Favorite Food Friday – Disneyland #Halloweentime Pumpkin Spice Cupcake

At the Disneyland Family Media Day reception, we were offered these lovely cupcakes. My sweet tooth has never been one to turn down a cupcake so I had to have one!

#Halloweentime Disneyland Pumpkin Spice Cupcake

The Pumpkin Spice Cupcake was decorated like a pumpkin with tendril vines, a chocolate stem and a magical sprinkling of edible sparkle. Topped with thin chocolate discs, the cupcake was magically Mickey (but I didn’t get to eat either of the “ears” as my toddler got to them first!)

It was a hearty cupcake with a moist dense cake and a light not-too-sweet whipped topping. The sparkles sent me over the edge; this was certainly a decadent and delightful dessert!

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Disneyland Family Media Day – #Halloweentime

Our family in Carthay Circle at Disney's California Adventure #Halloweentime

This past weekend my family and I were fortunate enough to spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland! We were invited to be a part of the Family Media Day event which included Park Hopper tickets for the day as well as a private reception and some very special treats (and Halloweentime tricks!)

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

Adorable costumes in the World of Disney window and the Halloweentime Welcome sign at the Mickey and Friends Tram

We started off the day at Disney’s California Adventure. While the big kids and my husband were enjoying the Radiator Springs Racers, my little guy and I visited with Lightning McQueen and Mater in Carsland.

Carsland at Disney's California Adventure

There were plenty of Photo Pass photographers around all day to hand my camera to. They captured some wonderful shots of my family enjoying our special day!

Carsland at Disney's California Adventure #Halloweentime

My kids were able to get me on California Screamin’, even though fast coasters aren’t really my “thing”. This ride is so smooth that the motion doesn’t bother me at all. You can see though that I was nervously anticipating the take-off during the ride countdown!

California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure


After a spin on King Triton’s Carousel and Toy Story Mania, we headed over to Stage 17 for the Family Media Day reception. Wow, this event completely blew me away! The colorful room was set up so dramatically with lighting, tables, balloons and huge floral arrangements.

Family Media Day #Halloweentime at Disneyland

Family Media Day #Halloweentime at Disneyland

There were silhouette artists, spray-tattoo art and a few games for the little ones. The Master of Ceremonies was playing dance music and also hosted a hula-hooping contest and name-that-tune game.

Jack & Sally at #Halloweentime at Disneyland

There were three meet-and-greet spots with rotating characters so we were able to take photos with Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve never seen Jack or Sally in the Parks before so getting a photo with them was fantastic! Dillon wasn’t so crazy about it, though…he was clinging to me for dear life! Sally set him at ease by saying, “It’s okay, Jack only scares on Saturdays” (Ahem…it was Saturday!)

#Halloweentime at Disneyland Family Media Day event

The snacks were plentiful and delicious including Mickey pretzels with various mustards, cheesy garlic twists, candy corn cotton candy, pumpkin twists, fresh apples with caramel, apple cider, Mickey pumpkin cupcakes and popcorn. My kids were in heaven because frankly, we never buy those things! It was a special treat, for sure!

Family Media Day #Halloweentime treats at Disneyland

We received Fast Passes for specific times to ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as well as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Disney also gifted us a souvenir popcorn bucket in a Haunted Mansion theme and four tombstone drink coasters. We were honored to be a part of this special event and had such a wonderful time enjoying the treats, games and offerings.

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

We reluctantly dragged ourselves from the air-conditioned comfort inside the reception area and out into the blazing sun for more rides and adventures!

Over at Disneyland, Main Street USA was beautifully decorated for fall with hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins, fall leaves and candy-corn striped banners on the buildings and lamp posts.

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

#Halloweentime at Disneyland

While the big kids took advantage of the thrill rides like Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure my little guy took a nap (on a pillow of cotton candy…only at Disneyland!) They said they didn’t care for the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. They thought that the “ghost” was a bit too creepy and devilish rather than spooky and ghost-like.

Napping on a pillow of cotton candy...only at Disneyland!

