Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Do you have a little princess in the family? Or perhaps someone who dreams of being Disney royalty? Have no fear, there is plenty of princess perfection taking place at the Disneyland Resort to satisfy the sweet tooth of any princess in training!

Get crowned from head to toe!

Children ten and under can dress in costume in the Parks. Purchase your Princess attire ahead of time at the Disney Store (affiliate link). Make sure you do a test run at home to make sure the costume is comfortable, not dragging on the ground or falling off her shoulders.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

My niece, Queen Elsa!

I would highly recommend that your little Princess skip the impractical costume shoes and wear something that she’ll be happy to skip around in all day. We love Pedipeds for their comfort and they are adorable too! After spending the morning in her costume dress, change her into something comfy. The Disney Store has some adorable pants set and dresses in easy to clean fabrics (perfect after a day of spent consuming chocolate covered bananas and ice cream!)



For an extra-specially heavy dose of pixie dust magic, little ladies can also be transformed into princesses right before your eyes!

Bibbity Bobbidi Boutique inside Disneyland Park puts the glitter effect on kids 3-12. They offer basic packages that include hair styling, nail polish and make-up all the up to giving girls the works in the way of full-out costumes, a photo session and a mini-processional to Fantasy Faire. To book a package with a “Fairy Godmother-in-training”, call (714) 781-STYLE or (714) 781-7895.

At Anna & Elsa’s Boutique in Downtown Disney, kids 3-15 have their choice of hair styling, make up and fun touches in the inspiration of their favorite Frozen characters.


I recommend purchasing Park tickets ahead of time on Park Savers. You’ll save a few dollars on the price as well as time standing in line with your princess (affiliate link).

Now that you have your tiara on, let’s hit Fantasy Faire! This quaint village center houses the most grand dames in all the Land! Step inside Royal Hall to meet and greet up to three popular Disney Princesses. Here you can pose for photos and request Princess autographs. The Royal Theatre hosts two live-action fairy-tale shows. Fantasy Faire can be a busy place, so this area should definitely be the first stop of the day.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

Keeping in the world of fantasy, Fantasyland is your next stop. Take a twirl on King Arthur Carrousel. Just like Princess Aurora, you can also waltz inside Sleeping Beauty Castle to experience the walk-through story retelling. Want to see where the rest of the princesses live? Take a slow ride on the Storybook Land Canal Boats to see where Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and yes, even where Anna and Elsa live.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

If you aren’t fond of waiting in long lines like those at Fantasy Faire to meet n’ greet with princesses, you could always just watch Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and wave at the lovely ladies as they pass. Princesses wave back and blow kisses. Little ones will just know, “She waved at ME!”

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Moving over to Disney’s California Adventure Park, stop over for a meet & greet with Frozen’s Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome inside the Animation Academy building. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-along Celebration takes place inside the Crown Jewel Theatre and offers enough singing, storytelling and Frozen fun to have your princess swooning.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

When the meal time clock strikes, make sure you have reservations at the ready for Ariel’s Grotto. You can visit for breakfast or lunch to enjoy delicious food and lovely company (dinner also available, but without Characters). Disney Princesses will visit each table to chat, take photos and sign autographs. This restaurant also offers a World of Color dining package should you be watching the show that evening.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Photo credit: Jeff Holz

With Ariel still on the mind, swim over to The Little Mermaid -Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. It’s a refreshing dip under the sea to visit with your favorite mermaid princess.

There are several shows that highlight princesses inside the Disneyland Resort. At Disney’s California Adventure Park, you can fly high with Jasmine in the grand Broadway-style production, Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Mickey and the Magical Map also features princesses Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana & Pocahontas in a beautiful outdoor musical stage show in Disneyland.

As sun sets, you’ll be able to catch many of the princesses in the nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic! It’s a battle of good and evil and of course, lots of princesses make appearances, dancing with their accompanying princes.

By the end of the night, your little princess will have had a glitter-filled day. Skip the long lines for souvenirs and bring something from home to give your highness as you leave the Park. Something small that features her favorite princesses will be the perfect memento of her royal vacation.

Princess Guide to the Disneyland Resort


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Jamberry Giveaway – Set Sail with August’s Jamberry StyleBox


Jamberry Giveaway - Set Sail with August's Jamberry StyleBox

I’m giving away my August Jamberry StyleBox this week! It’s a whimsical mix that’s perfect for the close of summer. You’ll receive two exclusive Jamberry StyleBox wraps as well as the rest of the StyleBox contents (a fall sneak peek, Style card, file & orange stick).


