Top Tips on What to Do When You’re Pregnant at Disneyland


Top Tips on What to Do When Your Pregnant at Disneyland

I’ve been to Disneyland twice while pregnant. The first time I was 34 weeks along with Ian (around 7 1/2 months). The second time I was pregnant with Dillon at 12 weeks (around 3 months). Both visits offered their own unique challenges.

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Special considerations to keep in mind while visiting Disneyland while pregnant –

All has a list of all rides that have restrictions and warnings for expectant moms or those that suffer from motion sickness. There are very few rides that offer the restriction for expectant moms; these include mostly vigorous thrill rides or rides that may be jerky or jarring to the body. Do not ignore those warnings, even if you are still in your first trimester. The sharp stops and G-force pressure of certain rides can injure your delicate cargo so it’s not worth the risk.

What can you do at Disneyland when you're pregnant?

Goofy’s Sky School is too jerky and rough for expectant moms.

Even if a ride or attraction is okay for expectant moms, you might find that navigating your 8-month pregnant belly into some of these might be a challenge.

  • The Finding Nemo Submarines are a smooth ride that is safe for expectant moms. However you’ll have to climb down and up a steep spiral staircase and sit in a narrow flip-down chair in a tight space.
  • Over in Fantasyland there are many dark rides that are just fine for expectant moms but several have small vehicles that may prove challenging to get into. If riding Casey Jr. Circus Train, opt for an open car instead of a caged vehicle. With the Storybook Land Canal Boats you might have difficultly balancing to get in and out of the boat.
  • Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes may also offer challenges getting in and out of the canoe. Be careful exerting yourself rowing the oar. Plus you’ll be un-shaded and it gets hot out there on the water.

    What can you do at Disneyland when you're pregnant?

    “Mom, it’s a really tight fit in this submarine…you might want to sit this one out”

Keep Up the Healthy Eating

Continue to eat plenty of fruits and veggies (don’t forget to pack your prenatal vitamins!) Limit your sodium intake and stay well hydrated to reduce swelling in your feet and legs.

You can also bring in your own water bottles and snacks to make sure you are getting the healthy and nutritious food you (and your baby) need.

Relax and Rest

When I visited Disneyland in the later months of my pregnancy, I did a bit more resting in the shade with my feet on a bench instead of standing in queues.  There are plenty of places you can rest your swollen feet and still enjoy the Parks.

  • Find a shady spot and a bench to yourself. Consider bringing a small pillow to set at your back or to sit on to make yourself more comfortable.
  • Stake out a great seat on the parade route ahead of time and save places for your family to join you later.
  • A grand circle tour on the Disneyland Railroad offers almost 20 minutes of rest and fresh air along with a relaxing tour around Disneyland Park.
  • Pull up a chair and enjoy the cool air that blows across the waters of the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain Riverboat.
  • Sit in the shade of Tomorrowland Terrace to eat lunch, watch a show and possibly have your young ones participate at the Jedi Training Academy show.
  • Mickey and the Magical Map offers bench seating in the shade and a live musical stage show.

Dress for your growing body

  • Wear comfortable shoes and consider taking a second pair to switch into if you are prone to swelling. I like to start off with tennis shoes and switch over to well-cushioned sandals in the evening.
  • Dress in layers so if you get hot or chilled you can add or remove layers as needed.
  • Ditch the heavy purse and pack light with a small backpack or tote that you can put on and take off easily. Or consider renting a locker to store your items until you need them.

    What can you do at Disneyland when you're pregnant?

    Dress in light layers in case you get warm.

Air conditioned attractions are your best friend

Keep rested inside by finding attractions that combine sitting along with cool air.

  • While everyone else is bouncing in a jeep on Indiana Jones Adventure, take time to yourself and soak in a little history (and air conditioning) inside The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room is a whimsical place with cushioned benches…and you can bring in a snack!
  • Oh yes, the looping music is worth 15-minutes inside It’s a Small World! You might want to ride it twice!
  • Get the giggles inside Muppet Vision 3D.
  • If you have little ones, get there early for the Disney Junior – Live on Stage! show. There are benches across the back of the theater (otherwise you’ll have to sit on the carpet).
  • 40-minutes of pure amazement in cushy theater chairs – Disney’s Aladdin show is a can’t miss.
  • Plenty of sit-down restaurants have both outdoor and indoor dining that gives you both a break and a healthy meal.

    What can you do at Disneyland when you're pregnant?

    Skip the Autopia, you don’t want to get rear-ended.

Bathroom breaks

If little miss or mister is frequently doing the hot-diggety-dog dance on your bladder, consider checking out The Happiest Potties on Earth before your trip. There are very honest reviews about the bathrooms across Disneyland along with locations. Always take a potty break before getting on a ride (you don’t want to get stuck when the urge strikes!)

Listen to your body.

Now is not the time to push your vacation to the limits. Pregnancy can be very hard on your body and with exhaustion and discomfort already at the max, there is no need to exacerbate any issues.

  • Take a break inside the First Aid station if you feel uncomfortable or in pain. First Aid can help you out and offer a place to lay down for a while.
  • If you’re exhausted, go back to your hotel room for a refreshing swim or to take a nap.
  • Get plenty of sleep even if that means going to bed while everyone else in your group is still up late watching the fireworks.
  • If you are truly miserable and can’t walk, consider renting a wheelchair or motorized scooter in the Park to minimize the amount of time you are on your feet.
  • Look forward to your next trip when your little one will be with you to enjoy it!

On the Disneyland website you can also peruse the descriptions of each attraction for more information.

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