Unfortunately Disneyland was teeming with guests in the late afternoon so we didn’t get to ride as many things I would have liked. Plus the little one was taking a long nap. We totally missed going into Frontierland for the Halloween Carnival event! The only rides we did in Fantasyland was The Matterhorn and Mad Tea Party.

Mad Tea Party at Disneyland

Once Dillon woke up we did enjoy The Finding Nemo Subs before the parade and dinner. We staked out a great spot on Main Street for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and the Frozen pre-parade float. On our last visit Dillon had slept through the parade so I was happy he was able to watch the entire show this time; he loved it!

Frozen pre-parade at Disneyland Resort

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

Dinner at The Plaza Inn with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits hit the spot. We ordered 2 platters and shared between the five of us…plenty of food to go around!

Plaza Inn chicken dinner at Disneyland

Our magical day ended with a reserved fireworks spot in the center of Main Street USA, directly in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! In all my years I’ve never witnessed a Disneyland fireworks show from such an amazing location and this didn’t disappoint. We were all goosebumpy and teary-eyed watching this incredible show.

It was the perfect end to a perfectly Disney day!


Thank you to Disney for the invitation to this Family Media Event. We were given free Park Hopper tickets for the day as well as an invitation to the private reception. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Click the link for more information about Disney’s Halloweentime events.

Halloween Time at Disneyland – Haunted Mansion Holiday

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland during Halloween Time

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland

It’s almost Halloween Time at Disneyland and that’s when the Haunted Mansion gets a spooky new look! Each year in late summer, the ride is closed while the enhancements are made to both the interior and exterior only to reopen a few weeks later, made over into the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland. This only happens at the Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort!

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland {Saving Up for Disney}

Over the years I’ve taken photos of the creepy additions to the exterior decor but you’ll have to summon your courage and survey the inside of the ride yourself…if you dare! Jack Skellington and his crew from the Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas take over every cobwebbed corner of the Mansion, complete with a coffin instead of a sleigh on the rooftop!

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland during Halloween Time


Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland during Halloween Time

The Haunted Mansion, done over Nightmare Before Christmas-style.

Haunted Mansion Holiday {Saving Up for Disney}

Even if you’ve been in the Haunted Mansion in the past, this Halloween version is completely different and over-the-top detailed. This ride seems to get more elaborate every year, the transformation is truly incredible! It’s amazing at night too, when all those candelabras flicker just like real candlelight and the jack o’ lanterns grimace and glow!

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland {Saving Up for Disney}

Haunted Mansion Holiday {Saving Up for Disney}

The ride keeps it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas theme until just after the end of the year and then the “999 Happy Haunts” return the Mansion to its usual spooky self! If you can’t make it to the Parks this year to see Haunted Mansion Holidays, you can still get in the Halloween spirit by printing your own “Death Certificate” at home! Find the PDF at Doombuggies.

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland during Halloween Time


Halloween on a Budget – Make Your Own Adorable Costumes (and Save a Ton!!)

Make Your Own Halloween Costumes

I’m a crafty girl so of course, I always make my kid’s Halloween costumes. But even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, I know you can make a costume this year (or at least vow not to spend an ungodly amount of money on a crummy costume at the store, okay?). Want to make your own Halloween costumes? I’ll show you my 100+ tips, tricks and ideas to make your own Halloween costumes.

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Tons of tips for making your own Halloween costumes, all on a budget!

Make a Halloween Costume Plan Early

A few months before Halloween I ask the kids to start thinking about what costume they want. Sometimes it takes them a few weeks to decide but this year they’ve been firm and have stuck with their original ideas. Two of the three have a Disney-theme, go figure! *wink*

I’m starting the Halloween planning a full 60 days in advance, which will give me plenty of time to make three kid’s costumes. I highly suggest starting early so you have plenty of time for planning and crafting and avoiding the night-before cram session (been there, done that!).

Some kids have a hard time deciding on a final theme so allow about a week of waffling before you tell them they have to nail it down. Once the planning process starts there is no changing of minds!

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

Draw Out a Basic Design

I draw a quick and simple design of the costume idea and present it to each child for approval. Make your drawing very simple and direct (don’t forget to show both front and back). Allow input from the kids about the design as they often come up with the most creative ideas!