I’ll also throw in a new Fall catalog that features new Jamberry designs that will be available starting September 1st. I’m excited for Jewelry Box (a new mixed mani) and Turquoise (which is perfect for fall). Wait till you see them!!


Starting in September, there will be three distintive StyleBoxes. The StyleBox you recieve will be based on the quiz you take, but here’s the cool part: The StyleBoxes will preview early so you can change your “style” (classic, trendy or feminine) to fit the look you’d like to receive that month.

Check out the September StyleBox to see what’s coming!

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Keep in mind that August is the LAST MONTH you’ll be able to order wraps from the Going, Going, Gone section so get them now while you can! I have several incentives going on right now…

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6 DisneyBounding “Rules” – How to Capture Your DisneySide!

Children under 12 can dress in costume at the Disney Parks, but what about the rest of us who’d like to show their Disney-Side but can’t go full out in costume? DisneyBounding! By using clothes from your own closet, you can create the unique look of a certain Disney character that you can wear to the Parks.

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing DisneyBounding ideas for you and your family.

6 DisneyBounding "Rules" - How to Capture Your DisneySide!

DisneyBounding “Rules”?

I came up with a few DisneyBounding “rules”, using the Fab 5 as examples, that make dressing as your favorite character fun and easy. My DisneyBound ideas are clothes you can wear at the Parks, so these are comfortable and practical but still fun (not a high heel in sight!)

DisneyBound is about creativity and uniqueness. One look on Pinterest DisneyBound and you can see how many interpretations people are able to come up with based on one character’s “look”.

How will you DisneyBound? Here are some ideas!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. By clicking and purchasing through my links you help me in a small financial way, thank you!


Does your character have a recognizable pattern, like Minnie and her polka dots? Wearing red and white polka dots will almost automatically link you to Minnie, but what other prints can you find that are a similar match to your character?

Minnie Mouse DisneyBound

How about green fish scales for Ariel, purple and pink stripes for the Cheshire Cat or a red and white Hawaiian print for Lilo! If you can’t find a good match, consider fabric paint and a handmade stencil to make the print on the fabric yourself (use non-stretch cotton for best results).

Minnie Mouse – Women’s Polka Dot Top

Cheshire Cat – Pink & Purple Striped Knee High Socks

Ariel – Mermaid Tails Jamberry nail wrap

Minnie Mouse – Red Large Polka Dot’s Minnie Mouse Inspired Hair Bow

101 Dalmations – Dalmation Spot Beach Flip Flops


What are your character’s main colors? No need to be exact on either colors or matching identical pieces, just a general idea of that character’s look, like the Goofy collection shown here.

Goofy DisneyBound

What other characters use color dramatically in their look? How about Elsa in her sparkling ice blue gown and silver snowflakes? Or Ursula in a swirl of black and purple. As long as you keep with these color tones, you can mix up the design of the outfit as you please.

Elsa – Sequin Embellished Sparkle Tank Top and Frozen Snowflake Pandora Charm

Ursula – Womens Swing Tunic Top in Deep Purple and Metal Starfish Hair Clips

Dopey – Knitted Beanie Cap in Dark PurpleDrape Tunic Top in Lime and Minnetonka Women’s Back Zipper Bootie


What is the most eye-catching piece of your character’s look? For Donald, it’s his bright red bow, front and center. With thoughtful accessorizing, you can relax on the other pieces (because you probably don’t want to dress in full sailor suit!)
Donald Duck DisneyBound

If your character doesn’t have a definite spotlight piece, feel free to use that character’s image in one of your accessories (like on a hat , shoes or jewelry). These great new Disney-themed Vans are a perfect accompaniment ( VANS x DISNEY Sneakers)

Think candy hair accessories for Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph, Jessie’s red cowgirl hat from Toy Story or a chunky turquoise necklace like Pocahontas.

Vanellope – Rainbow Candy Fashion Hair Clips

Jessie –  Toy Story Jessie Cowgirl Hat

Poncahontas –  Handmade Chunky Turquoise Necklace


There’s a big difference between DisneyBound and costumes. You wouldn’t put on feathers to DisneyBound as Daisy Duck, but a fluffy white dress gives the impression of feathers.
Daisy Duck DisneyBound

 Also, if you’re choosing less-than-obvious characters, consider that you might not be easily recognized as being DisneyBound. You’ll look cute, but not in costume so if you want to pointedly direct attention to your outfit consider having a toy or an accessory, like an enamel pin of the character on your shirt.


Literal interpretations lends themselves more towards costume than DisneyBound, like the Mickey example here. This is best left for the kids, who look simply adorable (whilst a grown man, not so much!)

Mickey DisneyBound

Feel free to let little ones go all out with Tinker Bell or Buzz Lightyear wings in the park, so long as they’re comfortable.


Tinker Bell –  Baby Girls’ Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume

Buzz Lightyear –  Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack


And for good measure, I threw in Pluto! If your costume is vague or the character you chose doesn’t have much of a standout look (like Pluto here) consider adding in character details, like a hat, jewelry or MagicBand wrap with a custom design to add to your look.

Pluto DisneyBound

You could also go a subtle route and choose one accessory if your character is dressed quite over the top like Sully from Monsters Inc., Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas or Jessie from Toy Story. Keep your costume simple and show off these cool accessories. Naturally I like to take my characters to the tips of my nails with the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps!


sample-mistress of all evil

From left to right, Mistress of All Evil, Frozen In Time Junior and You Can Fly

For more DisneyBounding ideas,
check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Yellow | DisneyBounding Ideas Loop:



Stock Up and Save to Avoid Being Sick & Miserable #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias

I’m a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #cbias

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

Last week one of my kids came down with a cold. In the summertime, yuck! Of course, I was caught completely off-guard (it’s summer!) I had no medicines to give him that would help with fever, sore throat, runny nose or coughing. Poor kid had to wait until the next day when I could get to the store and restock on the cold meds. I’m a big proponent of the “stock up and save” method and usually have what we need.

Fortunately all my kids have been pretty healthy for the last 6 months, so when this summer cold swept in, I was just ill-prepared. My kid’s medicine box contained one empty cold medicine box and infant drops (my youngest is almost 4!)

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

Achoo! Tip #1 – Regularly check medications and review their expiration dates. Toss out old meds. I follow the FDA guidelines for disposing of old medications.

With three little ones in the house, I resolved that I need to stock up and make sure I have appropriate medications on hand and ready the next time we need them. Nobody should have to suffer with pain or discomfort through the night if they don’t have to. And a midnight visit to the 24-hour convenience store is going to cost you twice as much (if they even have the medication you need).

Achoo! Tip #2 – Before cold season swings back into full gear, take the time now to assess what you have on hand. Make a list of the usual needs to cover ailments (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc) and buy them before you need them.

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

Fortunately a few days ago I heard about Walgreens “stock up and save” event, where shoppers who spend $30 on Pfizer products will receive 10,000 Balance Rewards points! You save $5.00 off your next purchase for each 5000 Balance Rewards points earned, so do the math, this is a great deal! No reason to be caught with an empty medicine cabinet when you can stock up now and receive great savings.

My closest Walgreens is a quick 2 miles away so I can be in and out in a jiffy. Except that I love the Walgreens and usually spend more time than I should perusing the aisles (make-up, new headbands, shaving cream, candy!)

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

Look for the tags & earn 10,000 points when $30 of qualifying products are purchased.


I was able to grab a few more children’s medications to restock the pain relief box. And Emergen-C for the grown-ups, because naturally, I feel a sore throat coming on!

Achoo! Tip #3 – Consider all of other items you’ll need during cold & flu season and pick them up now. Things like tissues, menthol rub, saltine crackers and canned soup. I also picked up some Chapstick because colds and dry lips seem to go hand-in-hand.

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

I prefer to plug in my phone number at check out rather than carry my Walgreens Balance Rewards card. I stocked up and you see my Balance Rewards points…yeah, over 10,000 just on this visit!

Why Stock Up and Save Makes Sense #HealthySavings #CollectiveBias #ad

Now I have no reason to run out and buy products when emergencies strike because my medicine cabinet is restocked with Pfizer products. I received 10,000 Balance Rewards points for spending $30 and so can you. How will you stock up for cold and flu season this year?




Halloween Time at Disneyland is Almost Upon Us!

Have you visited Disneyland during the fall season? Stop over at the Traveling Mom’s website and read my newest article, 8 Reasons Why Halloween Time at Disneyland is a Treat!

Halloween Time at Disneyland is Almost Upon Us!


Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland – A Halloween Spooktacular

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

Every Halloweentime at Disneyland, Guests are able to celebrate the season in a unique and only-slightly-spooky way. Mickey’s Halloween Party is a special event that allows Guests of all ages to dress up in their Halloween finest, to trick-or-treat throughout the Park as well as enjoy rides and attractions.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a separate ticketed event, so that means on the day of the parties, Guests are required to purchase an event ticket that allows them to stay inside the Park and participate in the event. This ticket includes admission to Disneyland up to three hours before the start of the party, free parking and access to all Party activities. I confess that my family and I have never had the chance to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party. Though we’ve visited the Parks during Halloweentime (including last year during a Family Media Day), we’d love to someday be able to dress in costume and attend this ticketed event, it sounds spooktacular!

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

We met Jack & Sally at Family Media Day during Halloweentime

Photo stations set up through the Park allow guests to take pictures with their favorite characters, who are also dressed up in their Halloween costumes! There are trick-or-treat stations set up throughout the Park with candy and healthy treats. Bags are provided to all Guests to carry your load and everyone (even mom & dad) are able to partake. I’ve heard from past Guests that there is always a big haul by the end of the night. Too much candy? A dance party will get everyone moving!

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

Elsa, Vanellope, Mickey and a Ninja…three out of four were Disney-inspired!

Special Halloweentime treats and eats are available throughout the season. Last year I indulged in this amazingly delicious pumpkin spice cupcake. See the edible sparkles?!

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

Disneyland’s newest parade, Paint the Night, is a delight for all and the evening will close with the amazing Halloween Screams fireworks show. Nearly all rides and attractions will be available throughout this special event, including Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

The Haunted Mansion, done over Nightmare Before Christmas-style.

Get your costumes ready for the big night! Keep in mind that though everyone can dress up, there are guidelines on the Disneyland website on what is and isn’t allowed. Be creative and consider dressing as a team. Choose a favorite Disney movie and have each person in your party represent a character. Since even grown-ups can wear costumes to this event, it gives you a chance to think outside the box and just have fun with it! If you’ll be riding on attractions, consider how you’ll get in and out of the seats. The rule for comfortable shoes still stands too. Nobody wants to be hobbling to the car with blisters at the end of the evening!

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

Consider sewing your own costume or Disney-Bound with items from your own closet. I was able to whip up my son’s Mickey costume easily and my daughter’s Vanellope costume was culled from items purchased online (see links for costume tutorials).

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland - A Halloween Spooktacular

This is an event that sells out every year so get your tickets early. Mickey’s Halloween Party starts Sept 25th, 2015 and ends at the stroke of midnight on Halloween night, October 31st.

Check out this post about the 8 Reasons Why Halloween Time at Disneyland is a Treat for additional fall fun at the Parks.





9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

So, you’re a big time Disneyland fan and now you’re visiting Walt Disney World? How exciting!! You already know about getting to the Park early for rope drop, gathering FastPasses and height requirements for attractions from your dozens of trips to Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth, right? What more could there be to know about visiting Walt Disney World? Turns out, there are hundreds of differences, many of which are extremely important towards having a magical day in Orlando! Assume that the Parks are the same and you’ll be in for a big surprise.

1. My Disney Experience – Your Walt Disney World vacation starts at home, months ahead of time with My Disney Experience. Sign in and create an account, and then add your vacation details here. You can schedule FastPass+. make dining reservations. link your Park tickets and add your Disney resort hotel room information here (even if you didn’t book the room through the Disney site).

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

2. Magical Express Bus – If you’ve ever flown in to California, you know that there isn’t any special transportation available for Disneyland Resort guests. Fortunately The Magical Express Bus in Orlando will bus you (for free!) from Orlando International Airport to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel if you are a resort guest. They will also deliver your luggage, handling it from baggage claim straight to your room! There are a few WDW-area hotels that do not participate in this program (namely the Swan & Dolphin and Shades of Green) so make sure to check first. And make sure to read all the details about returning to the airport via the Magical Express Bus at the end of your vacation. I got a bit wrapped up in the Disney magic and totally messed this up on my vacation there (read about it on Traveling Mom, Walt Disney World Magical Express Bus – What I Loved (and my $80 Mistake).

3. Disney Resort Hotels – Unlike Disneyland’s three resort hotels, Walt Disney World has 27 Resort Hotels to choose from. In Anaheim, it’s very convenient to book a non-Disney room and walk to the front gates within minutes. Not so at WDW. You’ll either need to use a shuttle service, taxi or rental car if you book off-site because it will take much longer to get to the Park gates and walking is out of the question.