I stress this…do not make them a costume as a surprise! This quite often will backfire. Kids want and need to approve what they wear. I believe that they should be involved in choosing their own theme. After all it’s the child that will be bringing the character to life! You want them to be happy and comfortable with what they are wearing (and not refusing to put it on!).

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

One of my favorite years was when my kids decided together that they wanted to be pirates. My son had a pair of glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas that became the base of the design. One child chose black and the other red as their main color scheme. I used the same skull and cross-bones design on the backs of their vests (drew out a image, traced it onto white fabric, cut it out and sewed it on).

The costumes had a similar look but each one unique with the choice of accessories. My son had a simple sash tied at his waist and a loose vest. For my daughter I made a tighter top (that laced on the sides) and a sash that laced with ribbon in front. I accented her outfit with inexpensive gold braid trim. These costumes look fantastic and I truly only spent about $15 total on the striped and black fabrics.

Argh! Brother and sister pirate Halloween costumes {Saving Up for Disney}

Know What You Have & Buy Only What You Need

As a seamstress, I have more than enough fabric and notions in my bins to costume a Broadway production! For this year’s costumes, I don’t think I’m going to have to purchase much of anything. But perhaps you’re starting from scratch? Save those fabric and craft store coupons now.

Figure out what fabrics you’d like to use for the costume (be practical about what will be easiest to work with and what washes up the best) and watch for sales. Dig through your odds and ends including buttons, ribbons and leftovers from previous craft projects. You might just find a diamond in the rough that will be the inspiration of your design!

Take a look at your closets and see what can be tweaked or reworked for a costume. In many cases I only have to make one main piece or an accessory to complete the look. The rest is straight from their everyday wear. I recommend Fabric.com online if you do need to purchase fabrics or supplies.

Like this adorable gnome. My son already had the corduroy pants so I just made a basic tunic (trimmed with white bias tape). Felt is so cheap and it was appropriately stiff so the hat stood up all on its own. I attached an elastic chin-strap and a strip of fur for the beard. This costume cost less than $10. It took only a few hours to create and he looked absolutely precious!

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

Keep An Open Mind & Creativity Flowing

I haven’t purchased a new pattern since 2007 because I use and reuse the classic styles that I already own. Don’t get hung up with needing a specific “princess” costume pattern. And you don’t have to exactly match the design on the cover.

Don’t let yourself get distracted by a dull or outdated design on the packaging. Simply changing up the fabrics and adding trims can make that style a true gem.

Scour the sale pattern bins and look for classics that can be manipulated for your design. A basic tunic pattern and elastic waist pants and skirts are the basis for countless costume designs.

Halloween spider costume on the cheap {Saving Up for Disney}

What do you have around the house that can be recycled for a costume? My son came up with the idea of “Hollywood Super Star Spider” when he was five. He knew he wanted a cane and a top hat. My dad made the cane with leftover PVC piping. I made the top hat from the thin cardboard of a cereal box, hot glue and leftover fabric strips.

I spent very little on the actual fabric for the costume and batting to fill in the spider arms. Mono-filament (fishing line) strung the arms together. He wore his own black pants with the tunic. My son was over the moon when his design and character came to life!

Tons of tips for making your own Halloween costumes, all on a budget!

A homemade cupcake, Sorcerer Mickey and a Marine

Less is More (Thinking Cheap)

Specialty fabrics can be very expensive so try to use them minimally instead of in excess. They generally have a greater impact when used strategically, like in the bodice of a dress instead of in the entire skirt.

For my son’s spider costume I used only a small amount of the priciest fabric (the sheer, sparkly red spiderweb design), choosing to place it only on the front of the tunic. Same goes for fancy trims: Instead of edging the entire hem of a skirt, use a pricey trim only around the neckline or sleeves.

When I want to create drama without the expense on a costume, I pull out my fabric paints. A little glittery fabric paint can go a long way to making your look more professional! When my nephew got a hold of this Spiderman costume it had already been through two previous Halloweens over the course of 8 years but the paint pen marker that I’d used to draw the web was still holding up!

Spiderman costume on the cheap {Saving Up for Disney}

For the cost of a few plastic buttons and some stretchy knit fabric, you can have your own Mickey in the house! Check out my DIY Mickey Mouse costume tutorial.