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

The lake in front of the Magic Kingdom with a view of the Grand Floridian…don’t have anything like this in Anaheim!

4. Size to Consider – Everything at Walt Disney World is…BIG! The sheer size of the resort compared to Disneyland can be overwhelming. While the Disneyland Resort is compact and the hotels, Parks and Downtown Disney District are all right there, not so at Walt Disney World. Everything is spread out over vast miles with water parks, golf courses, resorts (and lots of greenscapes and trees) in between the Parks. It’s going to take you longer than you’d expect traveling, both inside and outside the Parks.

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

Everything is BIGGER at Walt Disney World, even the Castle.

5. Park Hopping – While Park Hopping at Disneyland requires a quick walk across the esplanade between the Parks, Park Hopping at the Walt Disney World resort requires longer transportation. You’ll be taking a bus, boat or monorail to get from park to park. Keep in mind that the transportation between Parks will eat into your day and plan accordingly. If you are able to stay long enough to visit each of the Parks on a single day, I’d do so and skip buying a Park Hopper at Walt Disney World.

Decorating MagicBands - Customizing the Magic with Paint

You can bling out your MagicBand however you’d like before your trip!

6. MagicBands – While Disneyland still uses paper tickets, Walt Disney World has moved into the high-tech world of MagicBands. A MagicBand is a rubberized bracelet that you wear. Inside is RF (radio frequency) technology, which holds your park ticket, room key, FastPass+ and dining reservations. After scheduling all these in on My Disney Experience, you’ll be able to choose the color and name that is printed on the inside of the band. The box with your bands will arrive at your house before the trip (don’t forget to take them with you!) You can even decorate them beforehand (see this thread from the Magical Blogorail about decorating your MagicBand). You should probably put them on before boarding the plane because you’ll need your band before you get on the Magical Express Bus. If you book your trip last minute, your bands will be waiting for you at the front desk when you check in and everyone in your party will receive a gray band.

7. FastPass+ – Paper FastPass? Nope! FastPass+ at Walt Disney World is now linked to your Magic Band so you’ll just flash the band and receive access to the special line. If you’re accustomed to booking your Disneyland FastPasses on a whim while once inside the Park, the FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World is a big change. 30 days out you’ll “reserve” your FastPass+ for certain rides (or 60 days out if you book a WDW Vacation Package). Show up without booking your FastPass+ and you’ll be standing in long queues the entire day. You can only reserve three FastPass+ in advance but you can book more as you go through the day at kiosks throughout the Parks.

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

Even Anna & Elsa were there to greet us!

8. Morning Fanfare – If going to The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, make sure to arrive a bit early to catch the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show. No such thing exists at Disneyland, where they simply open the gates and let you in about 30 minutes before the actual Park opens so you can mill around and shop on Main St. U.S.A. Such a wonderful fanfare at the Magic Kingdom and we highly enjoyed the singing, dancing and plethora of characters that arrive via Disneyland Railroad to welcome you through the gates! The show starts about 20 minutes before gate opening but you should allow a little extra time because a crowd does gather.

9 Things Disneyland Fans Need to Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World

A coveted meal inside Be Our Guest Restaurant

9. Advanced Dining Reservations – Most Disneyland-ers don’t worry about such things, either winging it when it comes to meals or only making a ADR for certain coveted meals (like Goofy’s Kitchen or the Blue Bayou) or for popular times (dinner at 5:00 pm). However dining at Walt Disney World can be much of the adventure and anything above quick service dining will require an Advanced Dining Reservation. Those can be made in My Disney Experience months in advance. If there is a special restaurant you must eat at, keep trying throughout the time leading up to your trip. Many guests cancel (so as not to be charged if they don’t show up), so don’t be deterred if you are still trying in the few days before your vacation. I was able to score lunch at Be Our Guest and dinner at the Prime Time 50’s Cafe the day before we left for our trip!

As you can see, there are LOTS of differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. However there are a considerable amount of similarity too (which I discovered via my trip photographs and documented in my article, Similarities Between Disneyland & Walt Disney World). If you’re a Walt Disney World-er going to experience Disneyland for the first time, be sure to read this article on Traveling Mom, 14 Disneyland Tips Every Walt Disney Regular Needs to Know.

Are you a Disneyland fan who also visits Walt Disney World? What other things should Disneyland-ers know before making the trip to Orlando? Share below in the comments!