Face Paint Can Be a Costume

Keep your outfit simple and go with dramatic face paint. This is an awesome way to dress up as a wild animal.

Turn That “OOPS” Into “I MEANT TO DO THAT!”

See my daughter twirling in her lovely fairy butterfly dress? When I tried it on her for the first time it completely fell off her shoulders! I needed a fix and I needed one fast! I improvised by sewing strips on the dress inside the neckline. This created a unique bejeweled collar that became the signature look of the design. When something doesn’t work it’s time to pull out all the creative stops and look at it a different way.

Halloween butterfly fairy costume {Saving Up for Disney}

Outside the Box

My son is nothing if not imaginative. He came to me with the idea of being a bush for Halloween when he was 6 years old. His idea was that he wanted to hide in corners and then jump out and scare people who thought he was just part of the landscaping!

After pricing the cost of fake leaves we had a discussion and I convinced him to be a tree. The cost of completely covering his entire body with leaves was going to be prohibitive. But one strand of fake greenery was acceptable. He could still be in disguise and if he squatted down, he’d still look like a bush. He went for it!

We used an old shirt and I hot glued on the leaves. A bucket hat received an overlay of green fabric, more leaves and even a tiny nest and bird that we had in our craft box! He wore brown pants for the “trunk” and everyone loved his creative costume. And he got the biggest kick out of jumping out at people along the trick-or-treating trail.

Halloween costume - A tree with a bird's nest {Saving Up for Disney}

Give Yourself Enough Time (and Know Where to Cut Corners)

This zebra jacket took more time than you’d ever know! Seriously, I worked for hours and hours cutting out strips and sewing them in place. I made the headpiece with a firm piece of latch-hook plastic. I looped the black and white yarn through it and then sewed the plastic in place onto the hood.

But by the time I got to the bottoms I’d run out of time! I’d planned on making black pants and adding the stripes but instead had to resort to tweaking an old pair of soccer shorts with a few stripes sewn on and having him wear a pair of his sister’s black leggings. It all worked out in the end, he loved the costume and he still wears this jacket!

Zebra costume made from a hoodie {Saving Up for Disney}

My point is to judge how long you’re taking on a particular project and know whether it’s worth your time to keep going or to amend the project to suit your time and needs. In the case of my daughter’s fairy butterfly dress, the skirt fabric was two silky layers and I didn’t have the time to hem it in the traditional way.  I serged the edge in a contrasting thread so it was still finished off. The pretty threads added a colorful charm to the design.

Very Hungry Caterpillar baby costume {Saving Up for Disney}

For the baby’s first Halloween, I knew he’d been spending the night in his stroller, probably asleep. I didn’t need to make him anything fancy, instead opting for fabrics I already had in a theme he loved from his favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A simple elastic tube of green fabric trimmed with colorful ribbons up the spine and a quickly appliqued knit cap was enough for his first Halloween.

Costume From the Closet

Rather than full out costume, see what you can use from your own closet to create. I made a DIY Vanellope Von Schweetz for my daughter using items that were from her closet or easily purchased and that could be re-worn as clothing. Hooded sweatshirts are so easily manipulated into a costume with a few inexpensive trims.


If you really don’t want to spend much (or any) money, take a look at what you already own that can be finagled into a costume. My little guy loved the Wizard of Oz a few years ago (and his sister was already dressing as Dorothy) so I easily put together his scarecrow costume with a plaid shirt, overalls, a bucket hat and some raffia. Adorable…and free!

Baby scarecrow costume with items in the closet - totally free! {Saving Up for Disney}

Alright, Okay…So, You’re Going With Store Bought

Remember when I said I always make my kids own costumes. I lied. One year I bought my son a Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean costume. In all honesty, I had been listing a hand painted pirate costume in my Etsy shop that year and I’d made a half-dozen of them and just didn’t have enough time for my own kid’s costume!

So we splurged and went with store-bought. It was a nice quality Disney store costume and he “made it his own” by pairing it with my brother’s vintage pirate hat. It was a nice enough costume that it was handed down to my nephew the following year and then I sold it the next year on Ebay!

Halloween costumes on the cheap {Saving Up for Disney}

My Hollywood SuperStar Spider and his cousin, wearing the store bought Jack Sparrow costume the second year.

If you do go with store bought, keep a few things in mind:

Quality vs. Price.

  • Is the fabric so cheaply transparent that kids will have to wear a second layer underneath for modesty?
  • How many times after Halloween night will the costume be wearable?
  • Could it be resold either on Ebay or to a friend afterwards? There are some really precious costumes out there. But is it really worth it to you to spend $80 for a one-day outfit?

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

Shop the Thrift or Resale Shops First

It’s what everyone did with last year’s costumes: They donated them and they are yours for the picking! I found my daughter’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume at the thrift store last year for a whopping $4! The ruby slippers were $10 and she wore them for every Christmas event and school dance that year so I say that is one bargain Halloween costume!

Start with Accessories Before Buying the Head-to-Toe Costume

Can you get away with buying a store-bought accessory and using items from your closet for the rest? I present to you, Indiana Jones! An accessories set included the Indiana Jones Child’s Hat and Whip Set and Indiana Jones Satchel (which was of course, his trick-or-treat bag).

It cost me about $15 total and I pulled a khaki shirt and brown pants from his closet to complete the look. He added the smolder on his own!

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

Is it Comfortable?

  • Itchy fabric? Too tight elastic? So many store-bought costumes are sealed up inside their packages and can’t be tried on first.
  • Some of the retailers have very strict return policies in regards to Halloween costumes so make sure that you are able to try it on completely before making the purchase.
  • If your child isn’t comfortable wearing the costume in the store, they will be miserable trick-or-treating and who wants those kind of memories?

Dozen of Halloween Costume Ideas with Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Own Costumes on a Budget

Will This Costume Ever Be Worn Again?

Will your kids wear their costumes to play dress-up through out the year? Invest in nice quality pieces that won’t fall apart in the dress-up bin. The hours of entertainment they provide are worth it. Every item that I’ve made has either been handed down to another child or has been worn again for dress-up and pretend play. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey hat that I made for Halloween became the theme of my son’s birthday so he wore the hat for the party too!

Tons of tips for making your own Halloween costumes, all on a budget!

On a final note, I think Halloween costumes are a wonderful way of expressing creativity and style. Not only just for the person making the costume. The child who chooses the theme and helps design makes the costume come to life with their own personality.

This final shot of my nephew and son, rocking their individual looks perfectly reflects that. Choose a costume that transforms you and makes your character come to life!

Magical Halloween Tricks and Treats at Disneyland in Fall

Have you ever been to Disneyland during the fall season? I think it’s my favorite time to visit (but of course, it’s always a good time to go to Disneyland!) With Halloween events, amazing decor and special tricks and treats, Disneyland in fall is a special time. Here’s what to do when visiting Disneyland in fall.

Tricks and Treats – Disneyland in Fall

There are so many magical reasons to visit Disneyland in fall. And so many wonderful things to experience. This year will prove to be the best ever, with the addition of many new treats! Disney California Adventure park will be getting into the Halloween spirit for 2017. Keep reading for the new attractions, decorations and fun coming to Disneyland in fall.

Please note that I use affiliate links in my posts. Clicking through and purchasing helps me in a small financial way, thank you!

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Mickey’s Halloween Party

On designated days from Sept 20th – Oct 31st (Halloween night!) Disneyland sells party tickets to an exclusive Halloween party event called Mickey’s Halloween Party. The cost is slightly less than a regular day ticket and the party lasts five hours but you can get into the park three hours earlier, so that’s eight hours of Disneyland fun. My family has never been to this special event but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to make it this year!

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Adults and kids can dress in costume and trick or treat throughout the park. There are also dance parties and lots of character photo ops. There’s a special “Halloween Screams” fireworks show and”Frightfully Fun Parade” in addition to enjoying almost all the regular attractions.

This event sells out pretty quickly so get your tickets and start planning out your costumes. Need costume help? Check out my post on how to make budget-friendly costumes!

NEW for 2017

  • Souvenir Disney PhotoPass photos taken during the event, with unlimited PhotoPass downloads to enjoy later
  • Starting this year, guests can visit both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park with special event ticket during Mickey’s Halloween Party. Disney California Adventure will be featured for the first time as part of the pre-party mix-in for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Guests will be able to visit Disney California Adventure as well as Disneyland during the three hours prior to the beginning of the party in Disneyland.

Disneyland Weather in Fall

The weather is almost always still very warm in SoCal during the fall months. It doesn’t give you much of the “autumn” feel but it’s great for enjoying the park and you can swim in the resort pools without the summer crowds.

The temperature usually drops in the evenings, so definitely bring a light sweater or jacket just in case.

Check out my post about what to do at Disneyland when it’s hot.

Halloween Time at Disneyland {www.savingupfordisney}

Fall Crowds

The crowds are usually a little bit smaller in fall than in the summer. This trend isn’t always true however because fall weekends can be jam-packed. Annual pass holders that were blocked out all summer will be returning to the Parks and this brings in plenty of crowds.

You may experience lighter crowds on the days of Mickey’s Halloween Party. But take note that the operating hours are often shorter to compensate. So while you won’t wait in astronomical lines for the most part, you also won’t be spending as much time in the park as you might in the summer. There also may be some ride closures so check the Disney Parks schedule before you go.

Autumn Decor

The Disneyland decorations for fall are fantastic! Disney is known for their detail, of course. All over the park you will find decor to put you in the seasonal mood (even if the warm weather tells you otherwise!). There will be lots of places for photo ops, including a Pumpkin Festival on Main Street.

Don’t miss taking your photo in front of the enormous Mickey jack o’ lantern. And take time to admire the hundreds of one-of-a-kind hand carved pumpkins lining the street.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

There is a traditional Dia de los Muertos skelton display in Frontierland. Sugar-skull inspired face painting is offered here and there are Mexican treats for sale

New for 2017:

  • Oogie Boogie’s oversized silhouette beckons guests through the main entrance of the Disney California Adventure park.
  • Headless Horseman statue offers a menacing presence on Buena Vista Street that’s simply spine-chilling.
  • Hold onto your hats as swarms of black bats coil ‘round Carthay Circle’s Bell Tower
Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

  • Haul-O-Ween hits Cars Land and turns Radiator Springs into Radiator Screams! Scary the Scarecar will stand guard over the entrance to Route 66, a preview to the Haul-O-Ween transformation awaiting guests in Cars Land. With Fillmore’s Jack-Oil Lanterns, the web spun over Flo’s by a Spider-Car, and the Cozy Cone dressed up in car-stumes, the townsfolk turn Radiator Springs into Radiator Screams.

Slightly Spooky Rides & Attractions

The “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed Haunted Mansion Holiday is a can’t miss! It gets more elaborate year after year. Haunted Mansion Holiday is also a completely different experience from the usual Haunted Mansion attraction.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy takes over Space Mountain at Disneyland in fall. My kids have said it’s quite scary!

There is also a tour (additional cost) that celebrates the spooky, Disney’s Happiest Haunts Tour.

New for 2017:

  • The annual Haunted Mansion Holiday gingerbread house, presents a new design each year. This year it’s Oogie Boogie! He’s appearing as a 7-foot-tall cookie on the table in the Mansion ballroom.
  • Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree with both be decorated for Halloween with themed music and décor! These attractions will transform with Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree turning spooky as the Graveyard JamBOOree, and Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters to become Luigi’s Honkin’ Haul-O-Ween.

Characters in Costume

One of the best things about Disneyland in fall is how the characters dress in Halloween costume! It really makes that meet & greet extra special when the characters are wearing extra special fun outfits.

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

New for 2017:

  • For the first time, Cars Land in Disney California Adventure will be decorated for Halloween, err Haul-O-Ween. Citizens of Radiator Springs will wear their Halloween costumes and decorate their respective homes for the season. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Cruz, Red and DJ will be all dressed up–as a super hero, a “van-pire,” a pirate, a clown and a punk rocker, ready to go “trunk-or-treating.”

Halloween Time at Disneyland in Fall is full of tricks and treats for the entire family!

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